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People Share How They Got Their Bosses Fired

It’s not every day you hear of an employee actually firing their employer. But, from negligence to inappropriate behavior, it’s possible for employees to finally stick up for themselves and get their terrible bosses fired. Here, people share what happened when they saw their boss to the door.

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#1 You’ll Be Sorry

Management was giving an injured worker trouble, not wanting to pay him, accusing him of goldbricking. The worker said, “Tell you what, do the right thing here or you will be sorry.” Management said, “take your best shot.” So, the worker called the EPA and APCD and told them where to find the logs that showed discrepancies in toxic material storage and usage. The sheriff’s deputies showed up and raided the offices. Field supervisors from 10 years ago who had retired got subpoenaed. It was epic. It cost the company massively in fines and remediation. All because you wanted to mess with one poor guy.

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#2 Getting Away With It

I got my boss disbarred. He was an attorney who was always harassing female clients and criminal defendants. He got away with it for over 20 years and preyed upon at least 12 different victims. The Office of Attorney Regulation censured him multiple times for other offenses, like being late to pay his annual bar fees.

But even though they knew about at least five of the victims, they wouldn't disbar him. I discovered that the Office of Attorney Regulation decides whether to "pursue an action" against an attorney based on a cost/benefit analysis. I gathered as much documentation of everything as I could, over a six month period.

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#3 Previous Injuries

I had a squad leader make us all stand out in the Missouri winter, soaking wet, until someone volunteered for weekend duty. I told him I had previous cold weather injuries (frostbite), but he ignored it. The corporal saw my blue feet when I took off my boots and sent me to the aid station. The doctor lost his mind and that squad leader was in another company the next day.

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#4 Lazy Schmuck

Where I work, I advanced through the company through hard work and dedication. However, as I progressed, I slowly began to usurp the boss's duties and responsibilities. Eventually, the owner realized what a lazy schmuck the old boss was and "laid him off." A week later, I earned myself a new title and a 35% raise.

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#5 Call Back

I used to work at a title company and witnessed our department manager forge mortgage documents on a fairly regular basis. So, when she went to upper management to throw the entire department under the bus for being behind on recording documents, I marched straight to HR to resign. I also let them know what she was doing. She was fired and they called me and offered my job back before the week was out.

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#6 Project Manager

I was a project manager who got moved around from project to project as a "fixer.” I was moved to a project where the customer just couldn’t be satisfied, no matter how many people, how much attention, how we bent over for them. Our program's director, who should have been our advocate, would not manage the customer, and instead just hammered his employees to do more. People on our team were being let go due to "failure" or quitting outright due to burnout. Yet, he was complaining that he couldn't get good people.

Because of my sort of special position as a general dogsbody, I happened to have the ear of our VP and this project came up in casual conversation. I mentioned that it seemed funny that if the director was doing his job, how so many good employees had "failed.” A week later, I heard that the director had been let go.

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#7 Work Email

By doing so much that it started an investigation into what they were actually doing during their day. Officially, she was fired for sending inappropriate photos through corporate email, but the only reason they were tracking her email was to understand what she was spending her time on. Turns out, it was an affair.

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#8 Caught in the Act

I used to be a store manager at a sporting goods store in the mall. One of my co-managers was sleeping with one of my teenage (underage) employees in that back stock room after the store closed on a regular basis. This was going on for several months, apparently. I found out when said teenager came to me and she said that my co-manager promised her a raise that she never got.

I asked her why he said that he would give her a raise. That is when she told me about the relations in the stock room. I had to call the police and corporate about this. We arranged a sting with the help of the girl, as she acted out for the police to meet up with my co-manager after work. Basically, they "caught him with his pants down," to use the term.

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#9 Filing a Report

I worked maintenance at an ice rink. The rule for anyone who knows how an ice rink works is if the Zamboni doors open, you get off the ice. Some idiot decided to ignore the fact that they were open and that I was standing in the doorway. They decided to rip off one last slap-shot. The puck bounced off the glass and hit me in the head.

I was okay but reported it to my boss because we have to fill out an incident report for things like that. The boss asked, "Are you okay?" I said I felt okay and he responded with, "Well, we don't really have to report it then do we?" I reminded him of the protocol, but it was clear he didn't really want to do it.

Since he wouldn't do it, I sent a descriptive email of the incident up to the administration because I felt there should be some sort of documentation in case, god-forbid, I ended up having a brain hemorrhage or something a few days later. After everything was said and done, that boss was fired by my next shift.

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#10 Making Promises

I once quit an old job of mine because I was sick of my old boss’s nonsense. On my way home, the company’s president called to talk to me about what had happened. He offered me two weeks of paid vacation (extra vacation on top of the five weeks I already received) and promised she would be gone when I came back.

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#11 The Last Person

I was an intern at a tech company. In a one-on-one meeting, my boss asked me what skillset I wanted to pursue in the future. I said that I wanted to do backend work (this was a programming internship). He replied, "Girls aren't smart enough for that type of work, how about we put you on the QA path, you'll do better there.”

At the time, I was so stunned that I just repeated quietly that I wanted to do backend work. The meeting awkwardly ended after that. I always thought that I would be courageous in the face of blatant sexism if it ever happened to me but, instead, I was silent because I was a 23-year-old who really needed that internship to turn into a real job.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I was out to lunch with a few co-workers. They brought along a lady who worked at the company for years. She'd been out on contract for a while so I hadn't met her yet. Everyone was talking about the boss and some of the stuff he had done or said to them, mostly just rude things.

So I took a chance and mentioned what happened in that meeting. She said she'd take care of it. Within a few days, he was fired by the big boss. I went on my first contract doing backend work about a month later and I loved it. As I understand it, I wasn’t the first person to have serious complaints about him, just the last person.

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#12 Jumping Ship

I had a job that required my supervisor to do evaluations of my cases and charts. She just hadn't, in months. She and my director ordered me and my co-workers to do our own chart audits, fill out the forms, and they would sign off. I was so tired of not having adequate supervision and weekly staff meetings where she yelled at us. Someone cried due to the stress, lack of support, and not having been paid enough to do everything. I was then told to do my job and their job, but I refused. I was told to do it or I would be fired. Nope. So, I got fired.

On the way out to my car, I called my former director who had moved to another agency. She set up an interview for the next day and I had a new job within 24 hours. She asked me what happened at that interview. I spilled all the tea. Her sister-in-law was on the board of the previous agency, so she called her and I told her everything, too. The director was fired and the supervisor was reprimanded and put on close monitoring. She ruined any chance of promotion and left shortly afterwards, I heard. I was just happy to have jumped ship from that toxic mess. I should have left months earlier.

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#13 Just be Honest

Our manager spent her whole shift in the office watching us on camera. If we so much as stopped to talk to each other, she'd come out and yell at us to get back to work. She was completely immature. One time, I left my water bottle at the front counter and my co-worker had to stop her from purposefully throwing it away. She would make up rules on the spot if she didn't like something someone did. I could go on. She was a terrible, unfriendly, hypocritical, mean manager.

Honestly, we all just went to the owners and told them everything and how it made us feel. They got human resources involved and got her fired. They also found out she may have been stealing or giving away products. It was such a relief. If you work for a small business, just be honest with the owners if management isn't family.

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#14 One of the Guys

It was my supervisor. It got to the point that I had decided to quit. I had my resignation letter in my purse but decided to let his boss know why I was quitting. The supervisor would talk about all the people on our team constantly, but only behind their backs. I honestly got so sick of telling him to cut it out.

My husband and I happened to work at the same place (different departments) and my supervisor would make comments about threesomes and what hotel we picked for our afternoon delight. It was so uncomfortable. Apart from that, he spent most of his supervising time outside. The problem was that the supervisor was "one of the guys" and I was the only girl.

Turns out, his boss was disgusted and told his boss, who lost his mind. They started an investigation, which took three days. They interviewed staff and corroborated what I said. They checked the security cameras and saw he was spending most of his workday outside. He was fired. When he was told, he guessed that I was the person who complained and tried to get to me to "apologize that I took it the wrong way.” The best feeling was my co-workers surrounding me as he was walked out. That was a lovely ending to it all.

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#15 Getting Picked On

I had a boss who refused to make accommodations for a disabled co-worker. She refused to keep other staff in line and basically let the disabled worker fall behind and get picked on because she (the boss) felt like she wasn’t required to do anything else. I work for a local government agency and reported it to our HR and upper management. After they did nothing, I contacted them again to let them know I would be filing a suit with the ACLU for ADA violations. My boss was gone in two weeks and the rest of the staff had mandatory ADA training.

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#16 Never Saw Him Again

He was always slacking off. He'd go and do a 15-minute task and be gone two hours. He'd have to “shoot off early” for a doctor’s appointment, or a dentist appointment, always with no prior warning and whenever he was obviously bored. This was, mind you, within weeks of the new shop opening and all of us being hired.

I was young and went along with it for a while. But my colleague was in her 40s and vaguely knew him anyway, so was not standing for it. She reported him repeatedly to our area manager, who decided to come down to speak to him about it. AM rung in the morning, told him to stay in the shop, and send one of us out for anything that needed doing.

He said he had something to do, but his boss said nope, you need you in the shop. Somehow, he didn't get the obvious message and went out anyway. The AM came down and he was gone. My manager wouldn't answer his phone all day and AM was super angry. At the end of the day when we were closing up, he walked past, posted his keys through the door, and I never saw him again. Didn't even attempt to argue his case.

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#17 Graphs and Math

I used math to prove to their superior how severely my boss had underestimated turnover three years in a row, costing a ton of money and labor issues. One day earlier, the boss had screamed at my team until his face went purple, making a huge spectacle in front of the entire floor. The gist was that we were colluding against the company by (a handful of us) electing not to renew our contracts. I came back with graphs and maths, baby. He was demoted and transferred out a couple of weeks later.

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#18 Mysteriously Quitting

I proved myself as a competent management-level employee. She, on the other hand, showed favoritism, broke rules, set schedules nobody could work and all-around didn’t give care as an assistant manager. When the manager left, she assumed she was a shoe-in. After all, she was the assistant manager so why wouldn’t she be promoted? We both got called into a meeting the district uppity up, told us both that I was going to be the new manager. She lost it and I never saw her again. Quickly after, all her relatives who worked there quit mysteriously.

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#19 New Director

She was hired as a new director. The problem with that was that she didn’t know much of anything about what she claimed she did. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when she stated that her boss would sign anything she put in front of him because he didn’t know what it was. She didn’t last long after that. Oops!

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#20 Every Keystroke

I was the head chef of a small restaurant that I eventually owned. The owner (who was rarely there) suspected the general manager of stealing. On quiet nights, if she thought she wasn't asking enough on tips, she would go into the computer from the manager’s screen and delete any tables that were paid in cash, pocketing the money.

I got suspicious when my food cost numbers would just never add up to what was being sold. So, I got ahold of the software company that ran out the computer system. Turned out, they had a backdoor that even the management couldn’t see that logs every single keystroke. She ripped off close to $20,000 over a six-month period. She was asked to leave after that but for some reason, the owner didn't bother to press charges.

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#21 New Company

My mother got this done. She worked for a starting company and her boss really needed her help because the boss wanted my father to invest (he owns a couple of companies). My mother would get a job as a second rank CEO, right under the woman she got fired. Rather, the boss kept treating her like garbage, so she told my father. My father told the other investors and all three of them canceled the deal. They set up the same kind of company with my mom as the only CEO. The people who worked for that former boss left and began working at the new company.

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#22 Not the First Strike

I didn't get him fired per se, but something I was involved in did. I was testing welds in the bullnose area of a power boiler and basically a 20' piece of steel boiler tube with 5/8" membrane welded to each side fell and just about chopped me in half. I reported the incident to my boss and the night shift supervisor. My boss said that they would take care of it. I had to fill out a report myself, which I handed off to the safety lead when he showed up in the morning. My boss never reported anything, he lost his job the next day for mishandling the situation. It wasn't his first strike.

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#23 More for Less

I had a boss who was skimming off employee hours at Walmart. I took screenshots of my employees’ hours on Thursday before the shift started and then screenshots of their hours on Friday that showed that all of them had a couple of hours skimmed off their work week. I was a low-level manager and he was an upper-tier manager. He got fired. I believe his motivation was that he wanted to get promoted and wanted to show that he could get more done in fewer man-hours. It probably would have impacted his bonus too.

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#24 Sealed His Fate

I got a project manager, who worked with my team, fired when it was obvious he didn't understand the business domain. He also put no work into understanding it or even breaking down the problems with the team. During a stakeholder meeting, we were asked about the gameplan for tackling the project and he spewed some nonsense. I asked what the actual plan was in detail. When he tried to come up with something to explain that the problem is very complex and there is no clear path to building the project, that sealed his fate.

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#25 Reported for Months

I told supervisors that my direct boss was stealing so much product and time from the store. I knew it. Her stories didn’t add up, she was never helping us on the floor, always in her office, would take two-hour lunch breaks and not clock out and leave early. She’d also tell me she was coming in early when the store didn’t open until 9.

I told them for about eight months. No one followed up on it. I didn’t get her fired, per se, but I basically made her unable to get rehired or not able to use us as a reference. I got promoted to her position after she left and I found thousands of dollars worth of empty boxes shoved in the back of her desk drawers. I’m sure she was taking cash from the register, too.

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#26 Everything Was Documented

I worked for a pharma company and my supervisor was always a jerk to me. On one of my annual reviews, he put that I had changed the parameters on one of our pieces of equipment so that it was out of spec. It's a lot more complicated, but I refused to sign my review and basically proved that it didn't happen. Now, everything was documented there including our reviews. His submitting false information on my review was a fireable offense. I ended up quitting right after I got him fired because basically everyone there was like that.

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#27 Rank Your Management

I work for the federal government. We have a yearly review for all employees to fill out where you can rank your management. Enough people complained that it caught someone's attention and they sent in auditors to investigate. Our boss was incompetent and cost us the necessary funding because they simply weren't doing their job. What got them fired in the end though was time fraud. Auditors found it when doing the general investigation about the complaint.

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#28 Just a Suggestion

I called the head office and suggested that they do a random substance test on him. He constantly treated me like garbage, said horrible things about me behind my back to literally all of my co-workers, and said awful things to my one black co-workers. I knew for a fact he was always using something, so you make me lose my job and I'll make you lose yours.

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#29 Please Come Back

We were facing layoffs after the tech bubble burst. I told upper management I would take the severance package, but that I really enjoyed working there and they should feel free to call me if they changed their minds. When it became clear that my manager was just having me do all her work, they let her go and brought me back. I even got to keep the severance, so I got double-paid for a couple of weeks. That was really nice.

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#30 Not an Improvement

Every person in my department filed multiple complaints about our incompetent director. The CEO finally got the message that it would be cheaper and easier to fire and replace him than it would be to fire and replace all 50 of us. Unfortunately, the guy that replaced the former director was not an improvement, so I found a better job and quit. My current boss is awesome.

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#31 Old School

The new boss got rid of a temp worker when he found out she was pregnant. I had his motivation for getting rid of her in an email, which I forwarded to HR. Bye. I'd heard about old school sexism but never got to experience it first-hand. He treated me and other women like trash and he wanted to shoehorn me into a position that I'd been promoted from three times over because he thought it would make me quit. He was let go four months after he started.

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#32 Felt Really Great

I had a boss at Papa John's that was a total jerk to all of his employees. I'd seen him throw pizzas, pizza cutters, oven trays, you name it. He'd also cuss out employees whether or not there were customers in the store. I even caught him re-dating expired food so he could still use it. After he fired me, I decided to file a complaint with corporate and they did an investigation and then fired him. He had just been promoted to training general manager and received general manager of the year. He also won a free cruise to the Bahamas and they stripped that away from him so fast. It felt really great.

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#33 Very Long Investigation

I worked at an insurance company many years ago. I ended up in the dept that deals with write-offs and stolen vehicles, etc. I found many vehicles that were stolen and paid out for and then recovered. However, my manager and his number two had a little side action where. They’d be informed of these vehicles and if there was little to no damage, they would personally recover them. One time, his number two flew out to Holland and rode a motorcycle back to the UK.

They’d then sell these and pocket the cash between them. I kept a note of all the case numbers as I came across them and. I’d had enough of the boss belittling me in front of the team and I handed my notice in. During my meeting, I was asked why I was leaving, so I told them. They asked if I had anything else to say or add. I smiled and slid the list of all the case numbers and said to maybe look into them. Needless to say, both were sacked after a very long investigation.

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#34 By Next Shift

I worked the register at a tour company. I also had a manager who hated me for some reason. She was probably the worst person I've ever met. She constantly yelled at us for no reason, got on me about answering questions a new hire had (when I was asked, not her), wrote down I was 30 minutes late for a shift when I was two minutes late, etc.

We had a sneaking suspicion that she was taking money from our tills, as she was always the one who counted down the till when someone got fired for stealing cash. I made it a habit to count down every bill when I gave it back to a customer because we would get pay docked if we were even one dollar off. So, if a customer had $23 in change, I'd count 20, one two three in front of them, so I knew I'd given back the right amount. We also had cameras pouring at the registers.

Well, one day my GM pulls me aside and says $20 was missing from my till and they were going to fire me. I straight up told my boss she could look at the cameras because I counted out all my bills for customers. Lo and behold! That stupid woman was the one who counted down my till and got caught on tape pocketing the money. She was gone by my next shift.

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#35 His New Job

Manager (33m) at [popular video game store] harassed every female teenage employee. After months, I finally reported it. He was fired but the way they fired him let him collect unemployment, and got hired somewhere else as a manager soon after. The reason he was fired was never disclosed and they made all of us sign NDAs. I was young and dumb at the time and needed a paycheck. I was also told I couldn’t go back to work until I signed the paperwork. So, basically he got fired, made out fine and probably harassed girls at his new management job.

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#36 Us Versus Them

My co-worker caught our boss lifting our codebase and reusing it to complete work for personal clients. Even after he was caught, he almost kept his job. In my experience, the person who hired your boss doesn’t want to admit it was a bad hire and will support them to the point of ridiculousness. Plus, there’s frequently a vibe in management of us vs them and complaints from non-management just become background noise.

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#37 Writing to Corporate

I was a worker at Chipotle. At my store, we would always have new GMs all the time. One GM we had was a complete jerk. My co-workers were literally scared of her. Anyway, I have a disorder and my doctor gave me a note to give to the store that prevents me from working on the line and from serving any customers.

So, I just work on the back, make the food and do dishes. One day, she came up to me and demanded I go on the line (the place where the workers serve the customers’ food). I told her I couldn’t because of my disorder. She told me to go or else I'd be fired. (This is illegal. If you have a disorder of some sort and gave a doctor’s note to your workplace that prevents you from doing something, your boss cannot tell you to do the thing you are prevented from doing.)

After my shift, my father picked me up because I didn't have a car. He saw me shaken up and knew right away that my boss put me on line. He barged in the store and started laying into her. He was furious. After that, she was like my servant. She would never tell me what to do and let me do anything I want. But… she still treated my co-workers like animals. So, all of the workers including me wrote into corporate and complained about her. She was fired immediately.

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#38 The Higher-Ups

In one of my past jobs, we got rid of two higher-ups. One who was the franchise owner and he was inviting underage employees to his private residence, giving them alcohol and then insinuating if they "helped him out" they could quickly move up through the company and own their own restaurant. He was brought down by my co-worker’s sister writing a whole story about what happened and how he tried to coerce her.

The second guy was a manager and he was just a huge disgusting loser. He literally told an employee, "If you don't do what I say, I'll take your head off." It took six months to get rid of him and it required (probably) illegally recording group meetings where he'd regularly threaten employees. He wasn't fired, though. He was moved to Tallahassee to work in their corporate offices.

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#39 He Deserved It

My former boss sent me an email where he said he wanted to terminate some people to make room for some regular employees. The list of people to be fired were all minorities. I forwarded the email to the proper authorities and they began an investigation which ultimately led to the boss getting fired. That fool deserved it.

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#40 People Can Hear You

I called corporate, pretending to be a customer who overheard the manager call another customer a slur. It did happen, but I was a cashier. It was a crowded and busy lunch hour with many customers who could have heard her. This was fast food. She got fired and I got promoted as I was a team lead with seniority at the time.

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#41 Power Trip

I  had a shift supervisor who was seriously power tripping. She had her clique of friends and I was the odd one out. She would write me up for stupid things (none was ever signed off by upper management and, I found out later, she was eventually told to stop). She’d also publicly berate me for small mistakes.

I used to work out in the on-site exercise room during my lunch. So one night, she announced that I couldn't work out that night "in case we get busy, we can call you." I countered that the workout room was literally a 30-second leisurely walk away and within shouting distance. She began screaming in front of the shift about me being insubordinate. That night, she left the site for an hour and a half (lunch is an hour) to go to Walmart.

When I snapped and resigned, upper management and HR did an exit interview. When this came out, they started checking video and found she was leaving the premises for upwards of four hours in a 12-hour shift on mystery errands. After a bit more investigation, she was demoted to worker bee, quit in a fit of rage, and tried to sue for discrimination. Last I heard, every lawyer she hired quit when they saw the results of the investigation. I was asked to come back, but I'd found a job I adore that pays twice as much. I'm still on good terms with the old workplace.

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#42 Things Bad Managers Do

When I was hired at my job, I had no idea my boss was an absolute nightmare. She was like a greatest hits compilation of Things Bad Managers do. She would lie and throw us under the bus to protect herself, talk about other team members to us and try to get us to agree with her, hate other people on the team, etc.

She also lied about her qualifications and couldn’t do any of the things she should have been able to. So any time she got involved with a project, it took ten times longer and came out worse. There were people outside our department who straight up refused to work with her and she wasn’t allowed to work on their projects. But everyone in our department was so good at what we did and covering for her that it looked to everyone like our department was running fine.

Finally, less than a year after I had started, she told a co-worker she thought it was time to fire me and replace me. The reason being I disagreed with her (very professionally) on something and ended up being right. Once I heard that, I just went to our COO (who was over our department) and told him what was going on. I added that I didn’t want to give him an ultimatum or anything but that I couldn’t continue to work on a team where I was scared of losing my job anytime I disagreed in a very normal and professional way with my boss.

He was horrified and individually talked to the other members of my team over the next couple of days. That was towards the end of the week. The next Monday was normal. Tuesday, I was sitting at my desk working and all of a sudden she tapped me on the shoulder and told me they had fired her and she was leaving. I was so shocked I just said, “Wow, sorry, good luck with everything.” It was wild and unexpected but I was glad they took such fast action. Since then, our team has been great. We no longer have people outside of our department who won’t work with us!

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#43 Direct Evidence

An old boss of mine tried to pin stolen money on me that I had no access to. The owner confronted me about it and I convinced her to look into my addicted boss who hadn't thought her stupid plan all the way through. Needless to say, the evidence pointed squarely and directly to her and only her. She was fired.

File:Surveillance.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#44 Too Stupid to Catch On

I worked at a sandwich shop in college. A group of co-workers figured out that they could make deliveries, come back to the store, delete the orders from the system, and pocket all the money. This went on for months . When corporate finally caught on, they fired the GM for being too stupid to realize his employees had been stealing. They also fired the involved parties, of course.

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#45 A Yelling Match

My boss got into a yelling match with a customer who was correct about some handicap seat laws (I worked at a movie theater). My boss was wrong about it and we all knew it, so I wrote down some contact info to his boss and told the guy my boss’s name. A few weeks later, my boss was cleaning out his office. The new management was a woman who had never worked in a movie theater before and we were always busy, so she forgot a ton of vital stuff.

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#46 Extra Money

I got promoted and got a pretty decent pay raise. I wasn't getting the extra money, so I asked my manager about it. He would say, “Oh yeah it's coming. These things take time.” Eventually, I went over his head, spoke to his boss and was met with shock. Apparently, they had been paying it for months. My manager was redirecting my raise to somewhere else in the department, cooking the books somehow. He wasn't actually stealing my money, but he was using it to make sure he got a performance bonus. He was gone within the week.

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#47 CEO Confrontation

Our new CTO created a list of people to fire. He had everyone that wasn't Indian on the list. It was about half of the people under him, which totaled about 20% of all the employees. I got to overhear the CEO confront him, fire him and tell him to go back to Microsoft. That guy lasted less than a week.

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#48 Christmas Eve

My boss tried to keep me at work late on Christmas Eve to make me miss my flight home as payback for something I'd done. It wasn’t malicious or even intentional, but that challenged her authority as a small retail clothing store manager. She didn't succeed and I was still mad about it when I got back, so I went to HR and told them I was quitting and why. They started interviewing the other few employees that morning and received some harassment complaints they might not have heard otherwise. She was fired by that afternoon.

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#49 Told Them Everything

I put in my notice due to his incompetence. I got a call from our HR department (which I learned existed when they called me) and told them everything that was going on. I added how he was damaging the department. He wasn’t immediately fired, but as I understand it, upper management took steps to have him demoted starting shortly after my departure.

File:Woman at work MacBook.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#50 Turning it Over

I spent a year compiling various things against her and turned it over to the EEOC. I brought the issues up to HR and they ignored it. When it went to mediation, one of my requests was she get fired. At first they objected, but I stood firm. She was a racist openly, making statements against customers, openly discriminating against any customer that wasn’t white and making horrible statements against my kids, who are biracial. Bye, Felicia!

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