Friendship Over: These Horrible Moments Of Rejection Are Brutal

Friendship Over: These Horrible Moments Of Rejection Are Brutal

One of the best parts in life is the friendships people develop over time. The true friendships stand the test of busy lives, different careers, and even separation. No matter what, the friendship can pick up right back where it started. Unfortunately, not everyone in life will make a good, or even nice, friend. It especially hurts when someone considers another as their friend but learns the feeling isn’t mutual. Rejection is hardly ever fun, and you’ll see that after reading these stories people have shared online about the people who they thought were their friends.

1. What’s Yours Is Mine

In second grade, I gave my best friend one half of a best friend’s necklace. At recess that day, she came over to me and asked to see my half to show this other girl in our class. She gave my half to the other girl, and we never spoke again.



2. Pretty Bad Day

She didn’t invite me to her wedding, but everybody else from our group of friends was invited. I heard about it from our friends who were also confused as to why I wasn’t invited. I had invited her to my wedding a couple of years before, but she couldn’t make it for family reasons, which I totally understood.

We were fine as far as I knew. She told them she didn’t invite me because she didn’t want people at her wedding who weren’t going to be in her future. I was, of course, very hurt and confused because there hadn’t been any problems as far as I knew, and well, if she was done with me, what was I supposed to do?

That was the moment for me. It was a mix of rejection, humiliation, impotence, and sadness. We had known each other for 15 years at this point. I didn’t want our friends to be in a weird situation, so I decided to stay away. But she contacted me several times to tell me very excitedly about her wedding plans.

We all found it weird. I didn’t react but didn’t confront her either. Well, she married, and less than a year later, I heard from friends that she had a lot of problems. I felt pity for her. I reached out and said that I didn’t know what happened between us but that I was there anyway if she needed something.

Her response was the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. She told me that her problem was that when I married, the day I had chosen to celebrate my wedding “seemed as if I didn’t care if she came to it.” She had somehow expected me to pick another date for the party because it didn’t suit her and was really angry that I “hadn’t made any effort.” I was astounded.

This was the first time I was hearing this. I mean, at the time, she told me she couldn’t make it; I understood, and as far as I was concerned, all was fine. She had been angry with me about this for about 3 years, given our “friendship” up, and made the situation for all our mutual friends extremely awkward.

That was the moment when I realized that I didn’t want anything else to do with her.



3. Please Hold

We had to pick partners for dodgeball in fifth grade, so I went to ask my “friend.” He told me, “Hey, wait a second, I just gotta check something,” and then asked literally five other students until one finally accepted to pair with him. I had to play with the teacher for that round.



4. Improved Wrong

I was with a group of people when one person mocked me by saying, “You don’t have any friends.” So, I turned to my friend next to me and said, “He’s my friend,” but he jokingly said, “I’m not your friend.” I was pretty humiliated and disappointed at the same time.



5. Time for You to Go!

In third grade, I was invited to her birthday party, but she made me leave at 5 PM and pretended that was the time the party was over. The party was actually a sleepover. I only found out because I saw her dad driving home with a fancy cake while my mom and I were leaving. My friends there told me the next day.


6. Take the Hit

When I was 12, I had just moved schools, but I still tried my best to hang out and keep in contact with all my other friends. After a month or so, it was one of my best friend’s birthdays, and everybody was invited but me. I ended up asking to come too since we usually turned up at each other’s houses anyway.

I didn’t want to miss out on the fun. So, I went, and we genuinely had a great time until it was about 8 o’clock, and one of them asked when I was going home. My parents hadn’t given me a time when I had to be home, so I said I’d go when everyone else did. A few hours went by until it was pitch black outside.

Nobody had left, so I asked when everyone else was planning on leaving to head back home, and that was when they decided to tell me that they’re actually there to have a sleepover without me. I started headed home all by myself, and I must’ve taken a wrong turn because I got lost and didn’t know where I was.

I went to call my mom to come pick me up, but my phone was very conveniently out of charge. I wandered around for ages before finally finding a road that I recognized, and I sprinted back home since it would have taken another half hour to get back home from where I was, and I didn’t want my parents to panic.

I got home still crying and out of breath just as my mom was in the car about to leave to drive around to come and find me.


7. High Price to Pay

A college friend asked to borrow $500 with a promise to pay it back in-full one month later. It was almost all of my money, so it was a sacrifice to loan it. Nearly three months later, I finally asked him to repay the loan as I needed it for expenses. He said, “Hate to break it to ya, but, it’s not gonna happen.”

So, I said, “Whatever problem you’re facing, I wish you good luck with it. No need to pay me back.” He didn’t even thank me. I never heard from him again.


8. Can’t Be Bothered

A friend was complaining about spending two days with her boyfriend and asked for my opinion on them moving in together. I said, “I mean, you got annoyed with him after two days on your vacation, so…” She said, “Well, I get annoyed with you after two hours, so…” I flinched. Our friendship has never recovered.


9. Unfairy Tale Ending

When I was 21, I was dating this guy; we were living together and everything. He seemed super nice, came off as charming to everybody, and was good looking. One day, I came home from work, and I noticed all his stuff was gone. I was devastated because there was no indication anything was wrong before he left.

He just up and left completely ghosting me. I had introduced him to my closest friend group including my best friend since grade school. This breakup really rocked me, and I ended up going to the hospital and everything. So, a week after the breakup, I was talking to my best friend and my other close friend.

They told me that I should meet my ex’s new girlfriend because she’s nice and I’d like her a lot. They also told me to stop being so sad and move on. It was one of the most heartbreaking experiences in my already pretty messed up life. I don’t talk to any of them anymore, and my ex married the new girlfriend.


10. Barely Acquainted

I met this really cute girl through one of my friends, and we started to talk a lot. I had a small crush on her, and apparently, she had one on me too. I took the time to get to know her and one day finally decided to ask her out. She told me only if I made her a song. I thought it wasn’t a big deal, and I got straight to work.

The friend who introduced her to me told me she was just playing me, so I asked her about it. It took her a couple of days to give a complete answer, but she confirmed that she was just playing. I was really sad. But that wasn’t even the worst part. A couple of days later, I struck up a conversation with her.

I wanted to talk about the situation and asked if we could still be friends, and she replied with, “Still?” I am still broken from this whole thing and have lost a lot of confidence when I’m around girls.


11. Blow Down Unda’

When I was in fifth grade, I went on a student ambassador trip to Australia. I went with about 20 other kids my age and didn’t really get along with anyone at all. That, combined with the fact I was super homesick the whole time, made the trip pretty dang miserable. I ended up making a friend with another outcast on the trip.

He had me promise to stay his friend for the whole trip because the other kids were being really mean. We even made a pact to stay friends and not become friends with the popular kids. On the last night of our trip, we’re at a restaurant, and I asked him to sit with me. He walked right past me like he didn’t even know me to sit with the popular kids.

I walked over to their table and asked him why he wouldn’t sit with me. He looked at me straight in the face and said in front of everyone else, “This annoying kid? We were never friends.” I have never felt so betrayed in my life.


12. Can’t Make That Call

When I was 12 years old, I was at my “friend’s” house. He was a few years older, and I thought he was really cool. He showed me a red cell phone he was going to give his girlfriend who I did not know. A week later, a few of us were hanging out, and one of the girls was actually flirting with me. She was older and really cute.

So, my inexperienced 12-year-old self asked if she wanted to be my girlfriend, and she said yes! I was flying on cloud nine until later that night when she brought out the same red cellphone my “friend” was giving to his girlfriend who I then realized was her. It ended up being a “joke” that they’d been playing.


13. Sneaky Pillager

Years ago, I found a “friend” online playing Minecraft. We played for years, and then out of the blue, he destroyed my base on a Minecraft server I showed him where I had spent 500 hours, took everything inside, got rid of all the dinosaurs, and much more. I’d also recently paid for his game; I had no income.


14. The Black Sheep

The first person in my high school group of friends to get married asked every single girl in the group except me to be a bridesmaid. She claimed her fiancé didn’t have another friend to ask, but it became pretty obvious that wasn’t true. My other friends in the bridal party had “made sure” I was invited to the bachelorette party.

When I got there, the maid of honor, the bride’s sister, had made matching t-shirts for everyone except me and then claimed they didn’t know what to put on mine since I wasn’t a bridesmaid. For all that, I wore black to their summer wedding and made everybody upset because they claimed it ruined the pictures.


15. No Hand in This

A kid in middle school was really mean to me. One day, he grabbed me and kneed me into a wall. My hand was positioned weirdly, and he totally fractured it. It was painful, and I went over to my friend to consolidate me. “What are you coming to me for?” is what he said in front of many others who saw. I felt so utterly alone.

I went to the nurse and said I tripped on a tree root, which I was able to point out and slammed hard into the wall. Not even my father knew about it; I was too afraid to say anything. I tried to look the kid up, but can’t find any sign of him on social media. I would like to pay him a friendly visit one day.


16. In My Sleep

After my second year in university, my friends and I agreed we’d register to rent a house for next year. We agreed that we’d all go together to register one morning. I was lying in bed asleep and half woke when someone came in to speak to my roommate. Then they all agreed to sneak out and register without waking me.


17. Let Me Eat Cake

My former best friend’s wife told me that she had volunteered me to bake and decorate the cake for a mutual friend’s baby shower. The original plan, upon hearing that our friend was pregnant, was for both of us to throw the baby shower for her. That had been my idea, and she had agreed. Well, I guess that went out the window.

But, whatever, right? I agreed to do the cake and asked my friend for the budget. I never heard another thing about it; she stopped replying. We saw each other a few times after that, but she behaved normally, so I figured she changed her mind. I learned that she told the mother-to-be that I was a witch who refused to do the cake.

The friend who was pregnant was really angry with me and saved it up for months pretending that everything was great. She was basically like, “I know about your rudeness with my shower cake.” Um, no, I just wasn’t doing a special occasion cake for free. I asked her husband, before she made him stop talking to me, what was wrong.

He told me that she’d hoped that I’d offer to do it for free because they’re broke. I was broke too; sorry I didn’t want to spend hours working for free. I’d given them quarts of free ice cream, cupcakes, and cakes. Our friendship didn’t end over it, but I was so taken aback with all the slander about budget.


18. No One Else but Me

I had a single “friend” when my middle school friend group dissolved. We were the only two left. We found our own groups, but she’d often guilt me if I’d spend time with them over her. I didn’t realize how isolated she’d made me until I went out with her and her friends and she told me to go to another table. And nobody said anything.

Good times. I still stuck around until graduation because I’d alienated everyone else. I spoke with a therapist a few years after, and she connected the dots between my current aversion to friendship/relationships and my past. Before then, I couldn’t explain why I can’t trust people.


19. Alarm Ring

We met freshman year of college. She later asked me to be her maid of honor. The wedding was called off a few weeks before it happened. I initially tried to contact her but then gave her some space, which seemed to be what she wanted. After two years of a lot of radio silence, I kind of got the picture…or so I thought.

She randomly texted me and another friend of ours from college a picture of her hand with a brand new engagement ring. Apparently, she’d been dating somebody else for a while now and they had gotten engaged. I was surprised and didn’t respond because that was almost the only time that she’d ever reached out to me in two years.

Weeks later, she texted asking me to confirm my number and if I’d heard her happy news. When I said I had, I was just surprised because I didn’t know she was seeing somebody else, but if she was happy, then I was happy for her. She began an incredibly long apology and asked if I would fly to their semi destination wedding.

I politely declined a little due to it being a hot spot for illness but mainly because a family member was visiting soon. She then made plans to call me to could catch up and all that. I mistakenly agreed, and after a little small talk, that was that. Well, it’s been two months since, and I have not heard one word.


20. Hate Coping

In high school, I was “friends” with four girls. We were super close, rode the bus together, hung out every weekend, and shared everything. Then I learned my friend since kindergarten had been running a hate site about me for three years. They even had a handshake that they always did in front of me, but I never questioned it.

I only found out when my only “real friend” found out, and she told me right away. I know now that it stemmed from jealousy. My parents were happily married whereas none of theirs were, I was fit, came from money, etc. But at the time, I couldn’t understand it. It really messed me up mentally for a long time.


21. Just Wanted to Say Hey

In seventh grade, I went to talk to my best friend who was talking to an eighth-grade girl. The three of us were in band, and that was the only reason I knew her. She and I never had any interaction prior. I waited for a break in the conversation to say hi to my friend. That’s when this girl interrupted and said something incredibly mean.

“You know, nobody here likes you. Everyone would be happier if you just disappeared.” I wasn’t, and still am not, sure why she said this, but I looked to my best friend thinking surely that he’d set her straight. He couldn’t look me in the eye; he had a sheepish look on his face, and he didn’t say a single thing. I was heartbroken.

I turned away with tears burning my eyes, a lump in my throat, and an empty feeling in my stomach. My best friend wouldn’t even defend me, and it’s been over 10 years, and while I’m doing better, it definitely took its toll on me and my mental state.


22. Revoked Priority

My friend texted me asking to hang out with a group and then texted me again after I’d already gotten ready saying I couldn’t come anymore because another person she invited didn’t know me and didn’t want to hang out with me. What…?


23. Coming or Going?

I had lots of wedding-invite drama all from friends from early adulthood. One, I learned she had gotten married after the fact and didn’t think a thing about it. Then there was another wedding within the group. They DID invite me but sat me at the table that was very clearly for randoms, while they sat everybody else from that group together.

A few in the group asked if I was coming to the group brunch and after party the next day…NOPE! I hadn’t been invited to either. So that was awkward, and the first time I thought, uh, do people have a problem with me? But no one addressed it, so I just thought I was clearly not a full member of this stupid friend group anymore.

Then someone else was getting married, and I found out when I was on a group email about setting up an Airbnb for it and had to say, “Hi everyone! I was actually not invited, so I won’t be chipping in! Thanks!” So, they sent me a pity invite. I didn’t attend and didn’t RSVP. It was so tacky that I didn’t feel like it.


24. Wrong BF

I started texting this girl who was in a friend group, and we seemed to get along pretty well, and we both considered each other as best friends…or so I thought. Well, she got back with her ex and stopped talking to me entirely. But I didn’t know that. One of her friends then informed me as to why she didn’t tell me.

She got back with her ex and didn’t want me to be sad, so she lied to me by telling me her parents told her to cut all contact with me. She still doesn’t know that I know, and if she plans to contact me again, I won’t respond.


25. A Real Stand-Up Guy

When I was 11, the kid next door invited me to go to the local amusement park with him and his family on the weekend for his birthday. I love amusement parks, and especially at 11, I was excited as could be to go. For whatever reason, that day my parents had to drop me off at my grandma’s house, so they had to make arrangements.

I thought it was fine…but it clearly wasn’t. My friend’s family was supposed to pick me up from there and then go to the amusement park. Except they never showed. I even had the whole waiting on the porch watching out for their car to drive up thing going on. The next week when I saw the kid, we were hanging out, and I noticed there was a thank you letter.

It was from one of the other neighborhood kids that he decided to take instead of me without telling me. I asked what happened, but he had some lame excuse that I knew was nonsense but went along with it, and the friendship essentially ended there.


26. Viral Infilt-haters

He got all my friends against me; every single one of them hated me. I tried to find out what I did to him, but I got nothing. It got to a point where I’d end up physically hurt. All the friend groups I had ever been in just left me. I was glad when I moved schools. So, thanks, Peter, for all my trust issues.


27. All Booked Up

I invited a friend to my wedding a good three months before and sent a save the date a year ahead. A month before, she told me she could not come because of a weekend away with other friends the weekend after my wedding and two weekends away in a row would be too tiring to do. I was floored, and we stopped talking.


28. Sick Betrayal

This kid I knew had cancer at a really young age like 8 or 9 years old, and we were best friends. He went to the hospital, and my mom would always call his mom to let me talk to him. A few months later, he was well enough to go back to school and go on the school trip. When he did, he immediately went to another friend group.

It was the kind where everyone would suck up for him and be nice to him because of everything that he went through. He never once spoke to me again that year. After that, he went to high school somewhere different than I did, so we lost touch. He randomly messaged me six years later asking how I was doing. I broke down.

I was there for him when he needed help, but he abandoned me when I needed it. I left him on read and then unfriended him. I don’t need him in my life.


29. Little Fixer Upper

A friend of five years and I stopped talking when I realized that she only wanted me around since no matter what, she knew I’d be there to clean up her stupid messes. She treated me like garbage constantly, always put me down, stood me up, never really cared about me, and never listened to anything that was troubling me when I needed her.

Most of the time, she ignored me unless she needed me for something. The final straw was the months went by without us talking at all. I’d messaged her for no reply, and all of a sudden, I got a text, “I’m pregnant, and it isn’t my boyfriend’s.” I was traveling, and I just thought, “I’m done,” and then I blocked her number.

I was with my ex at the time who helped me through the process, but my god, it really hurt; Years and years of time and effort put into that relationship for nothing.


30. Lowest of the Low

In fifth grade, the person I considered at the time to be my best friend had their birthday coming up. We had this small group of weirdos; all of us basically friends that found each other because we didn’t really fit anywhere else. I asked him about his birthday plans, and he said that he had sent out invitations to his party.

I mentioned that I hadn’t gotten mine, and he said, “You realize we’re only friends with you because we feel sorry for you?” I suppose that was his way of telling me that I wasn’t invited on purpose, but I believed that everybody felt that way, and I spent middle school alone because I couldn’t trust anybody.


31. Roid Rage

At school one year, my friend left for a special school in fifth grade, and we had been friends since kindergarten. To put salt in the wound, a kid I thought was my friend wasn’t at all. Once in class, our assigned seats were changing. I knew nothing was better than where I had been sitting, with the class clown and the school jock.

I ended up at a table where I barely knew the other kids, and I said, “At least I have one friend here,” and the kid I thought was my friend said, “Who?” I was utterly devastated. Later that night, I had a talk with my parents about making more friends. At 12:30 the next day, I had a croup attack and could barely breathe.

I was taken to the ER and given some steroids. The next day in school, I excelled in gym, at kickball pitched three perfect innings, and kicked three grand slams. My class developed a chant for me, “Steroid man, steroid man, steroid man!” My “friend” said he’d coached me to that level. I just wanted him to leave.


32. There’s Always a Hole in One

In middle school, we were going on a school trip to a park that had a number of activities, including a pool. My three closest friends and I did everything together and even had a name for our group made up of the letters from our names. They told me that they weren’t going swimming, so I didn’t bring my bathing suit or a towel.

When we got there, they all had their swimsuits and towels telling me that they changed their minds last minute. They swam without me while I played mini-golf all by myself. After that, we remained friends, but I always felt like the odd one out in the group.


33. The Scientific Rejected Method

In my freshman year of high school, I talked to this girl I liked almost every day. Near the end of the year, she was stressed about a science final, and we were in the same class studying, so I went to cheer her up. I guess I annoyed her, and she said we weren’t even friends. That was the last time we spoke.


34. The Nice Guise

A friend of seven years made a move on me unexpectedly. He had a serious girlfriend, but he wanted us to be friends with benefits on the side. I don’t know what hurt more—the fact that he admitted he was never really interested in my friendship or the hobbies we shared and he was always thinking about how he could get me into bed…

…or the fact that he thought that I’d be happy to be his side piece and that we could deceive his girlfriend together.


35. No Call, No Show

I made plans with a close “friend.” I even canceled and declined on other people who wanted to make plans with me. We agreed to play video games together at 5 PM, and we made this plan at 9 AM. It’s nearly 2 AM, and I got no texts saying they would cancel, no returns to calls, no returns to texts, no nothing. They have done this before too.

They always made some kind of excuse but at this point, I was just way too fed up and sad. I got that they might be unavailable and stuff, but they could’ve at least told me so. I was pretty sure I was being ghosted and just finished a box of ice cream. Later, I saw her post on her Instagram. I wanted to cry.


36. From Sea to Shore

We planned out matching pirate costumes for Halloween days before. I came to find out that she was going trick or treating with a new best friend and had matching biker costumes. It was only an hour before we were even going to get together. We were best friends for so long that I was really upset about it; I’m still a little salty.

But I got to go trick or treating with my little siblings instead which was nice actually because my mom gave me more candy when we came back home.


37. Step off the Path

My friend from middle school came to visit me at my high school after we had been sent to different schools. He was being really friendly and suggested that we hang out and grab some food at the mall before my mom picked me up. I went to the mall to get some snacks, and mysteriously at the till, he had no money. I immediately saw this as a red flag.

But, instead of addressing it right away, I acted oblivious and paid for his stuff to see how far he would go and what his motives were. Once my mom came to pick me up, he asked to come over to my house. I said sure thing, and we got to my place to hang out. A half-hour later, he was “feeling sick” and wanted to go home.

I told him to call his parents to pick him up. He made some thin excuse, and I pretended to buy it and asked my mom to drop us off at his place. She really wasn’t happy, but I explained to her that I knew what was happening, and she agreed to play along. Once we went to his place, we turned on the Xbox 360 to start playing.

Within two minutes, he’s totally passed out in his room with his junk out. I was like, this guy was acting different and suspicious. I made sure he was knocked out cold and looked around his room and sure enough, found he had quite a bit of money on him meaning he lied about not having any cash. I started looking a bit more.

I found out he had been in contact with a gang selling stuff and using. I was disappointed in him because he was very smart and bright, and after I approached him about how he treated our friendship, he stated “What friendship? You’re just a stepping stone for me.” That was painful to hear even though I knew.


38. Leaving the Band

For over a decade and a half, I was a core participant in an ever-evolving group of singers. There were folks who would come and go, but I and many others were pretty regular fixtures in the group. Close to the end, my at-the-time new wife and I took an opportunity to work internationally and did so for a couple of years.

During that time, this group continued on as always, and we stayed as connected as we could and kept in touch with these friends knowing that we would eventually be back. After two years, we came back to the area, and I was excited to be reacquainted and reconnected with the group. These people had been my friends for upwards of 15 years.

I was treated like an outcast or an annoying stranger. I was completely unwelcomed by people who I thought were my friends of over 15 years all that time. It was a bitter pill to swallow. A year or so later, we moved away from the area, and I am hardly in touch with any of them at all. I still feel hurt.


39. Get In. Get Out.

I had a new friend visit me after school. We were in my sister’s room because she had my Nintendo 64 there, and my room was too small to have more than one person in there. After a couple of visits, he suddenly started to avoid me at school. I didn’t understand why and tried to ask him what was wrong, but I never got close enough to him to get an answer.

Three or four days after his last visit, my sister accused me of stealing about $100 from her. As it turned out, this little jerk was snooping around while I was out of the room and found her savings. It’s probably one of the reasons why I have trust issues.


40. Slight Change of Plans

One time, I planned to see a movie with three of my friends, and I had the phone numbers of two of them because one of them said they had left their phone at home. I texted the other, and he said, “We just saw the movie.” I was devastated because I thought they were my friends. I asked why he didn’t tell me that they were going.

He said, “I didn’t want you to come. You wouldn’t have liked it.” It was my idea to go see the movie. I saw it a few days later, and it’s now one of my favorite movies.


41. Always Roasting

Soon after Canada eased their lockdown restrictions, my best friend added me to a group chat with a few of our other friends who we all knew from high school. My best friend was planning on having a barbecue at his place, so we started figuring out what food each of us would bring. Then there was a bit of silence in the chat.

Then, the week before, one dude, Charles, started talking about how people were being too quiet and that we should be planning more even though we had all decided on who was bringing what and everyone had confirmed. Charles said that it’s always him, my best friend, and another guy who had to plan everything.

He just kept spouting nonsense. My best friend was the only one who would invite me. Then I found out that they hang out every week, which gets hard after college, and no one bothered to tell me.


42. Never Going Anywhere

A few of my friends were planning a trip for their birthdays to a vacation home, and they were naming the people that were going. I just sat there listening. I’ve known them for over 10 years.


43. Three’s a Crowd

So, I was in college, I was on decent terms with my roommate but thought I made a decent friend from down the hall. Six weeks in, you’re allowed to request to switch rooms. They told me that they wanted to switch so they could study more easily for a class that they had together. Yup, I thought we were friends.


44. Drowning Me Out

I was 10 years old, and she was 11. We’d had a sleepover the night before, and in the morning, we went to the nearby waterpark. My dad took us there, paid, and all was great. We were headed to the little restaurant, and she ran into some friends. Then, we went and ate. After lunch, she went into the wave pool to play with them.

When I swam up to her and her friends to play with them, she totally ignored me. Then later, she disappeared, and we were looking everywhere for her. We found her after 30-45 minutes, and she’s in the kiddie area. My dad told us that we could do, “One more slide,” and then she went off with those friends again without me.

They went to the biggest slide with the longest line. On the car ride home, she shot me dirty looks and only apologized when her mom made her.


45. While You Were Away

I was best friends with this girl named Kelly through kindergarten to all the way fifth grade. Let’s be real, our moms were friends, and we didn’t hate each other early on, so we basically just spent all our time together. Our moms traded off picking us up from school every day. I was at her house every weekend or she was at mine.

I’m an only child, so my parents would let me bring a friend on family trips to stave off loneliness, so we traveled together a lot too. The summer before going into middle school, there was a mixer-type party for new students to introduce all the new sixth grade students to the rest of the class coming in from fifth grade.

This was so that everyone would know each other. I wasn’t able to make it to that mixer due to a conflict with a family event. On the first day of school, I ran up to Kelly with my arms out for a hug because I hadn’t seen her in more than a month. She’s standing with two of the girls who she met at the mixer—her response broke my heart.

One of the new girls turned to me and said, “Kelly doesn’t hang out with losers,” and they turned and walked away from me. Kelly didn’t say anything to me that day and stopped hanging out with me at school and after school in favor of her new friends. I found some new friends, and then we just stopped hanging out altogether.

I learned as an adult that her parents were going through a rough patch that year and, when they argued particularly loudly and Kelly needed help with something, she would call my mom. She probably had let those girls lead her because her life was falling apart, but it didn’t make what happened hurt any less.


46. Wanting Different Things

After high school, my “friends” went on a trip to celebrate graduation and the start of life. Fully excited, I asked to come, and they just said to my face, “No, we’d rather have you not come because you’ll ruin it.” I broke all contact ever since and only hear from one of them anymore.


47. Hitting That Punchline

One of my “friends” was hooking up with a girl who I’d just met and introduced to the group behind my back. I went on a vacation with that “friend” and two others. He decided then and there on the first day of the trip to tell me. I yelled at him. He thought it wasn’t a big deal, so he said that “it was just a joke.”


48. Seriously Busy

I got sick with a heart condition. She flipped out on me for “flaking on her.” Yeah, I was a little busy thinking that my life was going to be over. Plus, she hadn’t been treating me well before that.


49. Absent with Reason

I got depressed, and just as it was getting really bad, my boyfriend dumped me unexpectedly. I was really close to this one friend and kind of needed her around. She knew that I was incredibly depressed and that I felt like no one cared, and yet she suddenly stopped coming to see me. She wouldn’t even really hang out with me anymore.

She knew how much it was hurting me, and when I asked her about it, she said that it was “too weird” to be around me. But that wasn’t nearly as bad as what she did next. After I got better, I found out that she and my ex were together. She explained that she had deliberately distanced herself from me when I was ill so that I wouldn’t become dependent on her.

She thought it would “hurt less” when I found out about them. The worst part was this was all for a dude! For a while, I had to see her a lot because we worked together. I kept seeing them together at parties and stuff, which sucked. But they broke up, and she’s moved away. Hopefully, I’ll never see her again.


50. Thinking of You Always

Someone I thought was a friend went out of their way to destroy all of my friendships. And when I started getting back in touch with some of those friends, specifically my ex who I got back together with, they decided to create a big scene and claimed my ex was cheating on her with me even though they were never an item.

I never found out what her problem was with me, but now I honestly feel kind of privileged to have had someone pay so much attention to me! She spent a lot of her free time trying to ruin my life behind my back. I’m sure there are many more fun things to do with your life.


51. We Were That Close

My friend laughed at me behind my back over a guy, literally, as if I was stupid and wouldn’t figure that it was about me. One girl said something about how he’d be interested in somebody like me, and she made a snarky comment that made everybody laugh. I wasn’t at the same table but was close enough to hear.


52. Keeping up with the Enemy

I thought I was really good friends with a girl until one day when she told me that she was only nice to me because I was also close to her boyfriend and she wanted to keep an eye on me to make sure that he didn’t cheat on her with me.


53. My Snapping Point

In general, I’ve always been sort of unimportant to my friends no matter who or what group it is throughout my life. I’ve spent a lot of time at home seeing stories on Snapchat of everybody having fun, and no one has hit me up or answered my texts throughout all these events. This happens basically every day.


54. Going Down the Street

I was in fourth grade when a girl who lived down the street and that I thought was a friend was having her birthday party. I had no idea about it. Apparently, her mom looked around at the party and then asked, “Kelsey, where is [me]? Could she not come?” And then Kelsey revealed to her mom that she hadn’t invited me at all.

Her mom promptly called my mom and apologized and asked her to bring me over. So, I found out about the party, found out she had not invited me on purpose, and then was forced to show up to the party already in progress where the birthday girl didn’t want me and I was unwelcome. It was painfully awkward and awful.

Her mom and my mom were both trying to do the “right thing,” or whatever. Kelsey was mad and even told me that I “ruined” her party, and I was forced into an uncomfortable social situation.


55. Don’t Gotcha, Partner

This girl and I were group partners in three classes for a whole year for high school. We shared snacks and had a lot in common, and the teachers would have to shush us since we were always chatting in class. However, we never hung out outside of school since we had jobs and she had extracurriculars, but we did chat on social media.

The year ended, and we saw each other at an amusement park. She was with family, and I started to chat, and she acted as if she didn’t know me and left. I tried talking to her on the first day of school; She did it again. I don’t know what I did. My friends who are her friends haven’t learned anything either.


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