5 Foolproof Gift Ideas Anyone Will Like

5 Foolproof Gift Ideas Anyone Will Like

Whether you’re looking for something for your best friend, your partner, your coworker, your parents or your in-laws, gift shopping can be hard. There’s always the worry that they may not like what you got them—and then what? Finding a gift that will please even the toughest people to shop for is no easy feat. Luckily, there are a handful of foolproof presents that are easy to find and a pleasure to receive. Scroll on for five gift ideas that would make anyone happy this holiday season.

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#1 A connected home assistant

Give the gift of household convenience to your family and friends with a Google Nest Hub, a Google Nest Mini, an Amazon Echo Dot or an Amazon Alexa. These connected home assistants can answer questions, cast video to your TV, play music, call your contacts and much, much more. It’s a neat gift that even the not-so-tech-savvy will enjoy.


#2 A polaroid camera

A fun way to capture any moment, polaroid cameras like the Fujifilm Instax make the perfect gift for the millennials in your life. They’re also extremely easy to find last minute if you’re short for time (or completely forgot to get them something). If your gift receiver has a serious interest in photography, try a film camera instead. While many camera shops will sell brands like Nikon and Canon for exorbitant prices, your local second-hand store should have a few older models stocked for affordable prices.


#3 A French press

Coffee never goes out of style. A French press turns any morning into a good one with simple, delicious coffee that’s ready in minutes. It also looks more expensive than it costs–a decent French press shouldn’t set you back more than $30. Pair it with a bag of ground coffee and this gift is sure to become a morning staple in your friends and family’s homes.


#4 An Oil Diffuser

A good oil and scent diffuser will make your house smell like a spa, and who doesn’t want that? Diffusers also elevate your mental health and wellbeing using plant-based essential oils, like lavender or peppermint. You can get these at pretty much any department store and online at Amazon. They range in price from around $15 to $100, but you don’t have to get one at the top end of that price scale. A diffuser around $30-$40 should do the job just fine.


#5 A basket of zero-waste products

Haven’t you heard? Green is the new black. Give the gift of sustainability with a series of zero-waste products everyone can use. A single stainless steel straw or bamboo fork might be a little underwhelming, so consider making a basket of reusable everyday items instead! Grab a gift bag and throw in a mesh shopping bag, a reusable coffee mug, beeswax wraps, a bamboo toothbrush and a few handmade soap bars.


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