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Stunning Acts Of Revenge

Whether served piping hot or ice-cold, there's no denying that a good revenge story is among the most satisfying things in the world. Some of them go too far, some of them are super subtle, and some of them are just right, but they all hit the spot in their own way. No one knows that better than these Redditors, who completed some stunning acts of vengeance.

1. Put A Ribbon On It

My college roommate and I had an ant problem. They got all over the trash bin, so we moved it from the garage to the yard in front of the house. Our neighbor left us a note saying it was unsightly and to please remove it. Oh, I "handled" the situation. I put a sticky Christmas bow on top of it to make it look nicer. My roommate was horrified by the bow and took it off.

She then explained to the neighbor why we had it outside. I'm not sure which one of us was pettiest—me or the neighbor.

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2. Slamming The Gate

I live in a townhouse that has an adjacent townhouse on either side. The neighbors on one side are absolutely fantastic. The other side? Not so much. About two years ago, the adult male living there was some sort of tradesman who regularly left for work at 4:40 am. Whenever he left, he would slam his front metal gate closed, which would regularly wake me and my four-year-old daughter.

The gate is only about 10 meters from our bedroom windows. I wrote a very polite note, explaining that it was a problem and asking them if they could please close their gate quietly. To his credit, he started leaving via the other exit—but this wasn't the end of it. About a month later, it was becoming clear that my front lawn was increasingly covered in dog poo, so I set up a webcam to see where it was coming from.

Very quickly it became clear that these neighbors were regularly opening their gate, letting the dog out to do its business, and then returning home, with no attempt to clear it up. I approached him one early evening as the dog returned home from its defecation excursion, and, again very politely, asked him and his wife to stop letting the dog leave its business on my front lawn.

They denied it, despite the fact that I had just caught the dog in the act and told them that I had video evidence of what their dog was doing. That absolute jerk decided that every morning he left for work thereafter he would literally slam his front gate using all his strength. Some people are human garbage. Thankfully, they moved out only a couple of months later.

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3. A Cheater Never Wins

A student had climbed onto a neighboring student’s desk to see her answer. I called him out, and he looked at me like, "What? I was helping her". At the end of class, the student sitting at the desk came over to me to tell me he was copying her. I thanked her, and she left. What I did next had the potential to get me fired. I pulled out his test, erased his work, put random lines over his work, erased again, and stuck it back in the pile for the grader.

Needless to say, he wasn’t going to be in advanced math the next year.

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4. Be Respectful Of Your Sensei

I was a self-defense instructor. I was running a class on defense versus knives. Each student was paired up with a partner, and they had to evade/block the wielder for two minutes. I jokingly said, "Anyone who makes it two minutes gets to teach the next class"! The drill went on, and at the end, I asked if anyone didn't get cut at all.

One younger guy—around 18 or 19—who was a kind of problem student raised his hand. This was a kid who always questioned everything. He was nice enough but kind of a jerk. His partner for the drill was an older guy who was slower. This kid was in good shape, so I could see where he might have been fast enough. I took the rubber blade and said, “Okay, let’s see”.

When he was ready, I came at him, and it took all of three seconds before I slashed him across the midsection. I handed him back the prop and said something like, "Not bad, but have your partner speed it up next time". I turned around and heard him say, "I bet you can't do better". I turned back, and he rushed me, which was pretty disrespectful.

I blocked and, on pure instinct, full force punched him in the neck. He dropped, coughing. Since they weren't actively working, my entire class saw this. I felt terrible, but most of my students started clapping. I helped him up and whispered, "Don't EVER pull that garbage again". He nodded and seemed embarrassed. I never had another problem with him.

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5. An Unexplained Injury

A man followed my mum home from her work, a bar, about 20 minutes away on foot. He followed her into the house, almost breaking the door, and was just out in the living room. I was upstairs at the time, so I only heard, but when she yelled, "Get out of my house," I picked up a hatchet from my stepdad's tools and ran downstairs.

I told him that in 10 seconds, if he wasn’t going to get out of my house, he was going to get seriously hurt. He ran, tripped over the door frame, and knocked himself out cold on the driveway. He started to bleed, the works. My mom told me to call my stepdad who was at his friend's house, and they both came running to get rid of him. His injuries were jaw-dropping.

Last I heard, he was deaf in his left ear and blind in his left eye from an unexplained head injury.

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6. Powder Princess Lost It

In my junior year of high school, I got the science teacher that all the students hated. She had strict rules about food and drinks in her class, as well as talking/behavior rules. She allowed drinks and food to be in the classroom, but food had to be kept sealed and in your bag. You had to step outside the classroom to consume any drinks.

She also had a rule that you were not allowed to put makeup or even Chapstick on in class. This all seemed a bit crazy, but she was a chemistry/biology teacher. We worked with chemicals, molds, and bacteria in the classroom. Tables were fully equipped lab stations that students did dissections on, and she didn't allow anyone to mess around and endanger themselves in ANY way.

One day, this girl pulled out her makeup and sat there putting powder on her face. BIG MISTAKE. I watched as this teacher waited for her to get powder on half her face, and then she stalked over, snatched the makeup thing up, and chucked it, hard, into the trash—totally destroying it. The girl pitched a royal fit, saying it was expensive.

The teacher just informed her calmly that it had been contaminated by her opening it up in class, and for her own safety, it had to be disposed of. The girl kept complaining and disrupting the class, so she was sent out and got detention.

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7. Comparing Sound

My neighbor would crank his house music up as high as it could go and then leave for the night. It was mildly annoying in certain parts of my home. So, I decided on some petty revenge. I bought some huge speakers of my own and played the same song back. Literally the same song, over and over and over while I went on vacation for four days.

I'm not sure who was the pettier neighbor, but we both stopped doing it after that. Funny thing is, sometime later when he was throwing a party, he asked if he could use my speakers cause of how nice and loud they were.

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8. ¡Dios Mio!

There was a kid who spoke Spanish in my sister’s class. He spoke English as well but refused to do so with her. He was also disruptive, and all the other students would get all ruffled and excited by his outbursts. Over a couple of months, it got so bad that she was having a hard time getting through a lesson without this kid acting like a fool.

He was calling other kids names and doing it all in Spanish because he assumed he could get away with it.  My sister came up with a serious revenge plot. She googled an inappropriate phrase full of profanity in Spanish.  She called the kid’s home and in her sweetest voice, chatted her up with her normal teacher spiel. Then, she said the kid kept, “Shouting out this phrase in class and unfortunately, I don't speak Spanish".

She continued, “I'm worried he may be asking a question or trying to get help, and I'm not providing him with every tool he needs. I wrote it down from how it sounds. Sorry if I mispronounce this". Then, she read off the sentence, making sure to hesitate a bit like she was trying to get the pronunciation as correct as possible. The mom was silent.

She then stuttered, "I cannot repeat that to you. Do not worry. I'll take care of this. I am so very sorry. He speaks English and will no longer interrupt class". The kid came to school the next day, spoke nothing but perfect English, and never acted out in her class again.

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9. Sick To His Stomach

My old roommate kept eating all my food, constantly, for almost a year. One of my greatest frustrations was him consuming all my almond milk before I got to have any. Now, after a really rough day, I would come home and have a bowl of Cocoa Puffs or some other childish comfort food cereal…it was all a part of my process.

I didn’t necessarily like almond milk, but it lasted a lot longer…and it was mine. Well, after months of discussing with him repeatedly whose almond milk and other food he kept consuming, I just filled the container up with real milk, looked at the container, and said, “Screw that guy”. I put it back in the fridge, and that was that.

A couple of days later, I came home from work and found the horrible roommate on the floor doubled over whining and moaning. I’m pretty sure he pooped his pants. I asked if he needed an ambulance and he said no, so I went to my room and put on headphones. I had no idea how badly lactose-intolerant people could get hurt from it.

I sort of felt bad, but also there were literal months of warnings not to touch that bottle of almond milk. Also, like I said, screw that guy.

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10. Give That Kid A Kazoo

I'm a teacher, and this one student's parents wouldn't return some forms that I needed to be signed. It was his Individualized Education Program (IEP), which was made at THEIR request. So, the fact that they wouldn't sign and return it—so he could receive the services that THEY were convinced he needed—drove me absolutely mad.

Then, I remembered that someone had donated some kazoos to be given as treasure box prizes. I had laughed at them and put them away. However, I decided this kid deserved to have a kazoo. I put yet another reminder slip in his homework folder and this time sent him home with the letter and the kazoo. The IEP was signed and returned the next day.

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11. Football Francis

I taught middle school for seven years, and dealing with eighth-graders could be a bit trying. I had this one male student who whined about everything. Every assignment, project, and lecture involved some level of complaining from him. He was a good-looking football jock who was just lazy when it came to academics. At some point, while he was being particularly annoying, I looked at him and said, "Settle down, Francis".

This was not his real name but rather a line from the movie Stripes. It was immediately obvious that the name bugged the daylights out of him. From that moment forward, I used this knowledge in a devious way. I started calling him Francis on a daily basis just to irritate him, and he hated the name. I told my wife about it, who was his math teacher at the time.

Then, she started calling him Francis as well. Soon all of his peers at school started addressing him by Francis. I got such joy hearing people walking down the hall yelling out, "Hey Francis", and seeing the irritated look on his face every time he heard the name.

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12. Bundled In Newspaper…

When I was a kid, we had a crazy old cat lady neighbor that would take our newspapers every day. My mom thought it would be a great idea to sabotage an old newspaper by wrapping it up in dog poop, mustard, sauerkraut, dirt, basically anything we could find in hopes that she’d stop taking them. We planted the newspaper and woke up to it being gone.

Even after that day, she still kept taking the newspaper!

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13. Littering Kittens

We rented a house that had another apartment in the basement. The lady who lived below us kept to herself for the most part, so we didn't see her much. Part of our rental was a detached garage and she asked if she could put a small deep freezer in our garage. We were using it for storage, so we were fine with it. After a couple of weeks of having her freezer in there, it somehow got unplugged. Her reaction was deranged.

She came unglued on us and wanted us to pay to replace everything. I understood her frustration, but we hardly ever went into the garage since it was only for storage. In other words, we definitely didn't unplug it and our landlord agreed. But she was SO mad. The lady also had a son in college who came home for the summer. During that summer he found a cat and brought it home.

His mom said no cats inside, so he would feed the kitten outside. She was pretty wild. He left for school again in the fall and we noticed that the cat was getting very thin. We started feeding her outside in her usual spot. Around Christmas, we bought a bag of cat food, and I made a plate of cookies and left them both at our neighbor's front door.

The next day they were both back on our porch. Rude, but whatever. We continued to feed the cat because she obviously wasn't feeding her. A few weeks later the cat came to our door crying. She was trying to come inside. Super weird considering she was pretty wild, and we had never let her inside before. I let the cat in and noticed she was pregnant and about to have kittens.

I made her a little corner and she had babies the next day. We let her stay in the house with us, but we knew we couldn't keep her. I went downstairs to talk to our neighbor. She said that her son's cat was a boy so the cat we had obviously wasn't his. I posted on Facebook to see if anyone was interested in fostering a cat and her kittens because we couldn't keep her.

Her son saw my post on Facebook and got super mad at his mom. Oh, and this is the most infuriating part of all. THAT'S when reported me, said that I took her cat, and lied to me when she confronted me about having the cat in my possession. It was the stupidest, most frustrating thing that had ever happened to me as far as neighbors go.

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14. Color Me Surprised

In 2001, my neighbor wanted me to join an HOA. I had no interest. She contrived all these rules and insisted the neighborhood follow them. She would call the authorities, city inspectors, and everybody on anyone who didn't follow her rules. She finally got me a warning from the city on my house needing paint. In her vision, she wanted earth tones and encouraged me to change the color of my house from a light powder blue to a tan. Well, I went and got my revenge.

I painted the house PURPLE. I sold it as a purple house. The good news is it is 2021 and the house is STILL purple.

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15. A Birthday Blast

I wasn’t cool in junior high. Evan was in most of my classes and he wasn’t cool either, but apparently, he thought that I was lame enough that I would be a viable target. He would mock me at any opportunity, and there were plenty since I was a weird kid. I remember he liked to lick his hand and smear it over my locker. It was disgusting.

For revenge, Evan had a reputation for being a nerd, and he liked to brag about how smart he was, how he was a math wiz, and so on. For each class, all of the student grades were posted on a tack board. Each student had a “unique number” assigned to them. To find your grade, you first had to find your number, and the grade for each exam and class project was posted next to it.

I realized at some point that my unique number had my birth month and day in the middle, with random numbers before and after. A friend confirmed that their number also included their birthday. Evan made the mistake of mentioning one day that his birthday was on St. Patrick’s day. You can probably see where this is going.

One day, in math class, we got one of our exams back. Evan saw my grade and started laughing at me, calling me stupid for "only" getting a B+. He wanted to know how I did so badly on a test that was so easy. I asked him what he got on the test. “A+,” he told me smugly. “Yeah?” I said, “Let’s see it then”. But he wouldn’t show me his paper.

He had conveniently already sorted it away in a folder. I decided to see what his grade was for myself. I marched over to the grade board, and searched for the student number with 317 in it, since that’s St. Patrick’s day. I found it. And that's when I exposed him for the liar he truly was. Next to his number: Ds, Fs, more Ds. I announced to the class that you can just use someone’s birthday to figure out their number and grade.

I locked eyes with Evan and began listing each of his grades out loud like the horrible person that I am. I still remember the look on his face. It was abject horror that quickly morphed into a broken, hopeless expression. Then, he started crying and left the classroom. This kid wasn’t cool, he wasn’t attractive. All he had was his intelligence—or the lie about it, anyway.

Now he had nothing, and on top of that, he cried openly in class. The kid never lived it down…not as long as I knew him anyway, which truthfully was only another year or so. I only got a stern talking-to for what I had done, but Evan got ridiculed for the rest of the time he went to that school. I don’t think I realized the full scope of what I had done until I was older.

We were both losers just trying to make it through junior high without too much emotional damage, and I had to nuke this kid over some snarky comment that didn’t really mean much of anything at the end of the day.

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16. Piles Of Litter

I live in a bunch of townhomes. Someone would empty their kitty litter into a bag then drag it to the trash, about halfway through the walk it would start leaving litter and cat poop on the sidewalk. One night we finally saw who was doing it. We knew just what to do. To show them who was boss, my roommate first hopped in the dumpster.

He then grabbed the bag which was mostly full, went to their house, tied it to the doorknob, cut the bottom, knocked, and ran. The culprits opened the door and dragged kitty litter and all the garbage that was on top of it right into their house. They stopped dragging the bag to the trash after that.

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17. Serves You Right!

Last November, my brother passed unexpectedly. We upheld restrictions, and the officers who had helped us told us that on the day of his funeral we could still have up to 10 people in the yard, just not in the house. After the funeral, around six people came by, and we sat around the fire pit talking and crying. No partying, no one in the house.

And yet, our neighbor went the extra mile to make our lives even more of a nightmare. Our neighbor called law enforcement to report that we were breaking restrictions and then she stood in the window waiting for them to arrive. The same officers who were with us before showed up and decided to sit with us in the yard and chat with us, see how everyone was doing.

She flew into a rage and came into her backyard yelling at us—but she didn't stop there. She screamed that she was contacting her lawyer, saying that my brother was a loser, and no one cares he's gone, just really nasty things. Two of the officers went over and tried talking to her to help her calm down. Did that work? Nope.

Instead, she threw a Walmart bag full of stuff at one of the officers and tried to spit on them. The highlight of one of the worst days of my life was watching her stuffed into a patrol car and taken away for assaulting an officer. My brother would have loved it.

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18. I Sacrificed The Good Of The Whole For Spite

I was a college professor and had two problem students. One would not stop emailing me every time she had a thought about anything. Once, she emailed me eight times in 24 hours.  These were not back and forth emails but eight separate ones. She also asked if I could meet her on a Saturday to help with her term paper—I don’t think so—Saturdays are mine.

The other missed 75% of the class and sent me a long email demanding I give them extra credit to make it up. Both students missed class on a day we had completed half of one major assignment for the semester. I wanted to send a class-wide email clarifying the assignment and upcoming exam that would have been potentially helpful to the class.  However, I wanted to spite those two even more.

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19. Play By The Rules

When I was in the eighth grade, we had this new kid named Caleb move to our town. He came from a rough home in a different city and had been sent to live with his aunt and uncle in our small little town. Anyways, he managed to fit in pretty well and became friends with most of the boys in a fairly short amount of time.

So, one day at recess, all the boys are playing basketball outside on a cement pad with hoops at either end. Caleb, hoping to show off how tough he is, decides to start not playing by the rules. He's committing hard fouls, literally punching other kids in the arm when they went up for shots, and even missed one time and punched a kid in the face.

He says, "What, we're playing by street rules?" A couple of days later, he's still doing this and still using the same excuses. We've all told him to stop and play normally, but he won't. So, I decided it was time to teach him a lesson. I get the ball right under the hoop and fake like I'm going up for the shot to get him off his feet. Then I bend at the hips and get really low.

His knees basically come in contact with my side and he does a full flip and lands flat on his bum. I stand back up, make my shot, and say, "Street rules, right?" It's at this point that I realize something is terribly wrong. He's actually in quite a lot of pain. As it turns out, he broke his tailbone. But, when he recovered, you better believe he played basketball by the rules.

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20. I Had A Hankering He Wouldn’t Be Prepared

I had a great student named Hank. He was a great kid but a bad student. It was presentation day and I already knew Hank didn’t prepare a single sentence. Before class, I told Hank, “Dude write something down. You HAVE to give a presentation”. He laughed it off. At the start of class, I told him again, “You will be presenting today, do something, I’ll let you go last”. I was giving him every chance I could.

When it came to Hank’s turn, he said, “Sorry, I have nothing”. I told him, “That’s OK, you can stand here for three minutes then”. He came up and gave his best shot at winging a presentation, which lasted all about 30 seconds. At that point, I moved to block him from leaving the “stage” and let him spend two and a half minutes standing up there, dying of embarrassment. He prepared all his presentations after that.

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21. Time To Get Good

There were some 19-year-olds that lived next door to me—and they were literal nightmares. They'd scream at their Call of Duty games at the top of their lungs when they lost. Our walls were paper-thin so it was obnoxious 24/7. Oh, but that wasn't all. They also threw a pumpkin on the roof of my car, causing $3k worth of damage.

I finally got them to confess and basically gave him a "stern talking to” and told him I wasn't going to press charges as long as his insurance paid for it. Later that year, someone next door was flipping out about a video game and yelled something along the lines of "GODDANGIT HACKERS, EVERYONE IS CHEATING, WHAT THE HECK IS THIS, I HATE THIS GAME, BUNCH OF LOSERS AND CHEATERS".

This was very clear through my bedroom wall while I was studying, so I had a quick idea. After he got done with his tantrum, I said, "Sounds like you just suck at games, bro". I heard a crash of what sounded like a controller being banished to the shadow realm and then didn't hear anything from him for a month. It was glorious.

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22. In The Wrong Element

We had one person in our project group at university who wasn't pulling his weight. He would submit things translated from different languages that were not in English, he would submit them without any references, and he would never attend meetings. Looking back, he was probably just out of his element, but it didn't feel like he was even trying.

My group decided, on a day he didn't come to class, to purposefully avoid a meeting we had planned for right after, to tell him we had a very large test that day he had missed. We just sent some messages in the group chat saying, "That was a hard test," and, "Does anyone know how much that was weighted? I know I failed". One look at the course outline and you could see we had not had a test.

He dropped the class the next day.

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23. The Fender Bender

Had a neighbor a few houses down who kept to himself. One day he was turning onto our road, and I happened to be behind him. Some kids were cutting across his yard so he stopped to yell at them, and I couldn’t go around so I was stuck. He then started backing up, but I had only a little room before backing into a very busy road.

He then hit the front of my car and started yelling at me. I was maybe 18 at the time and was legitimately terrified. I was able to make it down the block to my house, called my mom and she encouraged me to make a report. The officer came, was super kind, and offered to go to the house of the man who hit me to get his insurance information.

Little did I know, it was about to get a lot more serious. The man refused to answer, and the officer made a report and called to check in later in the afternoon. That night, the neighbor ended up pounding violently on a few neighbors’ doors, presumably looking for me. Authorities were called and quite a few officers responded.

They could not find the man, so they had everyone on our street shelter in one place until they could find him.Officers ended up finding him hiding under a boat in his backyard. I don’t know if he was taken away or committed, but he never was back at his house and his family sold the house a few months later.

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24. A Violation Of Privacy

I was pretty immature as a 14-year-old, and I was also very much into computers at a time when they were just becoming popular. So, security, both in terms of services and people not knowing not to run random programs they get e-mailed, wasn't that great. I thought it would be funny to break into one of my friends' accounts.

I had both people's passwords and employee access to AOL, so I could tell what private chat rooms people were in when, usually, you could only know that they were in a private chat room. I was basically a virus. I read all their emails. It didn't take long to find out people's secrets if they used a computer. One day, one guy wouldn't stop making fun of me.

It was nothing serious, just the usual teasing among friends, but I pulled him aside and absolutely roasted him based on his private chat rooms. The dude was mortified.

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25. Someone Shut That Down!

A roommate did this ridiculous thing during midterms in college with an annoying video clip. She set it to loop for 14 hours at max volume on her laptop and hooked up speakers before leaving for the day. She'd locked it so I couldn't turn the noise off. She'd even thought to do something to disable the power button. So...I pulled the battery out.

I then waited 10 seconds, and put it back in. Blissful silence. Unfortunately, there was a lot of unsaved work on that laptop. I'm still stunned someone would plan to leave their work unsaved for hours but would think to change the power key to make it harder to stop the noise. She was randomly assigned and the only person I've ever known who has had their coworkers stage a surprise intervention at their home.

They all asked her why she was such a jerk and how this could change. It was seriously 15 people all trying to figure out how to get her to stop being so indiscriminately nasty.

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26. Stepped Away Unscathed

This guy in middle school would always walk by my desk and hit me in the back of the head with his textbook. I saw him running down the hallway chasing his friend and stuck my foot out. He tripped over it running full tilt and went flying into one of those metal dividers that they have between doors. I never expected to witness the horror that I did.

He shattered a ton of teeth and broke his nose. I quietly let myself out the side door. It was a semi-crowded hallway so nobody knew it was my fault.

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27. Leftover Clippings

My son had just come home from the hospital after an emergency appendectomy and another surgery after that to remove abscesses that had formed. He had a line in his neck and needed medicine through it every so often. I could hook the medicine up and leave it, and it usually took 30 minutes or so. So, one morning, I hooked a dose of medicine up and went to mow the front yard.

While mowing, some grass got on my neighbor's driveway, but as it was time to take the medicine off my son's line, I went inside to take care of that first. When I came back out to finish the grass and sweep the grass off of his driveway, my neighbor was already outside and upset that I had left grass on his driveway. I braced myself for the worst.

No matter how much I tried to explain what happened or the fact that I literally had a broom in my hand to sweep everything when I was done, he didn’t want to listen, and he kept talking over me. Here comes the petty part. He took a hose and hosed off the grass back into my yard. I watched the whole thing go down and then he looked all proud of himself afterward.

I said out loud, “Well, now I can’t even finish my yard because it’s wet”. He got so mad and said he was going to call the authorities, and I just went inside. Nothing ever came of it. He tries to be super friendly now, four-ish years later. His grandson and my son are friends, but I still will never forget what a jerk he was that one time.

Accidental jerkPexels

28. Talented At Revenge

My high school art teacher was snappy and very rude. Let's call her Mrs B. Mrs B also had her very own clique of "talented" students. Basically, if she didn't like your art, she didn't like you. That same energy was directed towards my friends and me. I didn't take too kindly to this. So, I joined her AP art class, which was a fast-track way to becoming one of her favorites.

Now, Mrs B had a habit of divulging all of her dirty laundry to her favorites because they were her “friends”. She was telling minors things that no student/child should know about their teacher, like the details of her divorce or how she was involved with a married man. I gathered all of these details from the last semester of my junior year of high school to the end of the first semester of my senior year.

This was when I told my Spanish teacher, Mrs J. Mrs J didn't like Mrs B, so the principal was obviously informed. By the end of the day, every teacher, student, and faculty member was told one way or another. Mrs B's reputation had been ruined and she was forced to resign. I have no regrets.

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29. The Spaces Are Filled

I used to live in a townhouse community. We had assigned parking—two parking spaces per unit. I only had one vehicle, so I only needed one space and didn't care if people parked in the extra spot I wasn't using. But then the neighbor across the street started using their two spots, and both of MY parking spots when they had guests over.

I'd be at the grocery store, come back, and this guy has his buddies in my parking spots, leaving me nowhere to park. I'd have to go over there and knock on the door and tell them to move, and, of course, they always took their good old sweet time going to move their cars. So finally I got sick of it. I came home and their guests had parked in both my spots again.

I just pulled my car horizontally right on up behind them so there was no way they could get out. I made it so they had to come knock on my door for a change when they were ready to leave, and I took my time getting out there to move my car. They didn't use my parking spots again after that.

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30. Someone His Own Size

This was over 20 years ago now, so I feel like I can talk about this. I actually genuinely still feel bad about this one. At the time, I had no remorse, but I’m older and wiser now. I was at school and this kid was pushing around the Indian children and calling them horrible names and saying he hates them. I’m half Indian, so I told him to push me around if he likes pushing Indians around.

He tried to push me, but I was quicker and more mobile than him, so I pushed him first, and hard. I wasn’t expecting him to fall down the stairs and break his arm. I saw him a little while ago and apologized. At the time, like I said, I felt no remorse, but I realized with age and maturity that I was no better than him really.

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31. No Contracts

We moved to a rural area, and our property had 40 acres of field that the closest neighbor rented from the widowed lady that sold us the house. So, we let him continue renting it the first year we were there, but he basically conned us by selling us a bunch of random services and old stuff he didn't need, deducting it from the annual rental payment along with some other things we didn't like quite so much.

So when we decided to make a formal contract the next year, he got mad because "we rely on word of mouth around here". So we got another one of our neighbors to rent it, who turned out to be much more normal and told us that no, everyone does contracts these days. So that worked out well for us. But "petty" must be our neighbor’s middle name.

Among other things, he "accidentally dropped" an enormous hay bale on our driveway, in the dark evening, that we could have easily crashed into coming home if we hadn't seen it.

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32. The Borrowed Book

Once in high school, my best friend borrowed a school book from me, because she wanted to copy the important pages and she couldn't find hers. After that, she told me she gave it back to me and that I just lost it somewhere. She definitely did NOT. Since it wasn't her problem, she didn't bother searching with me. Spoiler: I never saw that book again.

Fast forward a few weeks, exams were coming up. It's maybe three weeks before and I don't have a book to learn with. I remembered I was still mad that she lost my book. Under pressure, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I took her book out of her backpack and took it home. At first, I just wanted to copy the whole book and give it back without her noticing. Spoiler: I did not.

We didn't really have a good relationship then, because she would get mad at me for days and talk to me when she didn't understand something, and I was sick of it. To get to the point, she failed the exam. She started asking me about the book three days before the test. Apparently, she didn't notice it was missing for three whole weeks.

I still have mixed feelings about this and I kind of feel bad because I could have just bought a new one. She was kind of toxic at the end though.

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33. Pinching Underwear

I lived in a three-story apartment building on the middle floor. The bottom floor was basement apartments. It was a very quiet building, and a lot of people were older, and had lived there for 10 years or more. Then this weird creepy dude moved in below us. He would play music loud all night and I had to be up for work at 5 am.

He wouldn't answer the door so we couldn’t ask him to turn it down. So, I had to jump up and down until he heard it. He had angry people banging on his door screaming for hours. He'd be home but wouldn't answer. That's when some of the neighbors lost it. A woman ran out and poured nail polish all over his car.

His apartment was in the basement, but he had a huge window that was right next to the stairs to get in.He never closed the curtains and you would see directly down into his living room where he had built a swing with all kinds of kinky stuff hanging on it. Had to explain what it was to everyone that came over, even my mom.

Then one day an officer knocked on the door and he was holding about 20 pairs of women's underwear and asked me to pick out mine.  It was like three pairs, and the cop said to throw them away because the downstairs neighbor had been taking them out of the laundry room and wearing them. I guess the upstairs neighbor had walked into the building and saw her underwear hanging on the swing and reported it.

So, they took him in for wearing our underwear, and the landlord evicted him. When he got out, he was so mad he was getting evicted he went and bought a bunch of sand, covered his whole apartment in it, and turned the air conditioning all the way up. He was a nightmare neighbor.

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34. Best To The Worst

There was a co-worker who bought a new car when gas prices were high and he constantly bragged about how much money he was saving. He kept also saying how great his gas mileage was. A co-worker decided to play a cruel prank on him. Each day, he snuck out to the parking lot and secretly topped off his gas tank. He did it really consistently.

The daily bragging continued, and after about two weeks, we stopped secretly adding gas to his new car. Suddenly, he stopped bragging about his gas mileage and how much money he was saving. After another couple of weeks, we asked him for an update on the car. He told us he sold it because it was a terrible car and his gas mileage decreased drastically.

We never told him about the prank.

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35. Dog Lovers – Not!

One of our dogs will jump the chain-link fence to get to our front door from the backyard. He said we’d regret it next time it jumps the fence and touches his land. I had to remind him that we actually own that part of the land, and we'll just take out the fence and put it down to where his actual land starts and it would have been like he lost a large part of his yard.

He didn't say anything again about it. The neighbor behind us claimed one of our dogs bit his kid but our animal control, town PD, and a deputy all said it looks more like the kid was trying to climb into our yard and got cut up real bad, due to it being an older chain link fence with the sharp points at the top. That's when things took an even darker turn.

The dad kept threatening to poison all of our dogs. Thing is, he lets his pit bull run around unleashed and his kids just run through everyone's yards. I heard him talking tough to a friend of his on the phone about how he's going to come over here and I told him to mess around and find out. He stopped once we told him we'd sue him for everything he's got if one of our dogs ever got sick.

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36. Cost Of Bad Behavior

My older brother was being so rude to me one day, so I decided to hop on his GTA 5 and sell his custom cars. I tried to play dumb at first, but then he hit me with the, "You know what you did". I honestly still feel really bad about it. Also, this was on the Xbox 360 servers, so some of the cars were actually modded.

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37. Garbage Fight!

We had some neighbors that used to leave their garbage out in plastic bags the night before garbage day instead of putting it in a bin. Around here, that's just ringing the dinner bell for raccoons and other critters. Sure enough, come morning, there's garbage strewn all over the neighborhood. What the raccoons and skunks didn't spread around, the wind picked up the slack.

Some of the people on the street kindly approached the guy and asked him to put his garbage in a bin—but he gave them all the nastiest response. He told them in no kind words to shut it. Thus began the Garbage Wars. Every morning of garbage day, some people on my street would collect all the half-eaten and rotten trash from their lawns and toss it back into the dude's backyard.

He would collect it, then dump it back on their lawns. Or cram it into their bushes. People started finding half-eaten burritos and candy wrappers in their mailboxes. The street started to look like a slum. People were called. Health inspectors. City by-law enforcement. Each side was calling in whatever authority they could muster to get their enemy.

The dude and his family lasted about eight months, and then moved. Every once in a while, I find a random margarine lid or piece of styrofoam in my hedge, and my mind goes back to those dark days of garbage.

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38. Holding A Grudge

10 years ago, my neighbor’s garage band was jamming super loudly at around 9:30 pm. Typically it doesn’t bug me too much, but this time was different. On this particular night, they decided to open the garage door because it was a hot summer night and it was too hot. My one-year-old couldn’t sleep because of how loud they were, so I went over to ask if they could play quieter and shut the garage door.

Ever since, he's become a horrible neighbor. He hasn’t spoken to me in 10 years and is mean to my kids when he sees them. He is mean to an eight and 11-year-old because I asked him ten whole years ago to play their music quieter at 9:30 at night.

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39. Left In The Dust

I had a good friend in fifth grade that became popular pretty quickly and left me in the dust. I was shy, quiet, awkward, and jealous. There was one day that she brushed me off in a really embarrassing way, so I got angry. I snuck into the classroom during recess and wrote a nasty note about how awful she was and how nobody really liked her.

I disguised my handwriting and hid it in her desk. She found it next period and burst into tears and then showed the teacher. The teacher brought each person she suspected, based on handwriting and intent, out into the hall to have one-on-one conversations. I broke down and admitted it was me. I felt so bad the second my friend started to cry, and we barely spoke from that point on. I was a coward.

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40. We All Banded Together To Teach Him A Lesson

I had a student who, in the middle of his choir concert, started dancing and making an idiot of himself on the risers. He almost knocked another kid off the riser. During his band portion, he just repeatedly blasted his instrument, stood up, held it over his head, and dropped it on himself. I was amazed the band teacher didn't just stop and end it right there.

This kid was generally a goofy, lazy waste of space. He had no emotional issues, no social issues, no family problems—besides parents who enabled him—and was otherwise a C student. He would do the bare minimum on everything and whenever he could, he would disturb other people and would make everything a joke about himself.

We played the concert video in class, and all the kids in our room saw him messing around during their concert. These kids worked so hard to be pros at what they did and this kid was up there being a jerk. They ganged up on him. They criticized him, called him names, and said they weren't going to be his friend—all the worst things that happen to a kid in the sixth grade.

They then spent the day entirely ignoring everything to do with him. If he went to play kickball, they went to do chalk. If he went to get food from the lunch line, they all left the line to sit down. At the end of the day, the kids had to write about their day in their journals. I gave him 15 minutes to write and then had my co-teacher take over.

I took him to the office, put him on the speakerphone in the principal's office and watched him cry as he read about his terrible day to his mom. When his mom came to pick him up we had a team of teachers, administrators, other staff, and the students’ journals which all mentioned his poor behavior at the concert. The teachers and I all smiled while his mom cried as we read her those reflections.

Her end thought was to have him put in remedial classes and pulled from all clubs.

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41. Sorting Bins

I lived in an apartment, and we shared our trash cans with everyone in the building. Someone, and we still don't know who it was, would go through the trash and take out envelopes from letters that were sent to people living in the building. They were so angry about people not putting them in the can for paper that they took every single one with a name on it and put it in that person's mailbox. Dirty paper from a trash can.

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42. Rehashing Old Wounds

Once it was my turn to clean the house. My sister and I would take turns. So, I was doing it, but I had a specific order to do the tasks. I would do everything anyway, but would always leave wiping the floor for last. This time, the kitchen's floor was nasty and my sister wanted me to wipe it that very moment while I was busy cleaning our room.

She really wanted to go in there and cook something for herself. I refused, and we started to argue, and she got physically violent. I deeply regretted what came next. So, I said, "If you want it clean that much, do it yourself! Maybe you can get something right". She started crying because the day before, when it was her turn, my mom came from work and my sister had done a poor job with the cleaning, so my mom fought with her.

I felt bad when I saw her crying.

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43. A Copycat

My neighbor had a large dog that hated my older, smaller dog. One day, her dog ran into my yard and bit my dog. She apologized, and it did not happen again. Then, she dumped her lawn clippings into my backyard. Had to ask her to stop and clean up her mess. She also decided to build a fence. No survey. So, I paid for a survey of my property.

She started building her fence three feet over on my property. I had her stop and remove the fence. She was angry and never rebuilt it. I painted my house. She painted her house the same color. I bought a new car. She bought a new car—same color, same configuration. It was all very odd.

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44. They Deserved It

I’ve never told a single soul this…Not my husband, my best friend, or even my therapist. So for some background to the story, something really horrible happened to me when I was only 15. I only told my two best friends at the time what had happened and one of them told me I deserved it. Keep in mind, this was my BEST FRIEND. She had been for years.

They tore me down so emotionally for months and even years after. They had me convinced that I was damaged goods and that no one would ever love me. We fell out of touch once they left for college. I tamped down my hatred and went about my life. YEARS later, I mean, well into my 20s, something in me finally snapped—and I was bound and determined to get revenge.

So, I shipped them poop. Literal poop. I found their address online and anonymously had a box of horse and elephant poop shipped to their home. I paid extra to have it covered in confetti and made it look like a cupcake. Well, their toddler decided to play in it. It made a mess of themselves and the kitchen. I guess it was so bad they hired a professional to come clean it up.

How do I know this? A relative of mine goes to the same church as my ex best friend's mom! She told my relative at the church and that’s how I found out. I felt, and still feel, horribly guilty.

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45. Grrr…

My upstairs neighbor was peeved that I contacted the office about him and his really loud wife. I had no contact with them directly. So, this grown man waited until I took my 15-year-old, blind, cancer-fighting dog outside to relieve himself, and he came out to loudly bark and growl at my dog to scare him since he couldn’t see. Luckily, my dog didn’t care, but what a petty thing to do.

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46. Right Off The Walk

First, let me just say I was a very angry young man in high school. I'm no longer so angry. I'm not sure why, but this one kid seemed to have fun pushing people off the walk in the outdoor hallways in between periods. He'd wait until just before the bell rang and then push you right into a mud puddle. He got me twice. I noticed that this guy walked to school, like myself.

We went in opposite directions, but I knew his neighborhood and I knew the path he'd have to take. I waited for him to come around the corner—and then gave him a taste of his own medicine. I shoved him to the ground and whispered something threatening in his ear. I think I really scared him, but he avoided me at school after that and I saw less and less of him until one day I realized I just didn't see him around at all anymore.

I'm not quite sure what I intended beyond getting him to stop messing with me, but I suspect I did way more than that.

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47. The Worst Of The Renters

The neighbors to my immediate left are always renting out their house. The renters never stay very long, and they're not always what I would call upstanding citizens. One particular renter stands out, though. They had this terrible old yellow Grand Prius that they parked in one of our parking spaces, and left it there. We tried six times to ask them nicely to move it.

The seventh time, my dad had it towed, and the bill sent to the renters. They were furious and threatened to hurt our outdoor cats. They moved pretty quickly after that.

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48. A Small Bit Of Encouragement

In high school, a buddy jumped onto the hood of my car as I was heading towards the exit of the parking lot. I asked him to get off, but he demanded a ride to his car. I obliged, but I stopped rather abruptly to "encourage" him off of my hood. He broke his arm on the landing. I still feel bad about that one, and this was back in 1998 or 1999.

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49. Up In Smoke

This happened years ago at my old apartment complex. My downstairs neighbor had a grill that they set up directly underneath our window, and when they grilled, the smoke would get into our house when the window was open. It was terrible. So, I politely asked if they could move their grill further away. They moved it—but then did something absolutely diabolical.

They set up a fan to move the smoke in my window’s direction. That really got me steaming but the breaking point was when they were having a party. I went to close my window, and the wife started shouting "That's right! Close your window!". Okay, you started it. I noticed their car had a paper license plate for several months that looked like it was printed out of computer paper and I could tell it was faked, so I reported it.

I expected them to get a ticket for not having registration and that would've been fine. Guess what? An officer comes by and finds that it's a stolen vehicle. One patrol car turns to three cars, and they arrest the husband and CPS takes their kids because they found substances in the house. All because of a grill!

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50. When He Was Away, The Class Got To Play

There was a kid in my class who would purposefully do things to hurt other kids emotionally. He constantly lied—including to his mother—in front of my face. When he was called out on it, the mom laughed. She always defended his behavior. In my many years of teaching, he was the only child I had ever remotely come close to hating. And so I got a little petty.

After several months of his awfulness, I started waiting for the days when he was absent to do any extra special lessons and activities that were extremely fun, so that he would miss out on them. Then when he would come in the next day, I would have the kids write in their journals what they learned about, and what they enjoyed about the activity, just so he would know he missed it.

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51. Good And Proper

When I was at school, everyone was running around and back-handing people in the groin. I never got involved because I don’t leave stuff once it starts. Someone got me and I got them back. I told them we were even and to leave it alone. He didn’t. He got me good and proper. I ran after him. As he turned around to face me, I hopped, skipped, jumped, and hoofed my kicker boot into his bollocks and basically made them disappear.

He dropped to the floor, had to go to the hospital, and have a circumcision performed due to his bell-end swelling up so much.

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52. I Couldn’t Stomach It

I taught martial arts when I was 17. Most of the students were between the ages of seven and 12, but there was this one older kid who was about 15–16. He would always use his age to harass the younger students. Not outright, but he would always assert his dominance over them in class, instead of leading them by example. He never talked back to me or anything but would always look at me like he thought he could take me on.

In a sparring session, I tried to have him partner with a newer student and play a defensive role. I thought he could control himself better than a nine-year-old could and give the new student some confidence to fight. I was wrong, and he knocked the poor kid flat. I ended the match and told him his next partner would be me. Let the games begin.

I then told him he could fight however he wanted within the rules of an official tournament match,  despite the fact I wasn't wearing any protective gear besides gloves. He didn't land a single hit and the fight ended with me hitting him in the stomach hard enough to knock the wind out of him. I talked to him after class to make sure the message got through, and it did.

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53. Middle School Madness

Back in middle school, me and this girl would always pull pranks on each other. The day before I sought revenge, she splashed water on me. I really wanted to get back at her. I found out that she really hates it when people talk about bugs during lunch. So, I got two of my homies on board and sat near her and talked about bugs, including frying them, eating them, and more.

It was just to get on her nerves. As it turns out, she REALLY doesn't like them. She went outside and vomited a little. I apologized because I actually felt really bad. She also didn't tell the teacher, because we had a silent agreement that unless the prank got too bad, we wouldn't rat each other out. Those were some fun days.

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54. What Happens To Me, Happens To You

Somehow, in school, someone pulled my personal diary out of a bag and took it to our headmaster. The master read it to my guardian over the phone, then tore it into small pieces and threw it away. According to her, she did it because there were a lot of mats. Well, two could play that game. During the break, I just went in and tore up all the notebooks that were on her desk and poured the contents of the trash can on her desk.

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55. I Took A Bite Out Of This Problem

I had a girl in my class who was just awful. She was mean, manipulative, and a huge antagonizer. She was always the first to accuse other kids of not being fair if they didn't do what she wanted. One day, we ended up with an extra snack, and she wanted it. She kept saying it wasn't fair not to give kids who wanted extra the leftovers.

So, I told her fine. I asked the whole class who wanted extra, and of course, everyone said yes. I divided it into tiny bites and made sure every kid got one. She was furious but it was worth the tantrum she threw when I gave her a single bite of that snack. No other kid complained.

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56. The Joke Was On Him

I was a teaching assistant, and we had a student who was a class A pain. He was being a scrawny nuisance and made some "yo momma" style joke. So, I turned to manipulation. I said my momma had passed,  pretended to tear up, and walked out. I spent the whole day ignoring him, trying my hardest to look upset at every turn. Right at the end of the day, his friends came over and said that he was sorry and scared.

I told them I didn’t care. As I was leaving, I saw the student.  He was clearly upset and came over and apologized to me in person.

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57. The Best Revenge Is No Revenge

As a wise old lady I used to work for once told me, "The best revenge is no revenge". She thought it was best to make them think you're going to utterly embarrass them and actually do nothing. One of two things will happen: nothing, or they will have a full-blown panic attack. I used this once on a former friend who tried to coerce my wife into sleeping with him.

By the way, my wife wouldn't give this fool the time of day. I let him know I knew about the scenario and told him I was coming for him. He literally and legitimately had a full-blown mental breakdown. I sat back and did nothing. Part of me feels bad for damaging him psychologically, part of me doesn't. So, I don’t know how to feel anymore other than relief he is out of my life.

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58. Rough And Wild

My brother is seven years older than me. He was always way too rough and wild with me. One time, when I was six and he was 13, we were playing some game called cop and robber. I was the cop and thought, “Now I’M the boss!” So, I took that opportunity to put him in lockup, which was in the basement, by hitting him square in the back from the top of the stairs.

He had to jump to catch himself so he didn’t break his neck. His foot hurt for several days, but my mom told him to walk it off. Yes…he broke his foot. I still feel bad about it.

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59. Always Say No

I systematically destroyed a girl who keyed my car and slashed my tires. She cheated with my best friend's boyfriend. I told her boyfriend about it. I also got her on video admitting to it, including keying my car and slashing my tires. I then had her incarcerated and I informed her employer. Well, but I didn't stop there. I ended up getting a restraining order too.

So, on top of all of the above, she also got evicted since we lived in the same building. She came screaming at me in public, so I pressed charges. Because she shoved me on camera and at a coffee shop, after I had that restraining order, she got time in lock-up. I pretty much just pushed for consequences to her actions. When asked if I would accept lesser charges for her, I said no.

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60. Lessons To Be Learned

​​I was in JROTC in high school. I was in my third year and had gained some credit with some of the recruiters that would come to the high school. We had this one kid, who I will just call Chad, who was always making threats. He would say, “I will beat you up because I'm bigger than you”. He was the kind of jock that would refuse to listen to anything we would tell him to do.

He was also incredibly mean which hit me personally since I was a bullied kid all through school and JROTC really helped me through some tough times. Chad was assigned to my classroom and I was his squad leader. Bear in mind, JROTC doesn't mean we can do things like make them do push-ups whenever, but when we would do certain drills, the teachers would give us some leeway.

I was always very fair with everyone in my squad. You didn't get punished until you actually messed up. Chad decides he wouldn't listen to me or any advice on how to march better. He kept threatening to beat me up, and so on. This went on for several weeks, and then I discovered he had signed on with one of the recruiters.

I asked a few questions about what he thought of Chad, and he had a very high opinion of him and thought he would do very well. I knew where the recruiters parked, which gave a nice full view of where we would do drills. So, I asked the recruiter to just sit in his car and watch during the time when I would be leading drills that day.

Needless to say, Chad did what he always did. He slacked off and was wildly arrogant with me just because I was smaller. Afterwards, I learned that not only the recruiter wouldn't sign him, but the entire office he worked in wouldn't. He would have had to go to the next town over after he graduated to find a recruiter that would give him the time of day.

Even then, he would have to explain why his local one wouldn't take him. I earned a reputation after that whenever kids had issues with arrogant guys because I found ways to make them pay for it long-term without throwing a punch. I don't really feel bad about it. If you're joining JROTC, be ready to take orders from someone smaller than you even if you don't like it.

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61. Snipping With Safety Scissors

This is a story my mom would never let me live down, even though I was still quite young at the time and barely remember it. For context: I was always a really quiet, nice, and polite kid. One day in daycare, me and the other kids were all doing some arts and crafts, and I asked the girl next to me to pass me a certain crayon.

According to the workers at the daycare, she was apparently quite mean in telling me "no". So, apparently after a moment's silence, I just grabbed the nearest safety scissors and just snipped off a bit of her hair. Then, I just grabbed the crayon and went on like nothing happened, while she sat there in shock. I still don't know what came over me that day.

My mom always tells me that she got a call that day from the workers, who were trying hard not to laugh when they told her that I just casually, and out of nowhere, cut this girl's hair like it was nothing. In hindsight, it wasn't really funny, but I guess the juxtaposition of that behavior coming from me was surprising. I do feel bad about it though.

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62. Pointing Out Insecurities

When I was a very young kid, probably in first or second grade, my mom was helping me with homework. It was just spelling and handwriting exercises, but we were both tired and frustrated. I was being difficult on purpose, and she snapped at me and said something along the lines of, “You need to do this homework so your handwriting gets better”.

In my kid brain, I interpreted that as her telling me I was stupid. I snapped back, “At least I don’t have a bunch of pimples on my face”. At that moment, it felt like a big comeback...but I was so wrong. My mom had severe hormonal acne after she had my little sister, and it didn’t end up going away until more than a decade later. It was her biggest insecurity.

Yeah, that was the first time I ever saw my mom cry like that. I just got this horrible sinking feeling, and I think it was the first time I realized that adults had real emotions and weren’t just detached, godlike figures. It still breaks my heart to this day.

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63. The Whole Nine Yards

I got tired of a classmate who would cheat by looking at my test. He was sort of a terrible kid, but I wasn’t a good target because I would fight back. I noticed that his math grades improved while sitting next to me and realized why…so during the next test, I just wrote all kinds of wrong answers. VERY wrong answers. He should have known they weren’t right.

But, he just jumped up and turned in his test. I smiled at him and erased all of my answers and wrote the correct ones. He got ZERO, and the teacher knew then something was up. He was subsequently made to do his tests alone in the corner of the room. His parents were called and they went the whole nine yards. I think he had to even repeat the class.

I sort of felt bad that he got busted, but fifth grade me was mean enough not to let it bother me for long.

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64. Up For Sale

I bought a house from my father-in-law’s best friend. It was maybe $20,000, in the worst part of the state and I was 22 years old. He screwed me over. The house was so messed up. There were addicts who came and stole my tools and whatever I bought. The amount they stole was way more than what the house was worth. They screwed me over for about $45,000 in total.

I knew he messed around with me. He has a family with three kids and a good reputation. I pretended to be an escort and messaged him on Facebook. It made it completely clear that he was being inappropriate, wanted it, and was willing to pay. I set up a meeting spot in a hotel, but never showed up. I showed everything to his wife via Facebook. She saw it, and only said thanks.

They are still together. I feel bad sometimes, but not too bad though.

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65. Car Wash Cry

Two of my friends had crushes on me in high school and drew on my car in a paint pen as a way of just being flirty and funny. I had really bad social anxiety and depression at the time and convinced myself that they were doing it to set me up or mock me, so I told them to never do anything like that again and I took my car to the car wash that day.

I was a lot meaner than this makes it sound. I’m pretty sure I made them both angry and cry. I never apologized to them because I hadn't grown up enough to understand my own emotions before graduating. I never saw either of them after graduating, but even if I did see them, apologizing wouldn't be for them. It would be for me. That makes it almost more selfish to apologize this many years later if I ever do see them.

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66. A Strange Coping Mechanism

I had a "friend" in high school that liked to poach other girls’ boyfriends if they did her wrong, even minorly. I'm not sure where she got the idea that we were best friends, but she just wouldn't stop telling me about her escapades. She slept with a friend's boyfriend and I just went off the deep end. I went on the school's student website and just put it all out there.

I posted who she had slept with, who she had her sights set on, and all of the things she was saying about everyone. She lasted two weeks before she left the school. I later learned she had been committed for a breakdown. I guess she had an undiagnosed mental illness and bad home life, so her coping mechanism was this type of gratification. We're Facebook friends now. She's doing really well.

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67. Should’ve Moved On

When I was in my late teens, I was newly involved with a girl who cheated on me. So, I went out of my way to get involved with her childhood best friend. I ended up hurting both of them, and permanently ending their relationship as far as I know. I've always seriously regretted the whole thing because it was so unnecessary and immature of me to act like that when I should have just let it go and moved on.

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68. Count Of Monte Cristo Moment

In fourth grade, during indoor recess, I unlocked my teacher's desk and another group of students went through her desk. A girl ratted me out and I got a week of detention. I was incredibly sad. Three years later, this person ended up in front of me in one of my classes and I noticed she would cheat on her tests by leaving a study sheet just on the floor.

After class one day, I went to the teacher and explained that wink, wink, he should watch for people cheating extra carefully next time we had a test. Sure enough, the next time we had a test, he found her study sheet just laying there, and she started crying. That was my Count of Monte Cristo moment.

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69. Close For Comfort

One of my best friends was flirting with my girlfriend at the time and she broke up with me to date him. I was in pretty bad shape because of that breakup. The truly messed up thing is that they kept sending me screen captures of their messages to each other. The guy even called me sometimes to tease me for some reason.

But, I kept them close, talking to them and all…until they inevitably broke up. They all find me to talk about it, and I just put more salt in their wounds. One day, I saw my ex was absolutely miserable. She looked like she was up all night crying. I admit I was pretty petty back then, but it did make me feel much better afterward.

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70. Revenge With A Rumor

A buddy of mine, who was kind of privileged, was going to a high-profile NBA game with his dad, and he was bragging about it nonstop like he always did. The game was on national TV, so the next day, I told a few people to tell him we all saw him on TV and that he was picking his nose. The rumor spread like wildfire and to this day people still remember the time he was "on TV picking his nose".

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71. Out In The Open

I came out of a bleak depression after my sophomore year of high school. My "friend," the leader of my clique, didn't like my newfound confidence, so he bullied me relentlessly and made up things I said to the rest of the friend group. I lost all my friends and went back into a depression. I outed him as gay, which was the only weapon I had.

I caused him to get bullied and beaten up. I don't feel bad about him being bullied or beaten up. He deserved it. What I feel bad about is that series of events led to his beard being outed as a lesbian. She didn't do many things wrong and it caused her tremendous problems at home. The man who sets out on the path of revenge must dig two graves first.

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72. Returning The Favor

I was such a dumb kid! My older sister had recently learned what a spit take was and took the opportunity to show me, spraying unsuspecting young me with water and spit in the process. I tried to return the favor, but I was too young to understand how she got the water to spray into a mist. Instead, I spat a full mouthful of water Squirtle style all over her.

She was laying down so went straight up her nose and sent her into a coughing fit! I regretted it the second the water left my mouth.

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73. Swiped And Stuffed

In sixth grade, this kid had a really nice pencil. I wanted it. I didn’t really have a huge problem with the kid, other than that I found him annoying at times. It was perfectly sharpened with a perfect eraser. It was just an ordinary number 2 pencil, just really nice. In the middle of class, he left the room to go to the bathroom, and when no one was looking, I swiped the pencil off his desk and stuffed it in my backpack.

The kid got back, and was very bummed out that his good pencil had vanished. He looked everywhere, but couldn’t find it. I felt very guilty. After about five minutes or so of him looking, I grabbed the pencil from my bag and put it on the floor under his chair while nobody was looking. I pointed it out to him, and he was as happy as a clam that I found his pencil.

Even though I technically gave him back the pencil, I still feel guilty about it to this day.

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74. Deeper Than Detention

I was in elementary school and rode my bike to school every day. One day, in the bike lock area, I had another student approach me carrying his bike chain. He was pretending to be tough and made some vague threats towards me about hitting me with his bike chain. I retaliated by informing my teacher of the incident and we were both called to the principal's office.

I was asked to tell my side and I told the principal how the kid threatened to hit me with his bike chain. Apparently, he had been having behavioral issues leading up to this, and because of this interaction, he was being expelled. This was way more than I expected. I was hoping for detention or some after-school hours, not full expulsion. I never saw him again. I still feel bad to this day.

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75. Not In The Budget

My office chair broke, so I requisitioned a new one at work. It was about $400 and ergonomic. It was the same chair the general manager has. The guy who ordered the chair for me decided I didn't need an expensive office chair and just got me the same chair that had been hurting my back for two years. He said it wasn't in the budget.

A year or so later, this same guy decides he needs a laptop to do his job instead of a desktop. I got a perfect revenge. So, I ordered him a Dell Mini Netbook. I told him the MacBook Pro he wanted wasn't in the budget.

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76. The Best Money Ever Spent

My college girlfriend came into a substantial inheritance and dumped me because she didn't see any financial potential in me. She also didn't want me coming near any of the money she'd just received. About five years later, we ran into each other. For reasons beyond the scope of this story, I happened to have over $4,000 cash in my wallet.

She came up to say hi and tried to chit-chat with me. I cut her off, took a hundred-dollar bill out of my wallet, crumpled it up, threw it at her, and said, "Hey, great to see you, but I don't have time for small talk. Here. Go get yourself some lunch". The look on her face made that the best hundred bucks I ever spent.

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77. Staying Vindictive Forever

My cousin has always been very stubborn, and loves to get back at people. She discovered, through her mom, that her grandmother called her "vindictive". To get back at her, she had it tattooed across her back…Needless to say, I don't speak with this cousin anymore. She’s kind of a menace to society at this point.

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78. Revenged Reinforced

When I was in high school, I was small for my age and this kid was always picking on me. One day, I had enough and when he was running down the hall to the door outside I tripped him. He fell and went through the bottom wire-reinforced pane of the door and cut his arm and face. I felt horrible.

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79. A Little Too Far

My sister was being rude to me as a kid. So, when I next gave her a glass of milk, I put some kernels of corn in it, thinking it would gross her out. It didn't. It choked her. Cut to me giving my kid sister the Heimlich, and apologizing for years after.

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80. The Shampoo Swap Out

My housemate got upset because our other housemate was supposedly using her shampoo. In revenge, she swapped the contents of the shampoo bottle with…Hair removal cream. I was aghast when she told me what she’d done, but by then it was too late.

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81. An Immaculate Driveway

As a kid, I lived on a tiny end street with limited parking and very few driveways. So, everyone had to pay for a parking permit if they wanted to park on the street. But there was an older gentleman at the corner who had a driveway that could easily fit four cars. He repaved it every year and hosed it down every day in the summer.

And he also paid to take the only extra spot on the street. Not once did he park in that driveway, but he also yelled and chased the kids away if he saw any of them walking onto it. He was a very strange man. As kids, we got our own form of revenge. I remember my friends and I taking one of his zucchinis in retaliation. So, I suppose the pettiness went both ways.

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82. Just For The Worst Of Enemies

One time, my brother poked my sides while I was washing dishes. I retaliated by donkey-kicking his groin with all my force. I’d never done that to anybody before and I learned to only do that to my worst enemies.

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83. Hurting For Cash

In third grade, this guy, maybe two years older than me, shot me in the eye with a rubber band. Needless to say, I stole forty smackers from him and bought the sweetest legos EVER.

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84. A Sisterly Spill

A girl at school kept telling her friends that my sister was sleeping around. No way was I about to let her get away with that. So, I "accidentally" spilled chili on her new shirt. It turns out her gram had just died, and they had gone shopping for that shirt together the week before, making it the last thing she ever gave her.

She was out of school for about a month for personal stuff. I do feel bad about it because my sister was actually sleeping around.

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85. Cocky To Crying

I told the girl who was being rude to me and my friend that her divorcing parents weren't arguing about who got to keep her, they were arguing about who HAD to keep her because she was such a nasty, horrible person. I didn't know anything about her home life other than that her parents were getting divorced, but what I said clearly struck a nerve because I have never seen anyone go so fast from cocky and mouthing off to a crumpled wreck crying.

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86. The Superficial Cheater

Back in 2004 when I was 25, a guy I was dating cheated on me multiple times. When I found out, he tried to make it seem like it was my fault he cheated because I put on 15 lbs. Meanwhile, I had to take steroids for Lyme disease, resulting in my weight gain. I was so angry that I went a little too far. I posted his phone number on the men seeking men section on Craigslist.

Our mutual friend said he received so many calls when he was at work that he got fired.

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87. Never Forget

I’m the only child of a single parent here. We moved a lot. I went to grammar school for a year with a kid who made my life miserable. We moved away. Eventually, we moved back to the area for eighth grade. My math teacher paired me with a kid who wasn’t doing well. It was my former nemesis. He didn’t remember me. It was time for some serious payback.

I intentionally taught him incorrectly. He ended up failing eighth-grade math and didn’t advance to high school with everyone else.

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88. The Bride Wore Blue

Last summer I was at a cousin's wedding. His bride and her family had been close with ours since before I was born, and the couple had known each other since they were toddlers, so it was a particularly exciting event for both sides of the family. However, after the ceremony was over and the party had only just started, one of the bridesmaids decided to announce her own engagement.

The attention was immediately taken away from the newlyweds and brought to the bridesmaid (who I'll call Sarah) and her equally-smug fiancé. My cousin's wife (I'll call her Emma) didn't make a scene or utter a single negative word about Sarah. She looked like she was on the verge of tears, but she kept grinning and acted very happy for the other couple.

This was unusual, as Emma is typically quite confrontational and speaks her mind no matter the consequences. This was a warning sign. Sarah later picked Emma to be the maid of honor at her own wedding, which took place last weekend. I wasn't there for it, but my cousin sent me some of the best bits on snapchat and explained the whole situation. This is where the fun begins.

Emma's two much-younger sisters were the flower girls at Sarah's wedding. At the very last moment, Emma switched out the white petals in their baskets to blue ones she had secretly brought with her. She told her sisters not to say anything about it or let the bride see them until it was time to scatter them down the aisle. Sarah looked very confused upon seeing the blue petals (which didn't coordinate whatsoever with her theme), but of course she didn't say anything about it in the moment.

Most of Sarah's other bridesmaids were also Emma's friends, had attended Emma's wedding, and were in on Emma's scheme. At the reception, Emma's sisters and the other bridesmaids were tight-lipped when Sarah began demanding to know why there were blue petals. The wedding planner ended up getting a lot of flack for not checking the flower girls' baskets before they walked down the aisle.

Finally, it was time for the speeches. The speeches took place in front of a massive screen, displaying a loop of photos with Sarah and her husband, which had been compiled by Emma. Emma took the remote that controlled the presentation screen and at first she showed some pre-approved humorous photos of Sarah with Emma and other friends to facilitate a couple of light-hearted jokes.

Then, at the very end, Emma said to Sarah that she must be wondering why there were blue petals instead of the white ones originally planned. That was when Emma displayed the last slide from her presentation, and jaws dropped. Emma announced in front of everyone that she was five months pregnant, and that she'd just discovered the baby was a boy, hence the blue petals. The last slide? Her ultrasound picture.

There were shocked yells and gasps, Sarah had a fit, but those involved in the scheme cheered so loudly that I sincerely regret watching the Snapchat recordings with headphones. Apparently, Sarah had been very nasty to her bridesmaids before, driving several of them away and forcing the others to pay ridiculous amounts of money for dresses.

Emma and my cousin were eventually thrown out of the party, but they were all smiles. Sarah's fuming mother went to confront her outside, and Emma retorted with, "Gentle, gentle! I'm pregnant!" I reckon Sarah doesn't speak to the majority of those bridesmaids anymore.

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89. The Cost Of Cheating

We dated for four years and had what I thought was a great relationship. We were both well-established professionals who both owned homes in the same neighborhood and both had daughters in the home. Her daughter was 11, and mine was 16 when we met. We had actually planned to get married, build a house, and raise the two together.

We planned the house build because she had recently been diagnosed with a neurological illness that would eventually put her in a wheelchair, and needed something disability-friendly. During the planning stages, I began doing landscape and construction projects on her home to increase the resale value. All in, I invested roughly $30K into the home, running everything through my side construction business for tax, permitting, and resale purposes.

We had a contract that "payment" would be made upon the sale of the home. I produced invoices for each and every project, but never pushed for payment because of the prior agreement. Fast forward six months, we're looking at property to develop and finalizing drawings on the home when I began feeling ill. I couldn't eat, constantly vomiting and passing blood.

I began noticing that my abdomen looked swollen, which was odd because we were both very clean eaters and were in the gym every day. So I went to the doctor and began having tests done. During this time, she began having small cognitive issues, and the stress of her current position was exacerbating her condition, so she took a $20K per anum cut in pay along with a lesser position inside the company.

After a month or so of different tests, and a biopsy, it came back that I had a golf ball-sized tumor in my stomach, and would need to begin chemotherapy. So I began chemo and radiation treatments, which made me, expectedly so, extremely ill. She was spending time helping around my place on the weekends and staying over more, to the point that both her and her daughter were at my home more than theirs.

At this point, I suggested that we go ahead and put one of our houses on the market, and move in together until the new house was built. I have great supplemental insurance as well as a long-term health plan, so using that coupled with the sale of one of our houses would push us through comfortably, and help ease the financial stress on her. This backfired on me horribly.

Shortly after this discussion, she became extremely distant. Her daughter wasn't coming down and hanging out with mine anymore, and she had excuses for not getting together. She quit driving me to treatments and stopped staying over. She then dropped the truth. A sentence that will forever be burned into my psyche: "I love you, but I can't see myself taking care of someone this sick in the long-term, and I don't think we should see each other any longer".

A. TEXT. It broke me. I won't lie. This was the first woman I had ever opened up to and planned a life with since my wife passed when my children were 1 and 3. However, I tried to be mature about it. I forced myself to understand her position and to accept what I could not change. I calmly, the next day, gathered all of her things, packed them neatly, loaded them in my truck, and took them to her house to leave on the back porch while she was at work, in order to avoid any awkward exchanges.

Walking around the back and under the porch cover, I sat down on a box, and saw her in her back living room. I wish I could unsee what came next. She was there getting it on with a man that she had introduced to me as a life-long friend. I had once had dinner and drinks with this man and his girlfriend. We had gone on vacation with them as well.

I never spoke of the incident with her, and simply sent her a text later, explaining that I would leave her things on my side porch to pick up at her convenience. I discovered eight or nine months later from his now ex-girlfriend that they had broken up due to him confessing that he had been sleeping with my partner, dating back to about the time we were finishing drawings on the new home.

Now I’m angry. Revenge time. At this point, I had finished chemo and radiation for the time being and was feeling healthier. I was going through some much-neglected paperwork when I ran across the file that contained $32,680.00 in unpaid, long overdue invoices, which were promptly sent to my attorney to begin lien proceedings on the home.

It turns out that I couldn't have done this a moment too soon because she was set to put her house on the market. Coupled with interest over the course of, what was then, 19 months overdue, the invoices were hefty. That, along with the agreement of settling them when the house was sold and attorney fees, left her with roughly $10K after the sale of the home and settling her current mortgage.

She promptly had to back out of the purchase of another home and moved in with her oldest daughter and two grandchildren. She also had to leave her job and begin receiving disability. I ran into her a little over a year ago, and she looked as if she had aged 20 years, and was in the wheelchair we had talked about. We chatted cordially but briefly and I excused myself and went on with my day.

A few days later, her younger daughter called me and spoke of my running into her mom, and could we hang out sometime. I gave a vague answer, thanked her for calling and again, went on with my day. The ex then called me a week or so later, and began apologizing for leaving me as she did. Again, cordial but short, I thanked her for calling and hung up.

She began texting, and this went on for several weeks until once she asked if I could ever see us rekindling what we had, to which I replied: "I can't see myself taking care of someone so sick in the long-term. Remember the box on your back porch? Did you think that (life-long friend) brought that over to you from my house? Good luck to you. Goodbye".

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90. A Shocking Turn of Events

This is the story of how I learned to always, ALWAYS watch DVDs before playing them in front of clients. I'm a lawyer who specializes in wills. For one case, a man who passed fairly young left absolutely everything to his 26-year-old stepdaughter, which was quite a lot of money and property. The two ex-wives and his children from the first marriage got nothing, nor did siblings, nieces, nephews, etc.

The will specified that a DVD be played to explain why the stepdaughter was getting everything. Like everyone else, I thought it'd be the guy explaining the big "screw you" to the rest of the family. What followed was completely unexpected. It was a hidden camera recording of the guy and his stepdaughter going wild in bed together.

The video started in mid-action, with her screaming "yes oh god yes!" It had obviously been edited to start with maximum shock value, and it worked, because it took about 30 seconds for me to recover enough to turn the thing off. It was definitely the biggest "holy moly" moment of my career. I later learned that the guy and his stepdaughter had a relationship since she was a teen, all the way to when he passed (when she was 26).

Apparently, though this is second-hand and I can't confirm, there were multiple clips of various video bits through the ages on the DVD. At the end of the DVD, the guy explains that the stepdaughter gets everything because she'd been "the best lay of his life". The worst part was that the will specified that I was to give every single family member their own copy of the DVD.

The copies had been kept in a box and had been distributed prior to the showing, so everyone had "The Best Moments Of" in their hands, at the time the DVD was playing.

Epilogue: the family sued and lost, believe it or not. The girl got to keep everything.

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91. The Mother Of All Pettiness

I had my graduation from engineering on the same day as my mother's birthday. I, of course, had nothing to do with choosing the date. But you couldn’t convince my mom of that. My mother said I "ruined her birthday"—and then she got a cruel revenge. She scheduled her birthday party to be on my actual birthday. Her birthday is in March, mine is in August.

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92. Sign Your Work

My ex cheated on me while I was deployed. She wound up getting engaged to the guy. Before I changed duty stations, she reached out to say goodbye. We hooked up. While she was asleep, I found his underwear drawer and left a note that said, “Cheaters cheat. By the way, I didn’t use protection”. I signed it. Hard not to think fondly on that memory…

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93. Keep Your Friends Close…

I suspected that my wife was cheating on me with a co-worker. I confronted both who responded by calling me a jealous husband. They were just best friends and I needed to understand that. So, I befriended him, became his workout partner, and learned everything I could about him. I’d even invited him to my dinner table.

Physical revenge was often considered, but neither he nor she was worth me spending a life sentence in prison for. I played dumb. He was a bodybuilder and taking steroids. He wasn't incredibly smart and had just barely gotten through college. And he was working minimum pay jobs while he worked towards his true desire.

He was applying for the firefighter school in our major metro city. If accepted, it would be a lifetime job for him and a career he’d wanted since he was young. He talked often during our workout sessions about how much it meant to him. I have had countless EMS and fire department contacts through my healthcare career.

He also knew I was knowledgeable about medicine. After he started to ask questions about steroids, I made sure to give him just enough info to have him want to ask me more. I then made sure he started emailing me his steroid questions. Ironically, he used an account that even had his full name in the address.

After a private investigator confirmed the affair, I moved my plan into action. So, when I was ready to leave my wife, I contacted several of the FD officers who sat on the review board. I gave them the emails from one of their candidates admitting he was using substances and lied about it during the interview process. He was slated to be a part of the incoming class as he’d done quite well. But he was rejected.

I used my contacts in the EMS community to make sure that he’d never be accepted to a major fire department within a 200-mile radius. He and my wife took my dream marriage, so I took something that had just a profound effect.

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94. Trouble Spot

Back when I was little, we lived across from a popular public pool on a tiny street, so parking was premium. We had issues with people parking across our driveway, but we were close with the pool owner and would get him to ask over the loudspeakers, and whoever parked the car would come over, apologize to us, and move.

But one day after coming home from school, I saw somebody had the audacity to not park in our driveway but inside our garage. My dad was dumbfounded. We went over to make the usual announcement. Then this woman in her 30s came stomping over in a huff and said she would fix it when she had finished her exercise routine. So, my dad just parked behind her, and we went out for dinner for a few hours.

She was mad, but she didn't learn her lesson and kept doing it two to four times a month! Eventually, my dad stopped caring about parking her in and let her out at his leisure. It wasn't our problem just hers. She even called officers on us. They just told her not to park on private property and then wrote her a citation. Then one morning, she had the gall to park us in our own driveway. Dad had had enough.

He made sure she was doing her laps, grabbed a coat hanger, jimmied the door open, dismantled the passenger seat, and left it on the curb by the pool exit. He then waited on our front deck, sipping his tea as she came out of the pool to get her car. She walked by the passenger seat without a second glance. Scowling at him as she got in her car, she did a double-take as she went to put her bag down.

She freaked out, realizing that my dad had had access to her car the whole time. She ran over, grabbed her seat, put it in the trunk, and drove off. We never heard from her again.

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95. Peer Pressure

During an exit interview with my last job, HR asked me where I was going to next. HR: So, what’s the name of the company you are moving to next? Me: I'm not really comfortable disclosing that. HR: Are you sure? It would really help us out. Me: I'd rather not say. HR: It’s company policy. You need to tell us. This is where I couldn't control myself. 

Me: I said NO, and if you continue further you'll be hearing from my lawyer. I told my old boss this after I left and he was absolutely shocked. HR has no right to know anything about the next place you are moving to. It’s literally none of their business but they tried to press it out of me anyway, more than likely to call them up and talk bad about me.

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96. What A Beautiful Sight

Over the course of six months, through countless phone calls to different union offices and the department of labor, I eventually got my boss fired for changing people's time-keeping information to take overtime from them. During those months I was treated like dirt by this guy, but I never actually did anything wrong so I couldn't be punished.

At one point, management—against contract rules—denied my time off request to be at my best friend’s wedding and my boss brought me into his office and threatened to fire me. At this point, I had called the northeast district business associate on him, and I will never forget the look on my boss’s face when he realized I knew he couldn't do anything to me.

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97. Sounds Wrong

My uncle is a deputy sheriff, and one time, he was at an airport speaking to my aunt over the phone in Spanish. Once he was done with his call, some nearby Karen who overheard him went up to him and started demanding to see his green card. Huge mistake. My uncle decided to mess with her and said he didn't know what a green card was.

He told her he had never even heard of it. She became more upset and kept demanding to see it. He messed with her more and then eventually went, "Well, I don't have a green card, but I have this," then brought out his wallet and showed her his badge. She immediately walked away while my uncle just kept laughing at her.

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98. A Matter Of Size

While I was driving home from work one day, I saw two half-ton trucks driving two feet from a poor old man’s bumper. I drove next to them and flipped both of them off, then told them to pick on someone else. I had no idea what I was in for. In response, one of the guys roared past me while screaming and cursing at me and got a half a mile in front of me.

That was when the second truck with a trailer got behind me. I, also driving a truck, looked in my mirror and couldn’t see the truck’s grill because he was that close. I was watching both as we came up to an intersection at a red light. I’d driven the route countless times and knew the light was just about to change.

As the truck in front of me braked, I continued at full speed with the other truck still on my bumper then quickly switched lanes. He had no chance. Going fast, he went right into the back of his buddy’s truck, and the trailer on the truck flipped. That made the tank spray gunk everywhere. The highway was shut down for two hours.

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99. Comin’ In Hot

While I was deployed, my wife remained at our home in Texas. One day in the middle of summer, the air conditioning broke and the landlord told her that the temperature wasn’t hot enough to require the repair. When she showed him pictures of the thermostat reading over 38C (100F) indoors, he finally said that he would send someone.

What a relief right? Well, apparently I needed to be there because I was the primary name on the lease. Since that was not an option, I threatened to sue, and the A/C was eventually jerry-rigged just as summer was ending. Also, the repair guy told my wife that he was paid to do the bare minimum fix. Too bad things didn’t end there.

Fast forward to when I’m back home. It starts getting hot and the A/C breaks again. The landlord gave us the same story as before, claiming it wasn’t hot enough. This dragged on until I finally had orders to move to a new duty station. We gave our 30 days’ notice and moved out. The landlord tried to tell me that I had to pay to fix the A/C or I wouldn’t get my deposit back.

I once again threatened to sue, and this time I contacted the actual owner of the house. I couldn’t believe his reaction. He was a cool dude living in New York and said he’d take care of it for me. He flew all the way to Texas, fired the landlords, sued them himself, and said I was actually the cleanest and most respectable tenant he’s had. He even paid me double my deposit for my troubles. Nice guy.

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100. That’s On You

I film and edit promotional videos, then post them on my company’s YouTube channel. The day after I uploaded a particular run-of-the-mill video, my manager called me into his office because one of our directors, who hates our department and loves undermining me in particular, sent an email to my manager and a few higher-ups. That's when it got cringey.

In the email, he stated that I had messed up the promo video, because there were “all of these other disgusting videos attached to it”. As proof, he included a screenshot of the end of the video, where all of the recommended videos appeared to star scantily-clad Asian women in suggestive poses. Neither he nor my manager knew how YouTube algorithms worked.

He didn’t realize that the videos were suggested because he, or someone on his account, viewed that kind of content before. I have no idea how my manager explained this to him.

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101. Mic Drop

I worked in a bar with an awful boss. He would always flirt with the young female bar staff and make us all uncomfortable, even though he was 50 years old. We all knew his wife and two young children, but about six months into me working there he began to “date” a 22-year-old customer. By date, I mean he used to go downstairs to his office and sleep with her.

Oh, and all while he was on shift. No one was allowed to talk about it but we all knew. He knocked her up quite quickly and ended up breaking up with his wife, but he still flirted with his staff relentlessly even when his new baby was born. He once told a male employee that he liked asking female bar staff to pick up things from low shelves so we would bend over and he could check out our butts.

He always broke health and safety rules if he could get out of doing a task he didn’t want to. He was prolific at asking bar staff to clean human waste—vomit/poop customers had done on the floor—even though legally anyone cleaning that stuff needed to have passed a certain health and safety qualification. I spoke to my assistant manager about this and she confirmed that only management can do it, and I should refuse next time.

One day he demanded I cleaned up vomit in the male toilets, and I refused, repeating what the assistant manager told me. My boss went absolutely mad—he wasn’t used to people standing up to him. He told me to come downstairs to his office to speak about it. At that moment I knew I wanted to quit, so I told him I won’t be going downstairs with him.

He asked me why, and I replied: “The last girl who went down there with you ended up getting pregnant”. Lost my job instantly but it was totally worth it.

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As brilliant as the human brain is, it often holds on to information so random you wonder why your brain stored it in the first place—just ask these people.
November 1, 2019 Eul Basa

10 Vintage Sports Cards That Are Worth a Fortune Today

Explore the lucrative world of vintage sports cards with a deep dive into 10 cards that have skyrocketed in value over the years. From baseball legends to basketball icons, uncover the stories and prices behind these treasured collectibles.
November 1, 2023 Sammy Tran
Things Your Boss Should Never Ask You

15 Things Your Boss Should Never Ask You

Explore the 15 boundaries every employee should know when it comes to what your boss can and can't ask you. From personal matters to legal lines, empower yourself with knowledge on workplace rights and professional conduct.
May 1, 2024 Peter Kinney
Things Baby Boomers Shouldn’t Waste Money On

16 Things Baby Boomers Shouldn’t Waste Money On

Discover the top 16 expenses baby boomers should avoid for a secure financial future. From unnecessary gadgets to overspending on luxury items, learn how to prioritize your spending wisely and make the most of your hard-earned money.
May 1, 2024 Sammy Tran
productivity hacks

25 Productivity Hacks For The Workplace

Boost your workday efficiency with the 25 proven productivity hacks for the workplace. From time management strategies to workspace optimization tips, discover practical solutions to enhance your focus and output. Uncover expert insights and actionable advice to transform your work habits, streamline tasks, and achieve peak productivity.
February 1, 2024 Kaddy Gibson

Perfect Teeth At Last With Affordable Dental Implants

Unhappy with your teeth? Advancements in technology have made dental implants the best option for achieving the perfect smile.
February 1, 2023 Eul Basa

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