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People Share The Worst Thing They’ve Been Falsely Accused Of 

Hey, it happens. Sometimes things go wrong and there’s no one to blame but the wrong person… at first. It’s unfair, but oftentimes these situations get worked out and the innocent party walks free. Yet, there are times when we get falsely accused and the air isn’t cleared as quickly as we would’ve hoped.

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#1 Stop Hitting Yourself

I was fighting with my brother, realized the fight was dumb, and I just went to my room. My brother decided to punch himself and blame me. My mom was yelling at and grounding me, so I figured if I was about to get in trouble for it, I should actually do it. I turned around and actually clocked my brother in the face. He responded, “I can’t believe she actually did that” and my mom realized he was lying. I ended up not getting in trouble.

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#2 Distracting Other Kids

Substances. Shockingly enough, my parents’ divorce made me act out at nine years old and I kept distracting other kids in class. My mom was convinced it was because I was using substances. So, she yanked hair out of my head and made me get DNA tested. They obviously found nothing because I was nine years old.

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#3 Funding Repairs

When I was younger, I was once accused of destroying a window at school by dropping a rock from a higher floor. I was interrogated by the principal, my parents were called, and my friends had to fund the repairs. I was even bullied on the bus. It sucked. I found out who it was two years later, but by then, nobody cared.

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#4 She Was Crazy

I helped a friend of my mother move when I had just turned 18 for no pay. This lady had the nerve to accuse me of stealing from her. I booked it straight to the police department to explain the situation. When she tried to report me, they told her she was crazy, they already spoke to me, and that criminals who take things don’t go directly to the police.

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#5 Shedding Fur

When I was six, my aunt was babysitting me. My sweet dog was shedding fur and my aunt accused me of cutting her fur. She had me across her knee, saying she wouldn't spank me if I admitted it. I was sobbing uncontrollably because I loved my dog and would never do that to her. My mom came home not long after and I do remember her being livid. Despite my issues with my mom, she never once laid a hand on me. My mom couldn't believe that her sister never comprehended that animal sheds fur in clumps.

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#6 Strange Situation

Probably kicking my young son. I was carrying something like hot tea or soup and he went to grab me, so I put my knee out to stop him from getting close to me and scalding himself. But for some reason, everyone else in the room thought I kicked him or kneed him. The whole thing was a really strange situation.

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#7 Ruined My Life

When I was 16, I was riding with a friend back to another friend’s house and the cops pulled him over. I had nothing on me. He, unbeknownst to me, threw a baggie underneath my chair. The cops found it and put us both in jail. They took him to the county (he was 17) and took me to juvenile (16). He got out before me and hired a lawyer.

He then pinned it on me through family connections. I got the charges reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor because I was a good kid and it showed. It ruined my life for a good five years. I just heard that the kid’s all grown up and broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house to take substances. He’s pretty much a burned-out loser. Meanwhile, I’m applying for law school next spring.

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#8 Missing Card

I was 14 and had just started to learn how to use a digital camera. The only one I had at the time was my mom’s. Sometime after my birthday, the SD card that was my mom’s went missing. My dad immediately went to blame me for it and my mom was hoping I didn’t do it. After an hour of interrogating me, we still couldn’t find it. Come to find out, my mom had put it in her normal place of valuables. I didn’t even get an apology.

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#9 Grape Kool-Aid

I just moved to a new school in the fifth grade. I was never great at making new friends, so I thought I'd "sugar them up" by bringing sugar mixed with Kool-Aid, something that was popular at my old school. Who doesn't love a bunch of ten-year-olds licking their fingers and dipping them in a baggie of sugar?

Apparently, an older kid had given several first-graders contraband during this time and it got pegged on me. I was removed from class, the police came, and I cried because I didn't understand why they thought my grape kool-aid was bad. I kept telling them to taste it. The principal finally did and realized I was telling the truth. It was an awesome first week of school.

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#10 Decisions, Decisions

In the third grade, I walked to a convenience store with two dollars and spent 20 minutes trying to decide what candy to get. I kept picking things up and putting them back. The old lady clerk accused me of stealing and said to never come back. That was a bit problematic given it was the only gas station in my small town. I’ve moved back and have been living here for the last 15 years.

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#11 Worst Kind of Person

My sister’s friend, who lived with my family for a while, accused me of attacking her. She told my dad, my stepmom, my sister, all her friends and my friends at our school. I had to find out because people were coming up to me in the halls, ready to throw hands. I found her during lunch and confronted her in front of all her friends. She ended up admitting that she made it up because she had a huge crush on me. She also later accused my older brother, my best friend, her ex-boyfriend, and another guy. She is a very toxic person.

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#12 Bad Babysitter

When I was 11, I was accused by a babysitter that I was touching my sister when I was really playing my Nintendo DS with her. It was completely unbelievable because she said that she made it all up since she didn’t want to change diapers. She got fired by my mom and the last I saw of her, she was living in her car.

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#13 Mean Leader

I was nine and a girl scout. I was attending a girl scout camp and the leader accused me of throwing trash around the campsite. She made me sit in a chair in the corner of a building. I remember crying over the whole situation. For the record, I didn't throw trash around the campsite. The leader was a mean woman.

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#14 Still Mad About It

I know this is ridiculous, but in the second grade, another child accused me of calling my teacher the B-word. No one believed me when I claimed innocence. I got a spanking and was forced to apologize. I felt so powerless because all the adults believed I was guilty so, in effect, I was. I think I'm still a little mad about it.

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#15 Here’s My Card

My wife and I were asleep in bed. When we woke up, she rolled over to get out of bed. She hit her eye on the corner of her nightstand and it left a sick nasty, bruised black eye for about a week. I had friends asking me if I hit her. One "friend" gave me the business saying it's "not cool to hit your wife.” That ex-friend actually hurt his wife…

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#16 Orange Juice

A friend of mine, who became a friend with benefits, called me a lying jerk the first time we went to bed together. This was followed immediately by, “You told me you had a vasectomy!” Sadly, she didn’t realize that a vasectomy just takes the seeds out of the orange juice, it doesn’t eliminate the orange juice.

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#17 Funny Man

I’ll never forget this one time when my mom accused me of doing grass back in high school. Her reasoning behind it was that she found a random matchbook in my pants. The only reason I had the matchbook because it had a funny Mexican man on it, so I decided to pocket it. My real crime was stereotyping, I guess.

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#18 Rocky Relationship

My father was accused of butchering the neighbour's dog and disposing it at a remote beach. When I was a kid, we had a rocky relationship with one of the neighbors because they had a yappy dog that they took very poor care of. It drove the whole street mad but, for some reason, it never got taken away by animal control.

A few years ago, my parents moved to another part of town. Afterward, dad worked in the old house to get it ready to sell. One day, he was on the driveway when the neighbors left in their car. They made eye contact. Then, when the neighbors returned, their dog was inexplicably missing. They instantly accused dad of sneaking over and butchering the dog because he had enough of it.

He tried to explain that an animal-control van had briefly come through the street shortly after they left, but they weren't having it. They were so convinced he had done something that they started a massive social media campaign to pressure him into admitting it. It included invading all the local community groups and outing him. They even went so far as to drive an hour out of town to the beach we often go to in the weekends to put up posters.

It was wild, stressful and stupid. It only stopped after we picked up a lawyer and sent a cease-and-desist letter threatening to take them to court for public defamation. The dog was never found and apparently they have two new ones now. This was also the same family that found someone's lost cat and decided to keep it.

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#19 Mouse Ball Thief

In the fourth grade, someone kept stealing mouse balls from the computer lab. I remember our teacher warning us about it. One day, my teacher pulled me aside and told me that someone had accused me of being the mouse ball thief. It was a guy I was friendly with but not friends with, kind of an outcast. I assured him this was totally false and I think he believed me.

The next day at school, I looked inside my pencil box and found a mouse ball sitting inside. I was freaking out. I went up to the teacher, probably talking a million miles an hour, about how I didn't take the mouse ball, didn't know why it was in my pencil box, etc. He looked at me doubtfully and said he'd have to get the principal and figure out what to do with me.

The whole evening, I was still freaking out. My mom had the idea of looking my accuser up in the phone book. I looked that jerk up and confronted him and his father about what was happening. He denied doing anything on the phone. The next day, the kid admitted to the teacher first thing, he had planted the ball as a "practical joke." I saw the guy years later and he was trying to be friendly, but I found myself still upset about this incident.

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#20 First Week

During my first week of high school, I got called into the office because rumors were flying around that I was planning to blow up the school. They said I had already rigged it with explosives. This was obviously news to me. Then about a year later, I had my wisdom teeth removed and missed a week of school. When I finally came back, my friends had to explain the freaked-out looks I kept getting from my classmates.

Apparently, a boy who regularly picked on me had vanished from school about the same time I did. The rumor going around was that I took his life, ate him, and then got arrested. Everybody was surprised to see me because they'd spent the past week telling each other about how I was in jail and he was in my stomach. Folks sure make up weird rumors. The boy was fine, he'd just been suspended.

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#21 Sisterly Love

My sister once accused me of stealing her laptop that she had gotten for her birthday. My dad got all upset and said that I probably took it so I could sell it or something. He kept telling me to give it back and I kept saying that I didn't have it. Well, a while later, the little jerk came out of her room holding the laptop. It turns out that it was under her bed the whole time.

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#22 Scary Couple of Weeks

Anabolic steroids. I was a high jumper on my college’s track and field team, and we would have to do urine tests every so often. Well, one of mine came back from the lab positive for anabolic steroids, which give women who take them strong manly-like features. I was 5’8” and 125lbs. Luckily, the lab broke the tests into two samples and eventually tested the second sample, showing it was clean. Apparently, the lab had a contaminated batch of test tubes and the company had to fly reps into my college to apologize to me and a baseball player this happened to. It was a scary couple of weeks.

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#23 Bad Service

I got kicked out of a sit-down restaurant during my company Christmas party for doing stuff in the bathroom. When the manager told me to leave and that they "don't allow that behavior here," my boss and 20+ other employees vouched for me. They said I hadn’t left the table for over two hours (the entire duration of the party). The manager called my boss an idiot and made me leave. No one in my company has been back since.

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#24 Not Like the Others

There was a creative writing class at my high school for seniors. You had to write a creative piece to apply to the class. Well, I wrote a piece and got in. The class was in my second semester (spring). At the end of the fall semester, my mom took me out of the class. Why? She accused me of plagiarizing my paper because she thought I didn’t write it. She said that it wasn’t like the papers that I wrote before. I did write it though, she didn’t even have proof.

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#25 Those Weren’t There

I've been accused of assault. At the police station, they showed me pictures of the girl who'd accused me. She had cuts all over her arms and face that weren't there when I left. This psycho had self-harmed in order to get me in trouble. The police quickly realized that since I was significantly shorter and lighter than her. Plus, I had defensive, not offensive, wounds, which proved I was innocent. It really messed me up.

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#26 Making Assumptions

Purposefully pushing my friend's little sister off the bed and breaking her arm. We were both jumping and she fell, but her older sister and her mom refused to believe that I didn't push her. I was around seven or eight and the little sister was three or four. It still messes with me that they instantly thought I would do something like that.

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#27 House Party

I was six or seven, my family took us to this big house party hosted at our pastor’s house. While there, I found the other kids and we started playing. Well, there were some bars there along some stairs and this girl decided she wanted to play jail. She then started pulling on the bars, pretending she was in jail, and she broke them.

So, for the rest of the party, she went around telling everyone, “Look what he did!” Well, that got around to the owner of the house and they weren’t happy because they had just renovated everything. My parents then had to offer to pay for repairs, all because I was too afraid to tell them that it wasn’t my fault.

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#28 One Summer

I had a girlfriend when I was home one summer from college. She got into a fender bender and smashed her nose on the steering wheel. No break, but somehow it caused black and blue marks, like thick lines under both her eyes. It didn't necessarily look like she got an eye jammie, but they were very noticeable. We would go out and guys would say stupid things to me. But if you looked closely, it really wasn't a black eye from a punch.

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#29 Unlimited Spending

My ex-wife told her friends I had been hurting her. I never knew until many of our friends started avoiding me, bad mouthing me, etc. I finally asked a friend, “Why the change?” He said, "We know what’s been going behind closed doors." I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. She got mad because I wouldn't give her an unlimited amount of spending money. I still have no idea what she spent the first $10,000 on! I had never even touched her or threatened to.

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#30 Put Your Hands Up

Bank robbery. I was early for my first day as a gas jockey in a new city. I was across the street from the gas station, digging through my backpack when suddenly, somebody told me to show them my hands. I was totally confused and looked up and see two RCMP officers, hands on their sidearms. Turns out, there had been a robbery around the corner a few minutes before and my uniform and backpack matched the description. They looked inside my bag (containing my brown bag lunch and a paperback) and then they were gone in a flash. Apparently, the guy didn’t get caught until after another bank robbery in the same area.

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#31 Rumors Flying

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up on extremely messy terms. I changed colleges and he told his friends and everyone who knew me that he got me pregnant and that's why I left. Considering premarital relations warrants disownment (even honor killings back home) in our culture, this twisted my relationship with my parents.

We never even did anything, but I suppose he didn't want to admit I ended things. Of course, news spread and came back to my parents. They disowned me after accusing me of being a harlot. They even went so far as to assume I slept with my male friends. Around the time that they “officially” disowned me, I was waiting for results to confirm whether or not I had breast cancer. My parents didn't believe me until two years afterward.

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#32 Getting Locked Up

Being bulimic. I’m probably as far from bulimic as possible. I think the last time I puked was like ten years ago when I was seasick as a kid. My doctor, however, refused to believe this due to my DNA test results being wack. It got way out of hand and I didn’t really have control. I even got locked up in a mental facility and everything.

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#33 Paying Cash

I’m a manager at a grocery store. A customer wanted to purchase a $2,900 money order, paying cash. I didn’t feel comfortable counting that money in the open, so I took it to our cash room. Turns out, they only gave me $1,900. I brought it back out and she said that she’d go to her car and recount. 30 minutes later, I get called into the store manager’s office because the woman’s mom called and said that she definitely had $2,900. Since I took the money away, she said that I took $1,000 from her.

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#34 Shaved Cat

My older accused me, after I left her place, of shaving her cat. She apparently noticed some bald spots on him. After denying it (because who on earth would shave someone's cat), she then assumed I put lotion on him. She thought he was having a reaction from it, thus resulting in hair loss. Again, I did not do that.

Turns out, he has severe separation anxiety and would lick bald spots and sores when he was alone. He now has one of these pheromone things that you stick into the wall that's supposed to calm him down and feel not alone. I'm guessing he's doing better with it. She never apologized for accusing me and I'm still upset she thought I’d do something like that.

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#35 Paranoid Parents

Substances. When I was in high school, I had a very monotonous voice that my parents thought was fake. Anytime we were out, they would ask someone to tell me what I sound like because they thought that if I was embarrassed enough, I would talk “normally.” Instead, it made me talk less and I shut out some of my friends. When they realized I wasn’t talking, they jumped to conclusions and accused me of doing substances.

What really made them think that was when I lost $20 at my school’s picnic. They were constantly counting my money to see if they can prove their theory and realized that I was missing $40. They told me to tell them what happened to it. I explained to them that I had a picnic at school and brought $40 with me, but lost half of it. They said my story didn’t add up so they started to rummage through my backpack and room anytime I wasn’t at home. They’d then ask for the names of my friends and anyone I was talking to so that they could run background checks on them.

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#36 Full-Blown Attack

We lived in a townhome condo complex. My mom was fighting with the board over misused funds. When she was at work, there was a knock at our door. One of the neighbours had an emergency and asked if I could come and watch her kids while she went to the hospital. Sure. I was 16 and had been babysitting for four years.

I spent a few hours looking after two cute kids aged three and five. I got home before my mom. We started dinner and there was a knock at the door. It was a pair of police. The mother had gone to the police station and accused me of abusing her three-year-old. She said that I hit her and locked her in the dryer for several hours.

My mom asked the cop if he was insane. She pointed out that I was the kid who picked caterpillars off the walk and put them on the grass so people didn't step on them. She asked the cops to point out the complainant. When he pointed, my mom asked me if I was crazy because that's the woman who stole funds from the condo board. Why would I go there?

I said I didn't know that and that she said she had to go to the hospital immediately because her dad had had a heart attack. The cops said they would be back. They came back an hour later and said I would not need to come with them after all. Turns out, the dad was alive and well. I wasn't doing so well after having a full-blown panic attack for an hour.

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#37 Quiet Kid

In the second grade, I got accused of writing “you are a [B-word]” on another kid’s work before he turned it in. He blamed me for it. I sat across the room from him, was a shy and quiet kid, and never gave any issues. I still got sent to the office. Stupid Justin from elementary school. If you’re out there, I’m still mad.

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#38 The Looks He Got

One time, my mom passed out in our bathroom and hit her head, requiring stitches. I guess because my little sister was really worried about the whole situation, my dad thought it wouldn’t hurt to bring her along when he drove mom to the hospital. What he didn’t consider was that my sister had skinned her knee when she tripped on the way to her bus stop days before and the bandaid was still there. The looks my dad got from that combination of circumstances, my god.

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#39 Never Was Sure

I was half asleep when dad brought my stepmom home after someone slipped something in her drink at the bar. He set her in the bed across from mine to sleep because she didn't want my little sister seeing her all twisted up like that. The next morning, she asked me if I touched her while she was out. It took me off guard and I said no, but I never was sure if she believed me. I can be a bit weird.

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#40 Police Sketch

I was hanging with my circle of friends and the evening news came on. A story about some creep reported sneaking into elementary schools and hanging out in the bathrooms came on. Nothing happened at this point, just some scared kids, and he wasn't caught. But due to multiple eyewitnesses, they were able to display a fairly confident sketch. It was 100% me. In the deafening silence that followed, all my friends turned slowly to look at me. One said (no kidding), "I'm calling the cops."

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#41 Never Recovered

I spent a semester abroad in Germany during my junior year of high school. I ended up having to come home early due to falling ill. I came back to school and turns out someone spread a rumor that I was found in bed with multiple men and that’s why I had been kicked out of the program. Everyone believed it and my senior year was completely destroyed while I’ve never fully recovered.

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#42 Mental Gymnastics

Betraying my husband because my roommate had a guy friend in the room and the jerk didn't see her. So, he assumed I was cheating because I’m a woman and he didn't like women. Only in the military are you vilified for doing things properly. The worst part was my roommate was following the rules. The door and blinds were open and she was allowed to have him in the room.

The idiot quickly backtracked and told me I should never have a guy in my room, even if it was my roommates because if the wrong person came in, I would be assumed guilty and charged. I don't miss the mental gymnastics some boys in the military go through just to be "right.” It was honestly exhausting.

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#43 Lost Friendships

Back when I was in elementary school, maybe around four or five, I went to a friend's birthday party. long story short, it was a sleepover and I was accused of writing slurs on a friend while they were sleeping. Yet, I was hanging out with the host's older sibling where the wifi was better. Friendships were lost after that.

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#44 Sabotaged Health

A few years ago, I tried to overdose on my dad’s heart medication (it was the only medication I could find at the time). I’m still here and things didn’t go too far. But, the next day, my parents got mad at me for trying to “sabotage” my dad’s health. They thought I was interfering because I took his medication.

File:VariousPills.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#45 On the Spot

I worked at a Cold Stone Creamery. One of the other ice cream scoopers drew a picture of a man’s giant member on the slab. The scoopers are kept in cold water, so they make excellent drawing implements on the frost on the slab. When caught, he blamed me for no reason. I was immediately written up and my side was 100% ignored. I quit on the spot.

File:Cold Stone Store.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#46 Winning a Race

I used to race my son because he would always walk so slow. I always told him to hurry up before I beat him in our little races. One day I shouted, "I'm going to beat you" and he ran ahead of me and some woman screamed, "This woman is about to beat her child!" With everyone staring at me in the middle of the store, she continued to yell at me about how I'm a terrible person for threatening a child. She continued until I explained I was talking about winning a race.

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#47 Grade Five

I got suspended and grounded in grade five because Jeffrey L. took my workbook and drew a bunch of genitalia all over my work. I was yelling at him on the bus when I finally got my book back. I got hauled into the principal's office. Book in hand, they brought my parents in over my "dirty drawings.” When I was 18, he messaged me out of the blue on Facebook and asked me "if I still had a small chest.”

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#48 Library Computers

It was brought up at our grad dinner, with everybody's parents (and some grandparents) in attendance. Some teachers gave a speech, reminiscing about the graduating class. The one thing they could mention about me? Getting caught looking at adult films on the computers in the library in high school. Unfortunately, this permanently soured my relationship with my very religious grandparents. During the speech, the teachers also mentioned how another student was caught breaking into parts of the school network, something I had done and was almost suspended over.

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#49 No Winning

A deaf customer at my cafe accused me of talking smack about her because of my facial expressions. She wrote a note and angrily held it up saying, "I don't appreciate you talking poorly about me.” I was griping about work and our horrible manager to my best friend. My best friend had to write to her that I wasn't saying anything. By the way, she was deaf. There was no winning.

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#50 Keeping the Case Open

Years ago, a third-party social worker accused me of touching my stepson to keep our case open. My son told everyone it wasn't true including to his therapist, my wife and his biological dad. It came to light when their supervisor came off vacation and found out the worker had been lying. I wanted to sue but we didn't hadn't money for a lawyer. I hated that witch.

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It’s true what they say: money makes the world go round. In order to succeed in this life, you need to have a good grasp of key financial concepts. That’s where Moneymade comes in. Our mission is to provide you with the best financial advice and information to help you navigate this ever-changing world. Sometimes, generating wealth just requires common sense. Don’t max out your credit card if you can’t afford the interest payments. Don’t overspend on Christmas shopping. When ordering gifts on Amazon, make sure you factor in taxes and shipping costs. If you need a new car, consider a model that’s easy to repair instead of an expensive BMW or Mercedes. Sometimes you dream vacation to Hawaii or the Bahamas just isn’t in the budget, but there may be more affordable all-inclusive hotels if you know where to look.

Looking for a new home? Make sure you get a mortgage rate that works for you. That means understanding the difference between fixed and variable interest rates. Whether you’re looking to learn how to make money, save money, or invest your money, our well-researched and insightful content will set you on the path to financial success. Passionate about mortgage rates, real estate, investing, saving, or anything money-related? Looking to learn how to generate wealth? Improve your life today with Moneymade. If you have any feedback for the MoneyMade team, please reach out to [email protected]. Thanks for your help!

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