April 11, 2022 | Eul Basa

The Last Straw: These "Best" Friendships Went Up In Flames In An Instant

When two people are BFFs, you’d think nothing couldn’t break them up. Welp, it doesn’t always work out that way. Over the years, people change and one day, you might realize that your “best friend” isn’t actually the best. And what do you do then? When it comes to ending long-term friendships, there's only one guarantee: A whoooole lotta drama.

1. Dirty Double

I had two guy best friends, and I’d never thought anything about it despite being a woman. But apparently, they did. We all went off to the same college, and I had made new friends. I decided to bring some along to a big night out with my two best friends as well. I was not drinking that night, and I had to drive home.

After the night was over, I said bye and left. Next morning, I got tons of texts that broke my heart. My true friends explained that my “best friends” had started to trash talk me the second I left. They made up lies, called me things, and told them that I slept with both of them whenever they wanted. It was so bad, my newly made friends distanced from me.

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2. Two To Tango

I broke up with my friend because whether we only spoke or hung out if I initiated. So, when I decided to take a step back, we stopped talking altogether. She literally never messaged me. It hurt.

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3. Take Care Of It

I had a best friend who promised me that he would pay my rent with our business profits while I went out of town. Instead, he completely betrayed me. He used our hard-earned money to buy himself a truck and then told my landlord that I had the money for rent, but refused to pay. Thanks to him, my family ended up homeless.

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4. Poor Career Choices

My best friend and I met as entry-level employees. We both helped each other out and elevated each other over the years. I stayed in corporate in middle management and made good money. He went into business for himself. His company was struggling, so he asked me for a favor: He wanted me to quit my job and help him build his company.

He could only pay for half of what I made at my current job but promised that the business would be a success. When the money started rolling in, we’d split the profits and share the credit. He made it sound like having a best friend as a boss was appealing; "C'mon it’ll be fun!" So, I said yes. Six months later, I landed our first million-dollar client. I asked him when I’d get a split of the profit distribution.

"What profit distribution?" And just like that, he started taking back everything we talked about; "No, no, no, you heard me wrong. I never said half the profits.” Everything would have been fine if we'd had a written agreement. But I didn't think it was necessary. I’d stupidly trusted a person I talked to daily and thought of as my own brother.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice? Nuh uh. When he tried to scam me, I knew our friendship had to end and I also knew that I could no longer be his co-worker. I left his company. When I left, he immediately screwed up his relationship with the rich client I landed. He got ticked and took his business elsewhere, leaving my "best friend" and his company to go bankrupt. Oh, and that wasn't all.

He then got a divorce because his wife, who did the accounting, saw a receipt that didn't make sense. She looked it up and found out that he visited a Russian “cat house.” Three guesses what that was code for. Meanwhile, I went back to a corporate job and always, from that moment on, made sure to get things in writing. Plus, people were impressed that I landed that million-dollar client, so I actually came out on top.

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5. Wasn’t Me

They became a drug addict and blamed everyone else for their problems. I tried everything for over a year. I ruined a lot of my own life trying to be there for them. It was a hard lesson to learn that sometimes the people who you really love you and care about can be beyond help. It hurts me to remember the girl that my best friend used to be.

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6. Me, Me, Mean

She had a tendency of being selfish...while making me feel guilty by saying that I was the selfish one. After spending my wedding day focused on her drama, I decided to keep her at arm’s length. When the birth of my first child was overshadowed by her drama, I finally cut her loose. Gaslighting is terrible. I still worry that I’m being too self-centered.

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7. Terrible Truths

She did lots of really awful things and manipulated me into apologizing for everything. The breaking point was when she told me, "I know you think you really love (fiancé's name), but really, they should be pre-emptively attacked to get rid of some of that pride. Bring them down a notch." ...What? I was absolutely horrified.

I ended the game night as quickly and calmly as I could and ended the friendship immediately after. She tried to explain why she was right. Then she tried to somehow spin all this as my fault and say that I was unreasonable for saying that she was wrong. At most, she admitted that she had been "tactless" but never admitted that what she said (about maiming my fiancé!) was wrong. After that tense conversation, I stopped getting in touch with her.

Six months later, when she reached out to me, she gave me the worst "apology" of my life. She said she was sorry that I had misunderstood her words. Then she said that she was willing to be the bigger man and offer me her forgiveness. Apparently, she should have anticipated that I wasn't ready to hear hard truths about the love of my life. Yeah... Nope. I don't need that. At all. Still not friends with her.

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8. Exhaustive Friendship

I dumped my best friend when I realized her family was too dysfunctional and she was taking her frustration out on me since mine wasn’t. She was always belittling me or talking over me, and one day, after listening to her rant for an hour, I realized it wasn't worth it. We liked the same stuff, but if I’d spend more than two hours with her, I’d go home feeling like I was worthless.

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9. What A Ditch Move

My childhood best friend was always ditching me last minute for any better opportunities that came up—babysitting jobs, sleepovers with more popular girls at school, etc. She literally told me to my face, "We can always make plans another time." Well, excuse me for thinking that she’d actually honor her commitments to me.

Finally, enough was enough. One day, she was absent from school. When I got home, she called me demanding to know why I hadn't already called her to see if she was ok. I explained that I'd had a lot on my mind, since I had broken up with my boyfriend that day, but she didn't care. She had assumed I would be there for her when she wanted me, but she'd kick me to the curb when I wasn't useful to her.

When things were good, she was an amazing friend, and we had so many great times together. I still wonder if ending our friendship was the right thing to do. But she didn't treat me right, and I finally had to leave it. I have never had the same level friendship with anyone else. I invest my loyalty more carefully now.

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10. Dinner Was Fine

She was my friend from elementary school. We basically grew up together as babies all through high school and remained in contact through college by hanging out in between semesters. In our mid-twenties, she was attending medical school on the east coast, but I always figured we'd be in the same city when she did her residency.

Meanwhile, I had made a new friend who worked as a nurse in a very well-regarded hospital in Northern California. Here's the thing, though: This hospital was known for only hiring employees through internal references. So, while we were on winter break, I invited New Friend out to dinner with me and my old best friend, so we could all hang out and so that my old BFF could get a foot in the door of this fancy hospital.

My plan could not have gone worse. I introduced them to each other, and my childhood best friend proceeded to spend most of dinner just passive-aggressively insulting New Friend; phrases like "only a nurse" were tossed around. As humiliating as it was for me, I knew New Friend felt even worse. I’m ashamed that I did not defend my New Friend as much as I should have.

Later, as I was preparing to drop childhood best friend off, I overheard her talking to a mutual friend about how rude and inconsiderate I was to invite New Friend when it was "their" time. I ghosted her the next day. I dropped 15 years of friendship without an ounce of remorse. I didn't think I owed her an explanation.

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11. Worth It

I got pregnant unexpectedly. I was freaking out because I’m already disabled, and at that point, I didn’t feel I had any job skills. I was worrying out loud about needing financial aid. My "best friend" decided that was the perfect time to tell me that only awful people were on any form of government assistance. She said that I needed to accept that I'd be a terrible mom and that my kid would be doomed to a miserable life if I didn't end my pregnancy. After that, I got up and left the table. We haven’t spoken since.

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12. Happy Wife

I distanced myself from my best friend after a trip to visit them for a week or so. I never knew, but they kept making comments towards my wife, which was strange as I always had the vibe that she wasn't completely welcome because they clearly thought she’d made me dull and boring. Which was nothing close to the truth.

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13. Customer’s Always Right

My best friend was promoted to manager at work. They were exceptionally hard on me because they didn't want to show favoritism but went so far in the opposite direction that it wasn't okay. I had a man physically push the customer I was serving out of the way and threaten me, a 21-year-old woman, when I said he couldn't butt ahead of the line.

He went, "If you don't let me go first, I'm going to wait for you after work, and I'm going to hurt you." I was terrified and I told him he needed to leave right away or else I would call security. Guess how my manager/best friend responded to this scary situation? She gave me a written warning for "threatening a customer" and comped the dude his entire order. After that, I knew that we were no longer friends.

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14. Life Wrong Friend

In hindsight, there was a long list of manipulation from him, but here's the thing that really made me snap. He hadn't reached out to me for a year, even after my life was in jeopardy in the hospital. He just didn't seem to really care about my health issues. But then, when he had a crush on a girl I knew, he pops back into my life, begging me to only mention good things about him and even suggesting that I outright lie to this girl.

When she and I were talking at a party, I mentioned some nice things about him, then felt skeezy about it and went on to change the topic. We ended up discussing mental health and my "friend," who had by this time joined our conversation, mentioned how I was a drama queen because I'd almost lost my life at 17 and had been in chronic pain since then.

I basically called him out in front of her and my other friends. I reminded him that when I went on antidepressants when I was 16, I asked him to keep an eye on me as they could make me suicidal. To this, he just responded, "Well, if you are suicidal, just do it." Yeah, that girl did not go out with him and I have not spoken to him for seven years now. No regrets.

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15. Being The Bigger Man

We’re both larger gay guys, but I had a better dating pool despite being more reserved and heavier than he was. He started to treat me like he was doing me, the ugly friend, a favor when we went out on the town together. After I ended the friendship, he tried to reconnect with me, but the whole thing was so tense and awkward. A few months later, he got back in touch again and this time, he was in rough shape.

It was sad because he’d obviously lost his sobriety and wanted to blame it on “how I treated him.” It taught me a lot about how to deal with manipulative people, and I’m better off for it.

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16. This Is About Me Only

She did something, and when I told her it had hurt me, she said that it was mean spirited of me to tell her that she hurt my feelings. I started to think about it and realized that she never took responsibility for anything she did. She had to be the hero in every scenario, and if she couldn’t have hero, she’d play the victim.

I started to clue into how she would surround herself with the kind of people who boosted her ego. Like, she had to be the prettiest one in the group. If things were going well for her friend, she would be visibly annoyed. She would stand on your shoulders to make herself feel tall. It was exhausting, and I’m so glad that I don’t have to be around her anymore.

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17. Request Denied

She had a massive crush on a very nice guy who’d tried to let her down gently as best as he could. I don’t remember the details, but I started taking his side because she was becoming overly obsessed with him, despite me trying to convince her to move on because unfortunately, he just wasn’t interested. She didn’t talk to me for a month.

The nail in the coffin was the month that I started dating my wife, and she did not get along with her at all. She constantly played the victim in whatever negative interaction she had, and it just wore me out to the point where I intentionally started letting go.

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18. 0 For Friendship

In the space of a few months, I lost my mother, watched my first marriage implode, moved three thousand miles away from everything I knew, and had a miscarriage in a teeny town motel bathroom. After all this, and after 25 years of supposed friendship, she said that my life choices were stressing her out and she stopped talking to me.

The whole time I had never complained or asked advice or for support because I’m an overly self-contained weirdo. She reached out about two years later via email, and although that was eight years ago, I'm still too angry to respond.

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19. Unkind, Unfunny, Unfollowed

He was just a jerk, overly sarcastic, not the flattering and funny kind but the teardown kind. But over the years, his manipulation turned to violence. He outed my personal information, constantly lied about me, hit me a number of times, and told my secrets to anyone who would listen. And to this day, he stalks me because he's got nothing better to do.

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20. A Real Big Deal

I was going through severe depression. I just couldn't muster the energy to even shower. She was asking to hang out, and I told her that I wasn't feeling well and my depression was consuming me. And she said, "Well, we all go through things in life. If you were a real friend, you'd take the time to make sure I was ok."

So, I got really worried that something bad happened to her. I immediately apologized and asked her what was wrong. I'll never forget her words. She said that she was going through a really hard time too. She was busy cheating on her boyfriend with a new guy, and this new dude wasn’t being attentive enough. I was stunned. After that phone call, I stopped being her friend. Literal depression was better company than that girl.

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21. Sharing Memories

I broke up with my best friend when I found out that she used my personal problems as her own "feel bad for me" stories. She'd use my actual life to get empathy and attention from men. Gross.

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22. Time To Pack Up

We were best friends throughout most of elementary and all of high school. We went to different high schools but would still hang out regularly. Then, in our teens, he started to "forget" to invite me to things. Slowly, the "cool" metalheads from the local scene were his only company. But after high school, I thought we patched things up. We planned to go to the same city for college, and we agreed to share a place. I took it upon myself to search for one. After everything was agreed with the landlord, my "friend" didn't answer his phone for two days.

That's when I found out the truth. He had applied to a university in another city on the opposite side of the country without telling me a thing. I was furious and lost good opportunities for living space. I still didn't want to hold a grudge but was waiting for him to be a man and make amends. I never got an apology. He didn’t call at all.

Then some 15 months later, he called me…asking for money. He knocked up some girl, married her, and then divorced her. All in the span of two months. I told him that he wasn't my friend and I wasn't going to help him. But it didn't end there. His father disowned him quickly, and he had nowhere to go, so eventually I took pity on him and let him live at my parent’s place.

They had what you could call a mini-house, which was an extension of the house. But when my parents suggested he pay super low rent (mostly to just cover the utilities), he refused. After that, I had to kick him out of my life again. But even still, we weren't through yet. A few years later, he got in a work injury but had no insurance, so he asked me to help him one last time. I relented, and I regret that decision to this day.

He still had several screws in his arm, couldn't work, and was semi-disabled. I felt bad for him, so I gave him a room in my apartment. I was already working then so I could afford it for the time being. We agreed that he would pay the rent when he was able to get some cash. Everything seemed fine between us for about two weeks.

It finally happened when I was working a sudden night shift at 9 in the morning. I got back home to find the doors unlocked, vomit and broken glass on the floor of the kitchen, the entire bathroom covered in pee, my room trashed, multiple items broken, and a girl in my bed. My "friend" and another girl were on the couch. That was the last straw.

I didn't let them just grab their things and leave, though. I made them stay and clean everything until it was spotless.

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23. Getting Old

My best friend of three years got swiftly kicked to the curb when she decided to use me as a sounding board. Her "predicament" was that she didn't know if she should invite me or someone else to her house for her socially-distanced barbecue. When I called her out on it, she chose to gaslight me instead of saying sorry. Her exact words were, "I am just so gutted that you took what I said the wrong way when I didn't say anything wrong."

I was shocked at the time, but looking back, I should have seen it coming. This lady had a lot of issues, mainly to do with drinking. She’d drop her friends in an instant if she had a chance of sleeping with someone. She’d use her friends to do everything when they were her invited guests. By the way, this woman is 54 years old, even though she acts like a 19-year-old. I'm just so "gutted" that I put up with her nonsense for so long.

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24. You Got This

She spent three months coaching me through a crush that I had and helping me build up the courage to confess my feelings. Then, one morning, I woke up to a message from her. It said that my crush and she were now together, and that she was, “quite sorry.” She told my crush everything about my feelings and made fun of me. I felt so betrayed.

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25. That’s One Way To See It

He used to be quite intellectual and loved to have discussions and debates with those different from himself to learn. Eventually, he became highly polarized, opinionated, and arrogant. You either agreed with him or you were wrong (and also an idiot, naturally). Then 2020 happened, and he really went off the deep end. He became beyond toxic.

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26. Always Something With You

I realized every conversation was all about her, her never ending drama, and terrible life choices. I felt way too old to keep talking about her life; we were in our 30s, and her life was like a bipolar 20-year-old’s. We had been friends for almost 10 years and had been so close once. She had always been there for me.

She was there during the hardest and darkest time in my life, more so than even my family. But as time went on, I realized that every conversation was all about her. I don't think she cared for me at all anymore. She just was using me as her personal therapist. It came to a point when I found myself dreading her calls.

Like what insane drama was she calling about this time? It was just exhausting spending time with her. I just couldn't put any more of my time and emotional wellbeing into such a one-sided friendship. I still love her, and I miss the friend she once was.

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27. Just Can’t Be

I'm a guy and my best friend was a girl. For ages, people thought we were more than friends, but it was never like that. Eventually, I got married and we still hung out. My wife was always cool with it because we were friends since childhood, and she understood that we were more like cousins. Then my best friend got married. And her husband was not cool with her hanging out with a dude. He would be friendly to my face, but I doubt that’s how it was when they were alone.

One day, she stopped responding to my memes, texts, and phone calls. We haven’t spoken for the last five years. I miss her.

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28. Into The Family

My best friend married my husband's brother, ran through all his money, and then kicked him out. I had always taken her side whenever she had messy breakups, but that time I had access to both sides of the conversation, and wow, it changed everything. My brother-in-law showed us all the messages that she was sending. In hindsight, I should have seen who she really was.

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29. Gross Retractment

She ghosted me when I needed her most and then just didn't bother to contact me for anything ever again. But then, years later, I suddenly got an invitation to her baby shower for a kid I didn't even know existed. Apparently, I was still ranked on the list of "let's ask this person for gifts." The girl who put together the shower was mortified.

When she asked why I had RSVP'D no, I told her that no one had even told me about my old friend's pregnancy. This poor girl was so embarrassed because she figured I had been one of the first to know. Nope. If she ever wants to make it right, she has my number, but I'm not going to waste any energy hunting her down. It really hurt to be left all alone for all those years.

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30. In The Negative

She acted like my girlfriend. I am a heterosexual woman. She would be upset if I didn't pick up the phone on time even while I was at work. She would ignore my calls when I would try to call back. I would always have to constantly apologize for not giving her enough attention. She loved to argue. Even with me. She liked to hate on other people, and I just couldn’t stand that, so I had to break up with her.

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31. Getting Around To It

I stopped caring. He had no ambition and purposely got kicked out of the Marines because it wasn't like high school. He squandered any talent he had only to work just above minimum wage jobs when I offered to help him get into a skilled trade. All he had to do was come to the hall, and I’d help him learn to weld.

He came one day and somehow burned a hole in my welding hood. But the real finale was realizing that he never called to hang out. I always had to call and make the arrangements. I ghosted him after he couldn't be bothered to tell me he couldn't make it to my place six times in a row. He hasn't called back. It’s been two years.

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32. Why Won’t You Play With Me

At the start of the pandemic to stay safe, my family and I packed up to go to my grandma's ranch where we don't get internet. My best friend was pretty chill for a little while, but one day, he snapped. He literally yelled at me over the phone and told me to stop being a wimp over the "spicey flu" so I could play games with him. I actually had to explain that I have two young children and their safety matters more than a grown man getting to play video games. Yeah, our friendship didn't last too long after that.

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33. Nothing Else But

I dumped a friend because she kept using me being trans as a way to show how progressive and awesome she was on social media and to piss off her conservative mother. I'd prefer zero people know IRL besides anyone who has to/knew me before, and I'd rather just be the same person I always was and not "the trans friend." It's now a huge pain in the ass because the other friends think I'm "being unfair" to her because she "supports trans people." Sorry, this beggar is a chooser in this instance.

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34. Critically Crippling

I realized he was very negative and had never said a positive thing to or about me. Don't get me wrong, I am not a narcissist who needs validation, but he was always trying to make me feel bad about the things I did, like my job and all of my hobbies. Eventually, constantly needing to justify my life choices felt exhausting.

He had it pretty rough in high school, and I think he needs to make others feel less to feel better about himself. When we were young, I dismissed his negativity as just banter but we're in our 30s now, and I don't want to be around people like that anymore.

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35. Quitting The Transport

He stopped wanting to hang out and started using me. He'd call me only when he wanted me to give him rides to work or to the store since he didn't have a car and I did. It was semi-tolerable until he went too far and started regularly using me for rides to his dealer. I decided I didn't want to play taxi anymore and ended our friendship.

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36. I’m A Big Kid Now

They just never grew up. I had a career, kid, house, long term relationship, and the responsibility that go with them. He did pot every day and only worked part time changing oil and tires. He would crash at my house for weeks at a time when he had nowhere else to really live. Now, I could have gotten past all of that. But he felt like he had to always put me down or one up me whenever he could.

I'd say I had to get home, and he'd immediately say that I was whipped. I don’t want to go somewhere? I must be on my period. I didn't love his annoying friends? I must have had my panties on too tight. Whenever I was short on cash, he felt the need to show me his wad of cash that he made selling illicit substances. It made me cringe.

Back in the day, he did do a lot for me, normal stuff friends do, like help with moving, working on my car, late night emergency help, etc. I eventually distanced myself from that friend group. Most were satisfied being in a basement stoned. I was more interested in being a good parent and moving up in my career. I do miss the wild fun times we had at times, but I am also happy to have left those people in my past.

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37. No Nonsense

She called me a lying piece of garbage when I said I was depressed. I was already annoyed with her for spilling a drink on my bedroom floor and refusing to clean it up, sharing the password for my phone hotspot, inviting me to her house when her parents said not to, which got us both in trouble, and insulting my crush.

She would even phone me at stupid o'clock in the morning asking for homework answers. That was the last straw, and I was so done with her stupidity.

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38. Slipping Further Away

We used to hang out all the time, and he even stayed at my parent’s house while he was unemployed. We’d be stoned sometimes back then, but he got more and more into heavy drugs and started hanging out with his dealers a lot only to try and become one himself. So, he stopped caring about the people who were in his life.

He stopped showing up to work. I tried to talk to him and get him to realise what he was doing, but he was set on becoming a dealer. His parents bought him an apartment and a car to make it easier for him to get to and from work under the condition that he started looking for a normal job. Surprise, surprise, that never happened.

I tried to reconnect with him a few times, and we hung out, but it was clear that he was lost. He lost so much weight and looked really scrappy. He’d changed the way he dressed too to look more "gangster." I gave up on him and cut ties. I still think about him and wish him the best though. It was sad to see him change.

Young redhead woman with eyeglasses

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39. You Did This

He and his ex were on and off again. She knew I was really close to him, so she decided to message me about ending things permanently. After a long, hard talk, I agreed that their relationship didn't sound healthy. When she dumped him and admitted that we had spoken, he proceeded to blame me for everything. We haven’t spoken since.

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40. I’ll Stop You There

My best friend was narcissistic and manipulative. She’d guilt trip you and only cared about herself. I posted a status on social media that was not directed at her. She took it as a personal attack and called herself out. Then she and her friend started going off on me. So, I blocked them both and just called it quits. Best decision ever.

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41. All Finance And Dandy

I was homeless and in debt when he called me up to ask why I didn't give him money during his wedding banquet, which is a part of our cultural practice. When I explained my situation, he said I should've told him. I thought he'd be understanding, but I was so, so wrong. Instead, he said he would have "saved the seat for someone else who had the cash."

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42. Trading For What You Want

I saved up money to buy him a video game for his birthday. I gave it to him and found out he sold it at GameStop without even opening it. Then five years later, he came out as gay and ghosted me after slowly distancing himself and alienating me for years. Also, one of his friends went berserk and held me in a chokehold for no good reason.

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43. Time To Be

My best friend of ten years guilt tripped me because I didn’t have much time for her. Apparently, something bad had happened to her, and she needed us. I suggested we just talk online or over the phone or to come around to my place since I didn’t have a car or a license, and it took me two hours each way to get to her.

She declined and kept guilt tripping me because apparently, I’m a “bad” friend for not driving four hours when I have to get up at 4:30 AM for my apprenticeship and have exams. She told all of our other friends what was going on with her except me but continued to make me out as the bad friend when I tried to be there in all the ways that I possibly could.

But because I didn't drop everything and do exactly what she wanted me to do, she started excluding me from everything. After I found out she only left me out, I wrote her a long message on how disappointed I was and that that was not how a friend should behave. She blocked me, and that was just fine with me. But here's the kicker: she was mad that I wasn't there for her. The whole time this was going down, I was going through my own issues too. She just never even thought to ask.

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44. Made Me Do It

She had been manipulative for our whole friendship, and I did nothing to help her get better. The breaking point was when she was talking about our other friends during a fight. I chose to cut ties with her because I realized that she was trying to turn me against my other friends and essentially isolate me from everybody.

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45. A Terrible Ride

I knew how to drive; she didn't. She would message me all the time to ask me to take her places and get angry when I would say no. The final straw was when I told her she was being really unfair and mean to a family friend’s child. She swore at me and told me that I was extremely negative and bringing her down in life.

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46. Needy A Lesson

I "broke up" with my first friend from kindergarten in high school. She accepted a scholarship meant for impoverished kids, even though her grandparents were multimillionaires, and she was on her third new car at 18. Because she got the scholarship, a friend of ours (who had also applied and is actually from a disadvantaged background) ended up not being able to afford college.

Her mom was a stay at home mom with an amazing wardrobe, and her dad managed about twenty apartment complexes that the family owned. They had a beach house in Connecticut and Florida and a yacht for each. They had lobster dinners every weekend in the summer for a family of 15 plus friends. Her parents would hide money.

They kept everything in the grandparents' name. On paper it looked like their dad was a maintenance person hired at the apartment making $20k a year. When she graduated, her grandparents signed over the Connecticut beach house to her. It sold for 1.3 million. I asked her why she took the money and why she even applied.

She said her parents were smarter than his, so she deserved it. I just couldn't be friends with her anymore. She barely works now, lives off the family money, and he's finishing his associates this year, having worked multiple jobs to put himself through school and helping to raise his siblings. It still makes me sick.

Best friend breakupUnsplash

47. Not Very Funny

She was narcissistic. Everything between us was a constant competition. A bad spelling grade? Competition. An actual grade that only affects ourselves? Competition. My first proper crush? She just had to be more obsessed than I was. I only really stuck around her because she would laugh at my jokes, and that felt cool.

Best friend breakupUnsplash

48. Out The Woodwork

I opted to sell my truck and get a bike. My ex best friend and I had been friends for years. She lived about two hours away from me. But at that point, our relationship was spent over the phone mostly, so I figured I'd take a bus to see her a few weekends a year like I had always done before, and she could also see me.

Well, she stopped taking my calls, but I figured she was pretty busy and that she'd get around to me. But she didn't. Then one day, I saw something that made my stomach drop.  She'd posted pictures of a big camping trip with all of our friends. No one had even told me. It was that that made me realize that after 15 years, our friendship was not doing well.

Those few years before I sold my truck, our friendship depended on me being able to go visit her town whenever I wanted. Making plans so that I took a bus was too big of a commitment for her, which shouldn't have surprised me based on, well, her. But it did surprise me because I never thought she'd be that way with me.

Best friend breakupUnsplash

49. At A Standstill

He was too boring. It sounds awful, but he wouldn’t take one foot out of his very small comfort zone and would only go to the local village pub. We couldn't do anything else whatsoever on the weekends unless it was included in his already small social life. Our friends and I desperately wanted to go out into the towns.

We wanted to meet new people and experience new things while we're still in our mid 20s but could find no compromise with him. He's the nicest guy you'll ever meet, but not a great friend. They are not one in the same. He will not stick up for his friends or show loyalty if it means being decisive and rocking the boat.

You might imagine him an excessively shy person as a result of this, but he's not. He just doesn't have any interest in new things. We couldn’t organize a group holiday because he refuses to ever go abroad. He only wants to go the lake district. I haven't told him that I don't plan on doing the same thing each weekend.

The deal breaker is that my mom and sister who have no social lives of their own have chosen to befriend him. This meant if I ever tried to organize something with him there, I would be "excluding" them when I just wanted my own social life. It got so bad at home that I moved out. He was my best friend since childhood.

Bets friend breakupUnsplash

50. And You’re Out

My best friend in college was bi-polar. I already knew this about her, and it did not seem to affect our relationship. Then for no reason whatsoever, she decided to tell everyone I was a lesbian. I wasn't offended based on that; I was offended because I was still a virgin. She knew I was really self-conscious about it.

I was the only one of our friends who was still a virgin. She said the reason I hadn't had a boyfriend was because I was secretly into women. I basically ghosted her. I could not deal with her crazy anymore. She checked herself into a mental hospital. Her roommate told me it was my fault. I ended that relationship too.

Best friend breakupShutterstock

51. Not Under My Roof

He just had no drive to go anywhere in life. I had tried to get him a job in manufacturing, but he’s fine with living at home with his mom working jobs that went nowhere. He also showed up to my house for my daughter’s first birthday after not seeing him for months carrying a bottle and a black and mild behind his ear.

That was the last straw for me; you don’t show up like that disrespecting my house, my child, my fiancé, as well as my family who had come in from out of state. Read a room. You don’t bring a bottle to a 1-year-old’s birthday party.

Best friend breakupUnsplash

52. Rejection After Rejection

He had feelings for me, and neither of us were out or had ever dated. I loved him a lot like a sibling and turned him down, but we were attached at the hip too and continued spending time together like before. He was my only close friend of 8 years. We came out to each other a few weeks apart, and neither had any idea.

I always asked what he needed from me, and he agreed multiple times that it was fine. I didn’t really want to be alone, so I followed along. A few weeks later, suddenly every acquaintance, even the teachers, were commenting on how I was using him and not being considerate of his feelings. I had not come out to anybody.

So, he outed me, threw me under the bus, and after barely being able to cope with the torment in high school, I lost what little I had that made me feel safe or welcome at school. I chose to remain silent. Apparently, that was me admitting guilt, so I gave everyone the silent treatment for the last few weeks of school.

I graduated top in our class, refused a speech and threatened to swear in the middle of the stadium with 3,000+ people if they made me, was the first to walk and receive my diploma, and then immediately left the ceremony from the stage without looking back.

Best friend breakupUnsplash

53. You’re Hurting Me

She punched me in the groin out of anger unprovoked. And then when I confronted her about how it was wrong, she broke up three years of friendship because she didn't want to feel guilty. It wasn't the first time. She'd yell "attack" and playfully whack my crotch all the time. I used to think she was just being playful.

Best friend breakupShutterstock

54. All Booked Up

They decided to pretend that I didn't exist for the entire summer before I moved away to go to university. They didn't have any time for me whatsoever even though we had been friends since nursery school.

Best friend breakupUnsplash

55. So Close

Somebody robbed my house in college and made off with my $3K in savings from tips I'd earned working as a waitress. I found out the awful truth two years later: the culprit was my best friend, and the twisted part was he "was there for me" the whole time. He was the one I called when I realized what had happened. I never suspected him until then, but looking back, it all made sense.

Best friend breakupUnsplash

56. Good, Bye

My "best friend" ran off with my girlfriend after swearing for weeks that he would never do such a thing. The best part was that I was that he was married at the time, and had been the best man at his wedding. It really hurt at the time, but in retrospect, I'm glad it happened. I got to kick two pieces of junk out of my life on the same day. Plus, I met my wife two years later, and I've never been happier.

Best friend breakupUnsplash

Sources: Reddit,


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