January 10, 2020 | Eul Basa

People Share The Weirdest Things They've Seen In Someone Else's Home

Have you ever walked into someone else's home and thought, "What the heck?" Maybe you've seen a creepy shrine, a room full of porcelain dolls or something you couldn't quite explain but you knew was definitely not normal. What did you do next? Did you ignore what you saw or did you nope right out of there? Whatever you did, you're not alone. These people share the weirdest things they've seen in someone else's home.


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#1 Beloved Grandpa

I had a friend growing up whose family believed their Great Grandfather had died and been reincarnated as this beautiful koi fish they kept in a massive aquarium in their living room. All I can say is that fish had a better life than most of us.


#2 Rat Ceiling

I was at my friend's house and just casually walked into their bathroom. I heard a loud humming, like a vent or something. I looked up. There was a massive five-foot hole in their ceiling. Piping, vents everything. Also, there were like eight rats there who were just looking at me. I never went there again.


#3 Mounted Moose

A mounted moose head above the fireplace with electric bulbs behind the amber glass eyes that lit up at night. It seemed as if the moose were staring at you, as if ready to charge.


#4 Creepy Doll Room

When my boyfriend and I bought our current house, one of the rooms was this GIANT walk-in closet in the back hallway leading to the back patio door. It was filled, I mean absolutely filled ceiling to floor, with dolls. There used to be a husband and wife who lived here, they had two kids that were both adults and no grandchildren. We referred to it as the creepy doll room then and even though it’s our laundry room now, it’ll always be the creepy doll room to us.


#5 Poor Pig

They had a pig and fed it bacon.

#6 Frog Limbs

In elementary school, my brother went to hang out with a girl from one of his classes. In the corner of her room, she kept a water-filled plastic bucket with a lid. Inside were the decomposing remains of her assorted pet frogs and hermit crabs. She started picking them up and talking to them.


#7 Clown House

My aunt Jenny's house every inch covered in clown merch. Not a room is free of some sort of clown-themed item.

#8 Ventriloquist Room

We were looking for a new house at the time. We walked towards one of the bedrooms and noticed that it had a clasp on the outside of the door, so it could be locked from the outside with a padlock. We walked in and saw that the entire room was full of ventriloquist dummies. Not sure if they were locking them in at night or what.


#9 Frozen Lizard

Dude had his dead lizard in the freezer. He planned to bury him in the summer... Several years before.

#10 Many Fish Tanks

I've been told my parent's house is weird because we have a turtle and five working fish tanks in our living room and dining room which are connected so you can see all of them. My dad likes fish and so we have a bunch of them.


#11 White Leather Dungeon

A dungeon with the walls completely upholstered in white leather.

#12 Rooster House

We have an extended running joke with my grandma about roosters. It started with me buying a metal art piece for her yard in the shape of a rooster. Then we found a similar yard decoration a few months later and bought it as a joke. Then we found a rooster mug, a rooster plate, several rooster Christmas ornaments. And it just spiralled from there. She's got dozens of roosters now in all different mediums and I add to them every year because ever since we started this ridiculous tradition, I find roosters EVERYWHERE.

Recently, her niece (sister-in-law's daughter) came to visit her, along with her daughter. Grandma had to give them warning about the roosters before they showed up because otherwise you just walk in and they're EVERYWHERE, and if you're not in on the joke she looks like a complete nut.


#13 Garden Hose Bath

He didn't have running water in the bathtub but he had a garden hose running up through a hole in the bathroom floor of the mobile home so he could take a cold water bath/shower that way.


#14 Hoarder Grandparents

My grandparents raised me, they were hoarders. At one point in time, my great grandmother, who is also a hoarder, moved in with us. Needless to say, I've seen all kinds of weird things. Some of them are: An eyedropper filled with an acidic cleaning solution; a bag of potato chips filled with mouse food; an empty pringles can filled with chopsticks that had shoe glue on the tips; stacks of old newspaper with $20-100 bills hidden inside, along with mouse droppings; a freezer full of elk meat that was more than 20 years old (had turned grey and had a faint rotted smell)l 13 sewing machines, only two in working order.

1280px-Household_of_compulsive_hoarders,_Winschoten_(2018)_14Wikimedia Commons

#15 Carpeted Bathroom

Carpet in the bathroom.

#16 Doctor Who

A life-size Dalek in the living room.

#17 Deer Leg Lamp

A lamp made out of deer legs—but only three legs. I always wondered what happened to the other leg.

#18 Porcelain Doll Room

A room of creepy collectible porcelain dolls and teddy bears in a single file facing the door. No less than 50 of them, if memory serves. The door was always kept open so every time I walked past. I would get super freaked out. Also, they were on the floor, not on shelves. I never asked about them because honestly, the answer would probably creep me out more.

Toy Accessories Antiques Retro Porcelain DollsMax Pixel

#19 Goth Family

A coffin being used as a coffee table. Sigh. They were goths.

#20 Tea Lovers

They loved tea. LOVED it. In their kitchen, the oven was in a little inset nook. In the corner of the nook was a pile of tea bags, about three feet high. Apparently they'd use a kettle to boil water, put water and tea bag in the cup, and then just fling the teabag onto the existing pile once it had steeped. Going through that pile would have been like an archaeological dig.


#21 Inappropriate Bed

I was at a real estate open house and in the master bedroom, there was a set of towel rings on all four posts of the bed, clearly for bondage. Things you might take down before people walk through your home.

1280px-Bad_eisenkappel_seebergsattel_073_vellach_bettenWikimedia Commons

#22 Baby Pictures

A poster-sized picture of their baby, who had passed away, lying in a coffin. They had it hanging in their living room above the fireplace in a tiny little apartment. Like a closeup shot from the shoulders up. The baby was a newborn boy that had died of SIDS and he was laying in a coffin that was lined with blue satin. That made the already blueish baby look even bluer.


#23 Life-Sized Sarcophagus

My mom has a fake, life-sized (though probably bigger than life-sized since they tend to be pretty small from what I’ve seen) sarcophagus in her living room. I’m sure it’s in someone’s story about weird stuff in people’s houses.

#24 Homemade Urinal

One of my dad’s friends had an upstairs bedroom but no bathroom. To save from walking downstairs every time he needed to go to the bathroom, he installed a urinal on the wall of his room and ran a pipe down to a collection bucket which he emptied into the real toilet presumably every few days.


#25 Bed Bugs

Hoarder clean-out. They had amazing antiques... and thousands of bedbugs. Noped right out of there.

#26 Freezer Cat

When I was a kid, my mom's friend lived with a veterinarian. I was over at their house, and my mom's friend asked me to put an ice-pack back in the freezer. She neglected to tell me that they were keeping a dead, feral cat in there. Apparently they were keeping it in there over the weekend until Monday when they could go get it cremated.


#27 Mammoth Tusk

A mammoth tusk. My school friend's dad found it working a remote site in Alaska. He cut off a small piece with his band saw and gave it to me; the smell of the hot 10,000-15,000-year-old ivory was so bad I was trying not to puke.

Wooly_mammoth_tuskWikimedia Commons

#28 Live, Laugh... No

Multiple versions of the "Live Laugh Love" signage.

#29 Paper Mache Wife

Ten years ago, I worked at Goodwill with a middle-aged man named Kevin. He was single, lived alone and claimed that he had a girlfriend that had died of cancer. I still believe that he is a good guy and probably nicer than most, but when I visited his house I found that there actually were other people living there, too. They were made out of paper mache, including a woman that he kept in his bed.


#30 Private Property

Cleaning out my 85-year-old dad’s house (he was moving into long-term care) we found a pump for a man's netherregions in the bedroom closet. I was impressed that he was still trying to get it up for his 75-year-old girlfriend.

1280px-Nursing_homeWikimedia Commons

#31 Chimpanzee Decor

I used to clean expensive homes for a living. A client that I would visit on a bi-weekly basis had a bathroom absolutely full of chimpanzee décor. The sink was a bright red flower bowl held by a chimp, the towel rod looked like a chimp holding a stick, and a lovely chimpanzee light fixture hung from the ceiling which looked like three apes going sky diving. He also had a secret panic room behind his bar. The man was odd.

Do Not Speak Bank Not Hear Sit Ape Not SeeMax Pixel

#32 Old Lady Nursery

A whole nursery. She was an old lady who didn’t have any baby-aged kids or grandkids. She was my neighbor. It was a mix of old and new stuff, so she had gotten a lot of it recently.

1280px-Old_woman_feeding_birdsWikimedia Commons

#33 Shrine to Sons

When I was in sixth grade, there was a kid in my class that I was kind of friends with and would hang out with and play with periodically. One day, he invited me and several other kids from class to his house that weekend for his birthday party. I went, as did most of the other kids. In the house, there was a big, beautiful fireplace with a nice mantle.

On the mantle was a "shrine" to the three kids, all sons. Each kid had a few pictures of them at various ages, maybe a trophy or other mementos, and a small baby food sized jar that held their foreskin. Somehow, when the kids were born, their mom was able to get the foreskin after they were circumcised and she felt the need to display it proudly in the living room.


#34 Good Painting

A very well done drawing of Jesus with his head back in laughter. It was strange, but pretty cool, just because he is usually depicted with a sombre or stern demeanour.


#35 Creepy Dolls

I house sit. A lot. One of the creepiest was a woman’s collection of porcelain dolls. In her bedroom. They were all arranged to face the bed. I had to put clothes over them so I could sleep. I eventually had to move the one from the nightstand because I just couldn’t handle it. This was the same woman that had to email me the WiFi password because her husband wasn’t allowed to know it.


#36 Human-Sized Hamster Wheel

I had an acquaintance in university whose parents had a human-sized hamster wheel in their backyard.

#37 Could be a Curio Shop

My SO and I went to a house party a few weeks ago and it definitely qualifies. The couple who own the house are very proud of it, and I think you could describe their aesthetic as "could be a curio shop." It was cluttered, but like very carefully arranged clutter I guess. The walls were peeling away in places, and there was a door on the second floor with a sign that said something like "do not enter, hole in the floor LOL" There was tons of taxidermy and antiques, old paintings, and upstairs they had all kinds of porcelain dolls and puppets. It was insane and fascinating. They were lovely hosts.


#38 A Lion

A lion...in small-town Montana.

#39 Modern-Day Indiana Jones

An ancient earring that was taken from a mummy. The dude used to be a treasure hunter. He went to South America in college to study mummies. He spent some time in jail in Mexico and has explored over 2,000 abandoned mines in the U.S. He has found gold and silver medallions from the Spanish Armada, glass vessels, dynamite and even a full, glass jar of mercury. He sold an early pair of Levi jeans that he found in a mine for $10,000. Also, hr had a cool collection of mine cars. I bought two of them for my garden. They were a 1900’s ore cart from a silver mine and a 1920’s dynamite car. This guy was the modern-day Indiana Jones.

1280px-Earring_with_lion-griffin_head_terminal_MET_DP356225Wikimedia Commons

#40 Glass Door Bedroom

They had a bedroom with a glass door that only locked from the outside.


#41 Pet Squirrel

A squirrel doing backflips in a too-small cage. I'm sure you can imagine what the house smelled like.

#42 Don't Need a Mirror There

A large full-length mirror in front of the toilet.

#43 Horror Movie House

I was working as a furniture deliverer. We pulled up to one house and as I was working on untying furniture from inside the truck, my coworker went inside to meet the customers and see where things were going. He came back out and kinda whispered, "Dude, don't freak out but there are a lot of dogs." At least, that's what I heard.

But it wasn't dogs. It was dolls, loads of them. The homeowner was an elderly man, seemed kinda like a bad guy but who knows really, he just didn't seem the doll type. These dolls were everywhere, too: set up on couches, at the dinner table, on the TV, on shelves—and they're all arranged to be staring at the front door as we come in. It was decidedly very, very creepy. But the worst part was as we were leaving I glanced over at the couch. Now, I can't be positive, but I'm pretty sure his wife was dressed up like a doll and sitting on the couch, silent and still and just staring at us working.

Dolls – McDonough, GeorgiaFlickr

#44 Mummified Grandmother

Their grandmother, who had passed away 13 years ago, was sitting mummified in her own lounger chair.

#45 Gary Busey Bathroom

A friend of mine from high school had a picture of Gary Busey in his bathroom.



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