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Terrified Men Describe The Creepiest Girl They've Ever Met

“It is the same woman, I know, for she is always creeping, and most women do not creep by daylight.”—Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories.

Creepy people come from all walks of life. Whi

le men form a good chunk of that demographic, women have also proved capable of crossing that line. Reddit asked men to share their creepiest encounters with the “fairer” sex. Sometimes, it was the female suitor who couldn’t take no for an answer; but many times, it was older women who exploited their position of power and so-called maturity to send chills down young male spines. In any case, these stories sure were creepy.

From the desperate exes to the literal mistresses of poison the purveyors of fluid-soaked gifts, shudder to these 42 unsettling stories about the creepiest ladies known to man.

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42. Mother Knows Best

The mother of my first girlfriend (I was in 8th grade) decided that since I was a nice Jewish boy her daughter had to marry me. But we broke up... so she convinced her daughter to stalk me. Her daughter would then, at her mother's request, call me to tell me what I was wearing that day. Note, this is a year later, so I was in high school. She went to a completely different school, so they were timing when they drove past me to see me on the road to school.

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41. Gone Baby Gone

This chick I went to high school with had a sister whose child died at birth. After that happened the chick carried a picture of the baby in her folder and sometimes during class she would take out the picture and talk to it as if she was talking to a baby. It was sad and creepy at the same time.

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40. Get Something On Your Chest

Well, I was at a party when this girl that I went to university with (and I only treated as a classmate) tried to choke me into telling her the name of the girl that I was seeing so that she could in her words "help" me, and only let go when she threw up on herself. That was pretty traumatic and creepy, 0/10 would not do again.

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39. To the Girls (and Garments) I Have Loved

Met her, hit it off, slept with her which I never ever do on a first date.

Next day: 300+ texts the next day, already telling her parents about "us" and also planning a trip to London with me. Unfortunately, I left my favorite jacket (I think she hid it) so I had to get it back...

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38. Indecent Exposure

I was 11 and at a friend’s place when his mother came from the tanning bed, opened up her robe and asked if we boys thought her tan was nice (she was nude beneath the robe).

Really creepy.

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37. Check Yourself For Trackers

I rode a shuttle bus to another town to do some shopping. On the way back, the bus stopped at the local community college and picked up a 20ish-year-old girl, just had a strange vibe to her. She sat behind me the whole time, never once interacting with me during the two-hour bus ride.

Near the end of the ride I took a telephone call from my Spanish speaking wife (I'm white). I hung up right before I got off the bus, turned in my seat to get up and go and she says to me "I didn't know you speak Spanish." Not knowing the girl at all I said, "Yep," and just left.

Two days later, I got a friend request from her on Facebook. It was creepy because I have no idea how she possibly could have found me. The only way would be to look up the city I live in and go through everyone who lives in that city until she came across a picture that looked like me. Very creepy to think someone would go to that extent.

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36. Too Close to Be Cool

I was having lunch with a couple of friends when a woman my mother's age sat down next to me at our table and started rambling about how beautiful she thought my face was. I was weirded out, but flattered, until she asked me if she could touch my face.

She claimed to be a sculptor. She said it would help her recreating my face for an art piece she was doing. I told her no, but she proceeded to grope my face anyway. My friends burst out in hysterical laughter as I was trying to get her off of me. Suddenly she started to violently lick my nose and trying to tongue my nostrils.

This is when a waiter pulled her off me and dragged her out of the restaurant. She waited for me outside in her car, took a picture of me when I left the restaurant over an hour later, and quickly drove off.

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35. Your Gift Is Leaking

When I was 8, a girl gave me a biscuit tin with her urine and a toy Hot Wheels car inside. I never spoke to her again after that.

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34. Hello from the Outside

My ex said she saw dead people. At a party she said there was a dead man in the house wanting us to get out.

She sat on the bathroom floor for 20 minutes staring into nothing.

Then she let out a big breath, lowered her head and started crying… then we left. She was a really nice girl but that particular side of her was creepy.

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33. Miss Perseverance

Not so creepy, just sad:

Was at my local pub a while back and a young woman came and sat down with me. She was obviously drunk already but while entertaining her small talk she kept trying to steal my pint, which I didn't let happen.

Over the course of about the next 15 minutes she still tries to go after my pint, then keeps asking me to buy her a drink (I declined), then offered to “service” me for a drink (definitely declined), then started to get upset with me and telling everyone near that I was her boyfriend and was being a jerk and violent. Luckily, it's my friend’s pub. We called her a cab and sent her on her way.

She wandered back in 15 minutes later and started the same routine with another man sitting a few stools down from me whom had witnessed the previous incident...

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32. She’ll Wear What She Wants

As a medical student I walked into a patient's room to see her for "vague knee pain." She was a somewhat "odd" soccer mom-ish 40-something sitting there in a bikini. She was not asked to undress but she was in a bikini. It was weird.

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31. Meow!

Walking in a street, a girl I knew from school screeched out my name and then went on to attack me and try to scratch my face. No idea why at all.

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30. No Fun in the Oven

I had an ex who lied about being pregnant and after we broke up used to text me like almost every day with paragraphs of insults. She was nice.

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29. Unhappy Anniversary

I was walking to work early one morning and was approached by this woman. She was 40ish and obviously a homeless drug addict. She stunk so bad and all her teeth were rotten. She asked me to hook up with her. When I said "Ummm, no!" she pleaded by saying "Come on, please. It's my birthday!"

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28. Too Soon

She told me she loved me after meeting me once. My 17-year-old self was scared.

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27. Hey, Are You Busy?

This happened to me fairly recently.

There was this girl, we'll call her Cherry, I was in a dance class with. Very attractive, lots of tattoos, incredibly flirty, but she had a boyfriend, so I brushed it off.

Well, the story starts when I broke her boyfriend's ribs (by accident). She starts texting me later saying she thought it was super-hot (should've been the first clue). We start texting back and forth, it's getting more aggressive. Then, I find out they're in an open relationship and she has permission from her boyfriend to do whatever with me. Weird, but being a 20-something guy I'm okay with it.

So we're fooling around for a few weeks and it starts becoming clear that something weird is going on. I came home a few times to find Cherry and her boyfriend drunk on my porch writing me weird love notes.

Then one night she's trying to get me to go to her boyfriend's birthday party. I had other plans, so I just said no but she was being very persistent. I go do my thing, ignore her texts, go home and pass out around 1am.

I wake up around 5am and there's someone standing at the foot of my bed. I can see the outline of fairy wings. At first, I think I'm hallucinating but then the figure moves a little. Obviously, it's Cherry. She had decided to come see why I had stopped responding and climbed up into my second story bathroom window. WTF possesses someone to do that?!?

I escorted her out of the house, double and triple checked that every door and window was locked, and never talked to her again. Luckily, I also moved halfway across the country later that week.

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26. Sick of Commitment

My ex-wife was a registered nurse and manipulated my prescriptions.

She changed the dosage and called the prescription to Walgreens as though she were my physician. The DEA investigated, and all they could find out was that it was a woman's voice who called in the prescription. I got very sick from it, and when I realized what was happening I left, and asked for a divorce.

Her attorney placed a restraining order on the $250,000 life insurance policy I had with her as beneficiary, and I was forced to pay the premiums until the divorce was final. That was 10 years ago. I will never remarry, or even be in a relationship.

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25. Thwarted

When I was at a party a few years ago, it was right after I'd had a fight with my then-girlfriend and I was drinking kind of heavily (I'm generally a heavyweight but I was drinking a lot and fast). This one girl was constantly around me all night and I was warned by a couple people that she was going to hit on me. Whatever, I can deal with it. She was flirting with me a little bit and I made sure to add in my girlfriend to the conversation topic so there was no misunderstanding. Didn't matter. Every time I went to talk to someone else I would feel a small butt grab, and when I looked around she was backing up giggling. Once it started getting not-so-lightly I straight up told her to stop, I had a girlfriend.

Anyway, later in the night when I was significantly drunk I was sitting down on a chair while most people were off in another room doing something else. Well she comes in and I guess decides this is the perfect chance. She sits on my lap and starts trying to kiss me and every time I move away she bites my neck. She starts to grab at my crotch too, and even after I hit her hand away it goes right back (remember I'm significantly drunk so not all my coordination is all there).

The last thing I remember is trying to get up to get her off my lap and then I wake up the next morning in a friend of mine's room on the floor (one of the hosts). I walk out and ask her what happened, and she told me the girl was trying to walk me out of the door, telling the others she was just taking me back to "take care of me" at her apartment. My friend said no dice and locked me in her room (while checking on me relatively often) so that the girl couldn't sneak in and try anything. The girl apparently got very upset when this happened and stormed out.

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24. Unwanted Views

When I was 14 I had a job bagging groceries at the market. I rode my bike to and from. At a street corner there was an old woman that would go out in her yard to pull weeds etc. I don't remember her old she really was, but at 14 she seemed 70+.

After she figured out my schedule she would time it, so she would be outside when I drove by. A couple of times of this I drove by and noticed she was bending over, I then noticed that she dress was really short. I then noticed that she didn't have panties on. Lastly, I noticed that she was looking at me as I rode by...

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23. You Don’t Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Definitely one girl I met on OkCupid. We hung out a couple times, I decided that I didn't want to date her, and I said so. A little while later she asked if I wanted to hook up. I said, "No thank you." She got all, "Why not?"

My explanation was apparently insufficient because she flipped and said that it was because she was ugly, and that all men were pigs, and that I was a piece of trash, etc.

Soooo, I never talked to her again. She still has my copy of Pokemon for DS, but I don't need it that badly.

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22. The Sweet Taste of Too Much Information

I met a girl on a bus in Manchester, UK. She approached me and asked if she could have a Jaffa Cake (she saw the box protruding from my grocery bag), so I said sure.

As I leaned down to get the box and open it she proceeded to tell me she wrote erotic fiction, as I offered her the Jaffa Cake she handed me a notebook filled with filth. I quickly made my excuses and got off at the wrong stop just to get out of the situation.

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21. Pass on This Pass

Two summers ago, I was traveling through California and stopped in Huntington Beach for drinks with friends. We walked into this bar, and were moving towards the back tables, when I nearly ran head-on into this older lady, 50+, who gave me the “I'm checking you out right now and I want you to know it” look up and down my body... and then grabbed my biceps, squeezed a couple of times and walked away before I could even respond or react.

A couple hours later, my friends and I were leaving our table to go outside and catch a cab, when I ran into this lady again. She'd clearly been drinking and decided to go for the gusto, this time with a full on crotch-grab while she whispered "I've always liked chocolate" (I'm black) into my ear.

I just stood there like a deer in headlights. I'd never encountered anything like that before and didn't have any programming to process it, so I defaulted to stunned silence.

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20. Crossing A (Nonexistent) Line

I was 22 and started dressing better, exercising and taking care of myself in general. My country is poor so it's not common to have a car at 22 unless it's a gift from the parents, usually wealthy.

As you can imagine, the subway was used by everyone and it's always packed. Like a permanent peak hour.

I'm tall and skinny so I don't take much space and always manage to get in. So the train arrives, I get in an extend my arm to grab the pole.

So I grab the pole and a girl ends up between me and the pole. I always take care of not rubbing other people, but it was very packed. I was wearing a shirt with rolled up sleeves and a nice cologne. Girl said it smelled good on me before.

So the girl was facing forward with me behind her with my extended arm next to her. Then she puts her face next to my forearm, but I think nothing of it since there was no free space to move around.

This is where things get weird. The girl turns her head towards my arm and starts vigorously sniffing my forearm. Like she is tasting my skin and the cologne through her nostrils. I freak out a little but say nothing, after all, there is nowhere I can go and it would just make things weirder.

I get off the train in the next station while wiping her nasal mucus off my arm and wondering wtf just happened.

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19. Smells Like Free Spirit

I dunno if she suffered from “2 Edgy 4 U”-itis or what, but I sat behind the creepiest chick in my Microbiology class. Some of her greatest hits include:

Invading people's personal space and softly growling.

Disrupting lectures with anecdotes completely unrelated to Microbiology. For example, she interrupted our professor discussing necrotizing fasciitis to talk about her fanfiction.

Began wearing cat ears and this tail thing and meowing at people.

Wore a bazillion bracelets on each arm because "they cover up all my scars. People can't handle me."

Licked a petri dish that had strep culturing and then claimed she got cancer.

She also smelled like she had never bathed or showered.

When confronted about her weirdness or when told to knock her behavior off, she would start breathing hard and saying, "I'm so triggered by this."

There's more if anyone is interested.

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18. The Matchmaker Who Wouldn’t Quit

When I was 16, my best friend started dating this girl. She was pretty cool but had this annoying habit of always trying to set me up with her friends. One time she brought over this friend a few times who was an okay girl, but I had absolutely zero physical attraction to.

The bad part was that I was living with my friend at the time, so there was absolutely no way to avoid her. So after a week or so of unsuccessfully trying to get with me, she was there hanging out with my friend’s girlfriend at least five days a week.

Finally, it all came to a head one day when I came home from work to the two of them pestering me to get drunk. Then they started asking me all kinds of relationship/sex questions that were way too invasive for my tastes. Eventually, they figured out an excuse to get me and her in my friends’ room together and my friend's girlfriend locked me in with her.

Finally, I told her she could either open the door or explain to Rob (my friend) why his door is smashed to pieces when he got home. She caved and let me go.

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17. Debrief Me

One time at work I was outside pushing carts when this middle-aged woman in her car with a glass of wine in hand said, "Are you wearing underwear?"

I replied, " Umm yea.”

Then she said, "Huh, doesn't look like it" and drove off.

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16. What Goes Around Comes Around?

I was 26 or something at the time, girl was 31 and hot for me—she was reasonably good looking—we worked at the same company. I was thinking of sealing the deal at least casually.

So we were drunk at a pub (every Friday after work)—she started telling me about someone her mum knows that has cancer. She ends it with saying, “She deserves it anyway."

I said, "WHOA? What does that mean? Did he do something wrong to you or your mum?"

She says, "Nope, everyone that gets cancer has done something evil in their past to deserve it. It's like bad karma."

Knowing the perfect comeback that logic can't defeat I say:

"Rubbish. What about sweet, innocent two-year-old kids with leukemia? They haven't been able to do anything evil to get cancer."

She says: "No, they have done something evil also."

I say: "You mean in a past life?" (think she may be Buddhist with the karma talk)

She says: "No."

So I nope'd out of there.

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15. Customer Disservice

One time I went shopping at my local goodwill. When I got home I had a friend request from my cashier. I never gave her my name...

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14. Dance Around Boundary Issues

Group of middle-aged women in the single tiny nightclub in the town in my university. I am there, trying to have a good time with a group of my friends despite the fact that the place is terrible.

I get slightly detached from the group, and one of the women starts coming over and making an embarrassing attempt to dance seductively near me. I am in no way attracted to her and am visibly uncomfortable with the situation.

She grabs my crotch, and goes back, giggling to her group of friends. I feel violated, and vulnerable.

I don't know how or why someone gets it into their heads that that kind of behavior is okay.

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13. Being a Baby

I had this girl threaten to tell my mom she was pregnant if I broke up with her.

I called her bluff.

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12. Wakey-Wakey

Well recently, a girl that I was interested in would always text me at 5 am, which was ridiculous cause I didn't have to get up till 8 to get ready for class and would send multiple messages if I did not text her back when I would wake up because she knew my sleep schedule.

She once came to my house at the time I usually wake up "to make sure I was ok since I wasn't up at my usual time of 8:15."

She did that while a big snowstorm was going on and I guess she wanted to be trapped in my home till it was ok to drive and it worked but after that I just slept on the couch and even then, didn't feel safe.

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11. I Don’t Think Their Advice is Unbiased

I dated this girl on and off for about a year, we met in one of our classes at college. She was cool, we texted a lot, and hit it off and started dating shortly thereafter. I remember one weekend my parents left for the weekend and I was house sitting, so she came over and stayed with me. We get into some shenanigans, and later we're hanging out in my bed watching TV and she rolls over and says to me, "I really like your tattoo, should I get one to match it?" I kinda laughed it off, saying something along the lines of, "That's a bad idea, but if you want your own tattoo I'll go with you." Didn't really think much of it.

A few weeks after that we're hanging out and she makes a comment about marriage, mind you we were dating for about 3 months, and I'm 20 and in college. I quickly shot that down saying its way too early to be talking about this. At this point I was a little weirded out, but the chemistry was good, and I genuinely liked the girl. Fast forward a month or two, we just finished hooking up and she looks at me and says, "I'm Mormon, so we should probably stop having sex, and I'm going to stop smoking weed and drinking." Uhhhh, I stare at her and ask why she's decided to be religious again. Blah blah blah evidently her grandma is getting old, and her family is pushing her into getting married and settle down, kids, the whole nine yards. I just say, "alright, you do you." And politely ask her to leave because things were getting real awkward real quick.

I don't really talk to her for the next few days, trying to gather my thoughts. A few days later I try to call her up to meet up because we obviously need to discuss this. No answer. Call again. No answer. Call again. No answer. So I text her, no reply. Ended up telling her it was over via text. Replies back with typical "I hate you, go die in a fire, you suck."

Week later. Sends me nudes trying to get me back. I ignore. Sends more hate. This repeats itself three more times before she stopped altogether.

Six months later, I started to get phone calls from Utah, almost daily, from a group of sisters trying to heal my soul because someone told them I was full of hate. Turns out, she was behind it, and when I confront her she says "You seem lost and needed love" um okay what the heck, turns out she's been stalking me since we broke up, AFTER she moved to Utah.

Now every once and awhile she will text or call me asking if I ever think about her and once we turn 30 she wants to get married. I don't even talk to her anymore and this was about three years ago. I've also been dating someone for over the past year.

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10. Room Service

Went out with a chick for a couple of weeks back in the day and decided to break it off.

I came home, and she had broken into my apartment. She cleaned the whole place up nice. And then she left Vaseline handprints all over the glass stuff, like the bathroom mirror and the microwave and stove glass, etc.

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9. A One Punch Man

There's this one girl in school who punches me every time she sees me. Not soft punch, full force. I used to fight a lot in the lower grades, so it doesn't affect me that much, but it still hurts.

No idea why she does that.

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8. Rave Reviews

I work with a girl who greets me by saying "Hey, beautiful" and tickles me whenever I walk past her. I'm also currently dating someone (which she knows about) but still asks why I won't sleep with her... Ummm... cough.

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7. Your Invite Got Lost In the Mail

So I live in a nice, quiet neighborhood mostly filled with families or old folks. My next-door neighbor is a nice old man in his 80s, and he has a lady friend that stays with him 3 or 4 days out of the week. Peeeerfectly normal.

So I'm out back one night firing up the grill and they happen to be in the back, and walk over to the fence. Far be it from me to not stop and chat with someone I wander over and say hi. The old man compliments my yard, normal small talk ensues, and then the old woman pipes up. Old in this context also means laaate 80s?

"I got a bone to pick with you" she says. I'm a decent fellow, keep quiet and to myself so I instantly wonder what trespass I could've possibly committed. "I see your friends come over once a week or so, and I want to know why you haven't had a bunch of women over and invited us to the orgy."

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6. Idle Hands Are The Devil’s Playthings

This was a year ago. I was 15 and my great aunt—who's something like 70 and we don't see that much—offered to wash my back in the shower and looked genuinely sad when I declined.

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5. Misplaced Maternity

I was hit on by a not so attractive cougar at a bar. She bought me a drink and kept telling me how cute I am. Offered to take me back to her place for the night. Then proceeded to tell me how much I look like her son who is fighting in Iraq. She even went as far as to say we could be twins. Not sure why this woman wanted to sleep with her son's lookalike.

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4. Better Know Your Neighbor

My parents had this dog walker lady who would come three times a day to walk the pups. I was there when she came over one time, and she started talking to me. She seemed really nice, then she mentioned her granddaughter who was like 15 and how she thought we might "hit it off."

I was like 22 at the time, so I told her that I didn't think it was a good idea. 3 weeks later, my phone buzzes, didn't recognize the number, but I answered anyway. Guess who? Turns out she somehow got my mom to give her my number, gave it to her granddaughter, and this crazy ninth grader is calling me saying we should meet.

I tried to let her down easy, but she started crying about five minutes in. She was nuts. I eventually had to have her phone blocked cause she would call me like every two days. After I blocked her, I came into the house one day and saw grandma there chatting with my mom. I definitely made a seal face, because mom asked me why I booked out without saying hello.

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3. Press Send for Anger

A girl I knew from class got my phone number somehow (I didn't give it to her) and started texting me incessantly. Constantly asked to hang out, no matter the time or day.

Now, though I wasn't particularly fond of her, I didn't want to be rude, so I would make excuses. I once told her that I had lots of family over, so I was too busy to hang out with her.

Ten minutes later I get a text. It was a picture. Of my empty driveway. At my house. She found out where I lived, drove to my house, and took a picture to prove that I was lying.

I came outside to tell her that I didn't have time, and that she should go home. She refused to accept that, going so far as to sit in front of my door, not allowing me to go back inside my own home.

I walked around the house, went in a back door, and texted her that I never wanted her to contact me again.

She sat there for about 20 minutes before she left.

Creepiest Girl factsScary Mommy

2. Too Young for This

I was 22 and out at a bar, started talking to an older woman (mid-30s) who seemed really nice and really into me. She reassured me that she was single and just looking for some fun, so I thought why not. We went out back, had a bit of fun and swapped phone numbers. I was feeling pretty good about it until I learned four things;

  1. She is a close friend of my mum,
  2. She is married,
  3. Her husband is a policeman,
  4. And she has two children.

As you can imagine, I was mad. I sent a text saying what we did was a mistake, that I'm sorry but I don't want to see her again. At that point I thought the worst was over... I couldn't be more wrong. Later that night, I get a phone call from my mum, her friend has just tried to commit suicide and that I had to go pick up my mum (she had been drinking) and drive her over to the friend’s house ASAP. At this point, I am furious, but I man up, get the car, pick mum up and drive over.

As soon as I arrive mum jumps out and runs to the house, saying that I should stay in the car. Two minutes later, the first policeman arrived (which turned out to be her husband on call), couple of minutes after that two more police cars arrived and an ambulance. The woman is brought out on a stretcher and mum tells me to go home as she will ride in the ambulance to the hospital.

The woman ended up surviving, and I felt like utter trash over the whole scenario. I knew that I hadn't intentionally done anything wrong, but it just got so messed up. I found out later that her one of her two kids was in the room with her that night.

To make matters even worse, she then proceeded to abusively text me over the next two years as well as confess to my own mum that I am "the one for her". Her text messages ranged from overtly sexual to incredibly insulting, and I ignored and deleted every single one of them. In hindsight I should have kept them as proof, but I couldn't bring myself to keep them.

Moral of the story: Be careful who you hook up with.

Creepiest Girl factsHabibi Halaqas

1. An Odyssey of Obsession

When I was 19, I moved out of my parents' house and got an apartment. It was in a relatively safe neighborhood, but still affordable. One bedroom, one bath. Very modest. Nothing fancy.

Anyway, I was on the second floor, above an old man who couldn't hear anything and below a couple in their early 20s who fought and screamed all the time, and when they weren't fighting they took turns having loud, obnoxious hookups in the wee morning hours or rolling giant boulders around the floor at all times of day, apparently.

One day, boyfriend gets violent and the cops take him away. Girl continues living there, but she comes down to me to let me know he's gone and because I was a relatively big guy then (300+ lbs.) she said he's not supposed to come by, but can I have your number in case he does? This was before cell phones, so I gave it to her.

I should mention that I had a girlfriend (Sue) at this time, and she did not like upstairs girl (Jen).

Anyway, Jen calls me one night right before midnight. “Are you okay?” I ask. “Yeah. What you doing?” She asks. “Getting to bed, I have to be at work at 7. I work early.” She then says, very directly, “Wanna come hook up with me?”

“Uh, I've got a girlfriend Jen. Talk to you later.”

Two hours later, she calls me and wakes me up. She's crying. “Why don't you think I'm attractive? I saw your girlfriend and she's fat. I swear I won't tell anybody. But you have to break up with her. It won't work. She doesn't love you like I do.”

Keep in mind all those words came out at lightning speed and she was drunk. She just kept prattling on like that, I couldn't get a word in edgewise. Finally, I ended up just hanging up. 30 seconds later she's banging on my door. I decided to ignore it. She starts yelling. It's almost two AM. She's screaming. Crying. Banging on the door.

I do the only thing I can think of—I call the police. They say it'll be 45 minutes.

It took them an hour, and she was banging on the door screaming and crying for the entire hour. They take her back to her apartment and calm her down. An officer takes a statement. He keeps asking “Was she ever in this apartment?” and questions like that. “At no point did you allow her to enter the premises?”

She'd never, ever been inside my place. She told the cops a very different story—that we'd been intimate, that I'd kicked her out in the middle of a tryst without her keys or her wallet. I told the cop he was free to search. He looked around for about 10 minutes, seemed satisfied, and then thanked me and left. At this point it's near four AM.

4:30 rolls around, and she calls me and wakes me up. She's apologizing. She's crying. She's so sorry she got like that, but she just misses him SO MUCH. At this point, I tell her I think it's a bad idea that we talk anymore. I tell her I understand how hard it is, but that I'm going to miss work and I can't afford to miss a day's pay.

She seems to get that and hangs up.

I go to work after getting maybe 2 hours sleep in total. I'm a zombie all day. I get home at 4:30, ready to crash. Sue, my girlfriend, was going to bring dinner by after she got off work at eight. I have four or so hours to sleep.

My apartment is completely spotless. Somebody came in and cleaned it. Better yet, they vacuumed, and I still didn't even own one yet. There are freshly made cookies on the table. Sue must have gotten off early, I think. “Sue!?” I say and walk to the bedroom. There, of course, is Jen. Naked except for thigh high stockings and a hair tie.

I just turned around and ran out of my own apartment. Scared like a little boy. I would have run all the way to the office, but I was in terrible shape, so I walked. In the lobby I called the police again, they came and arrested her. Charged her with some minor things like B&E or trespassing (forget which) and she spends a couple nights in jail since her parents/friends don't bail her out.

Behavior like this happens for weeks. I have some friends stay at my house, including Sue, during this time so I'm never alone because I'm worried she's crazy and might do something weird.

She's constantly knocking on the door and arguing with the people staying at my place. She offers to “Share me” with Sue, offers to hook up with Sue, then eventually tries to get Sue to leave me and move in with her and that they'll be like the lesbian Bonnie and Clyde.

A week or two later she is being evicted (I guess they were late on rent already by like two months and eviction had begun) and as some form of weird protest, she paints her upper torso and face bright pink with some kind of body paint and wears a green bikini top as they drag her kicking and screaming out of the place. Police end up arresting her again for something.

My six months lease is up and I'm uncomfortable with her knowing where I live, so I move. I get an unlisted number/address. I am about 10 miles from the old place. A couple months after I move in, there's a knock at the door on a Saturday afternoon. It's Jen. She followed me from my work during the week, then waited until Sue left and now she wants to apologize. She says she's medicated, she wants to apologize. I tell her I can't let her in, and that she needs to leave. I tell her I hope she's better, but I can't let her in.

Predictably, she goes nuts. Another call to the cops as I lean on my own door to keep her from pushing it in. Another arrest.

For a while, I didn't hear from her. Six months, a year. I moved three states away, broke up with Sue (unrelated to this) and was single. It's been about three to four years, and suddenly I get a Myspace friend request from her. I ignore it. Then I get a tirade of emails. Long winded, lacking punctuation. Stream of consciousness. Clearly mentally ill. I just ignore them, what else can I do?

This is about 2002.

It dies down a bit. 2005, I hear back from her on Facebook. Same thing. I ignore it again.

2006, Sue messages me out of the blue. Haven't talked to her in like eight years. She says Jen came into her work and wanted info on me, where I was, what I was doing. She was dragged out by security.

2008, Jen finds my little brother's Facebook while he's in college. Makes a road trip across three states to find him at school. Finds his dorm and goes to talk to him. He has no idea who she is. She threatens him, he and two friends kick her out of the dorm. He calls me, I explain. He calls the cops. They do nothing.

Six months later she accosts him at his work—a bar—his boss (female) punches her square in the mouth during a fight to get her out of the building and Jen loses two teeth. She sues the bar, the owner counter-sues, and Jen is found mentally incompetent and placed under some form of mental hold in a facility.

2012—Jen is out of the mental illness facility and heavily medicated. Her 'counselor' contacts me on Facebook. “Would I like to help her put her past behind her?” she asks. She wants to set up a face-to-face. I have a wife, I have a kid. I say no thank you. 'Counselor' gets very frustrated and tells me I'm a terrible person.

2013—Jen commits suicide by jumping off a cliff somewhere in Arizona. Her body is found months after the fact and identified by wallet.

Part of me wonders what I did to cause this? I literally never did anything out of the ordinary or said anything out of the ordinary to her. I was her downstairs neighbor for a couple of months by the time this started—and it caused over a decade of fixation. Mental illness is a hell of a thing.

Creepiest Girl factsGlamourless



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