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Men Share Telltale Signs That A Woman Is Creepy

Men are often demonized for the creepy or unsettling things that they do. However, we’re all humans here and we’re all capable of odd behavior that turns off others. These men share some notable signs that a woman is a little off her rocker.


#1 No Girls Allowed

I dated someone who wouldn’t let me hang out with my friends. She stalked my Facebook friends and questioned every female friend I had. She got mad once because a female called me (her name showed up) and I had to explain that it was my cousin from my dad's side. But, she still got irritated. She even threw a fit when I had to visit my parents alone.


#2 Unexpected Date

This girl I met online had me take her out to a restaurant and then switched tables with her friend. They had been on blind dates and decided to switch. Her friend was not as attractive and I was very uncomfortable. After ordering my food, I went to the bathroom for 10 minutes to contemplate my exit strategy. When I got back, they had both left. The other guy asked if he could sit with me, so we had dinner and he ate "his" date's enchiladas. It was actually kind of fun after they left.


#3 Could You Not?

Outright refusing to believe that a guy might not be into her advances. I've seen a woman stare in bewilderment at her boyfriend after he had to repeatedly remove her hand from his la. She couldn't comprehend that he didn't feel like getting felt up in a public area. I've also had a woman (middle-aged) throw a tantrum because I wouldn't buy her a drink while I was with my family.


#4 Her Episodes

My ex-girlfriend would legitimately freak out, throw things and scream at me. That's not the disturbing thing, though. She would somehow forget about it, hit reset and act like it didn't happen the next day. This happened over and over. I started filming her episodes to prove to myself that I wasn't going crazy.



#5 No One Understands Me

For a long time, I thought women who described themselves as “someone people don’t get ” were mysterious. I thought that if I could come to understand them, our relationship would be deeper and more meaningful. Over time, I learned that women who complain that other people don't get them are just bad at communicating, which makes relationships with them more difficult and failure-prone.


#6 Scarily Unwarranted

I really want to highlight how big of a red flag it should be if she tells you that all of her exes are crazy. I met a woman who told me how bad her exes were, how they were scary, unstable psychos. Well, when we broke up, she told the exact same stories about me. I'm one of the least crazy people you'll meet. It really blew my mind because I had basically automatically believed her when she told me about her exes, but then saw firsthand how that belief was scarily unwarranted.


#7 Hypothetical Child

She'll "joke" about having kids before you're even in a serious relationship. I went on a couple of dates with this one girl who had mentioned how much she wanted kids. Nothing unusual, I'm looking forward to being a dad one day. Then she started sending me those weird things where you put two people's pictures together and see what their kids would look like. One time would be quirky. But she sent me a different one every morning for a week. I broke it off when I realized I hadn't even given her a picture of myself.


#8 Getting Her Back Up

I was excited to go on a first date with a cute girl. The night before the date, everything was good! Come the morning, I got a text from her saying she was a little nervous because she just got out of a fairly serious relationship. I replied saying, “Yeah that's fair. How recent was it?” She then flipped a switch and started swearing at me, acting like I was accusing her of something. I told her to not worry about the date. She says some snide, "Yeah, fine!" And that was that. It was really weird.


#9 Obsessive Praise

I had a boss who acted like I could do no wrong. She praised me and thought I was the best. Then one day, it was like a switch flipped and she turned on me. She acted like I was the spawn of Satan. I don’t know how I didn't lose my job. Somehow, I weaseled my way out of that mess. Then I noticed she did the same thing with all her new men employees. I don’t take well to obsessive praise anymore after her.


#10 Too Selfish

I had a girlfriend who yelled at me for spending $9,000 on my mountain bike instead of on her. I race professionally and I took her out to dinner at least three times a week. I also got her gifts all the time. Plus, we got to travel the world thanks to sponsors. But that one purchase for myself was too selfish.



#11 Keeping Tabs

When she puts a phone in your trunk on top of your spare tire to track you via GPS. I don't use my trunk. She knew that. She hooked it up to the 12v charger in my trunk and put a tracking app on the additional line she bought. I only discovered it when I had a blowout and had to use it. When I questioned her about it, she said she had trust issues. But good news! Every time I told her I was somewhere, I was at that place! We broke up after that.


#12 Sign of Trust

Asking for your passwords as a sign of "trust". Nope. I have nothing to hide. However, when you think you need to have that information, it shows you already don't trust me. Anyone who asks and then says they won't use it, is lying. They may not use it that day, or even soon, but they will use it at some point. The same suspicion that led to them asking for it will lead them to use it.


#13 I’ll Be Watching You

When the girl you’re dating knows more about your errands than what you told her. It honestly gets extra creepy if she becomes angry when you deviate from your initial daily plans. However, there are extra, extra creepy points if she starts angrily texting you when you change your plans as your day is unfolding.


#14 Part of God’s Plan

I had an absolutely gorgeous southern baptist girl in college take a liking to agnostic me. It didn't last long especially after she partied too hard, overslept and missed a final and failed a class. She just said, "Oh well, it's part of God's plan" and carried on like nothing happened. I don't want any part of that level of a lack of personal responsibility.


#15 Incoming Hands

When she thinks my beard or hair is public domain. Partying girls at bars love to just walk up and grab my beard or run their fingers through my hair. Excuse me? I don’t care how hot you think you are. Keeping your greasy fingers away from my face. If you would like to touch, say, “Hey, you have a real nice beard. Would you mind if I felt it?” I’d be happy to give you a go. But don’t think for one second that you’re entitled to just start touching me just because you’re hot. It’s creepy and makes me uncomfortable. Not to mention, who likes random people grabbing their face?


#16 All-Consuming Obsession

An all-consuming obsession with horses. An inability to live her life as it is now, instead being laser-focused on getting a husband and then having children. I'm not talking about normal long-term goals here. I mean a single girl who's always talking about finding her husband and having kids, when the proper next step is finding a boyfriend, then engagement, marriage, and then having children. Every girl I've known who is like this has also lived rent-free with parents, which tends to limit one's romantic opportunities.



#17 Stephen King Scenario

A long time ago in the ‘90s, I was set up on a blind date. The girl knew way too much about me. She knew my brothers’ names, where I grew up, and other personal stuff you'd have to dig a little to find out. This was pre-Facebook and she would've had to ask people who actually knew me to find out. She was just a friend of a friend of a friend kind of thing, so I noped out of that one pretty quick. Later, I asked the people who had set up the date, "What the heck?” Turns out, the girl had had this super long crush on me. She was reportedly devastated that I wasn't into her. Luckily, I steered clear of that possible Stephen King novel scenario.


#18 You Need to See This

My ex tried to blame her constant control and guilt antics on a bad reaction to her birth control. We lived about an hour away from each other and she called me from her car in my driveway, and insisted for 20 minutes that she had to see me and explain this in person. I absolutely refused. I told her over and over that I didn't want to see her and she could say whatever it was over the phone. All this happened after I told her that I hoped we could be friends, but that we should go no contact for a couple of months to let things settle.

I found out later why she was so insistent. In the three weeks since I broke up with her, she was basically starving herself. She was exercising obsessively and lost around 20 pounds. She convinced herself the reason I broke up with her was that she had gained a little weight. She thought once I saw her I would change my mind.

I didn't even know what to think of that. I was also slightly offended because she thought I was that shallow. Additionally, I was even more creeped out that she had her head that far in the sand. She invented an imaginary problem and solution for me leaving instead of seeing her own behavior for even a second.


#19 Leave Me in Peace

When she is a colleague from work and she turns up at the gym coincidentally five minutes after you have arrived. She’s in a low cut top and starts laughing, touching your arms, bending over and just generally being weird. She does this when she knows that you have a wife and kids and this 45-minute session is the only peace you get three times a week.


#20 I’ll Just Leave

I had to leave the after party of my grad school graduation because this girl who I couldn't stand wouldn't stop trying to kiss me. Like, I'd push her away and move somewhere else and she would still follow me and try to make out with me. After several minutes of me telling her to get away from me, I just had to leave. The alternative was smacking her, which probably wouldn't have gone well in a crowded place.


#21 Old Church Group

I met this girl in a church group in middle school. We got to know each other because of the group but didn’t really become friends or anything. I stopped going when I went to high school and didn’t talk to her for three years. She commented on a Facebook status I had and we got to chatting. I agreed to hang out the next weekend.

I asked if we should invite other people in our old church group since I hadn’t seen any of them in a while and she said no. I thought this was because she liked me and wanted to hang out with me, so I was flattered. I kept talking to her throughout the day. The next morning, I woke up around 10:00 a.m. to about seven or eight missed calls, two voice messages, and countless text messages from her.

I was pretty creeped out by then. The nail in the coffin was one of the messages I got was from an old friend from the church group asking me if I talked to that girl. I was confused about how my friend knew I talked to this girl the day before. Turns out the girl started messaging my friends asking when I woke up in the morning and why I hadn’t messaged her back.


#22 Personal Information

When they tell you extremely personal details that are supposed to make you sympathetic but just make you uncomfortable and not sure how to react. I had a girl who told me on the way to a park that her first time was in a park (already kind of personal) and that she was attacked. She said it really casually too. More power to her if she’s moved past trauma, but just casually dropping it in conversation was a red flag.



#23 My New Tattoo

My girlfriend was practicing her signature and asked if she could see mine. Innocent enough, right? I rattled off a few beautiful signatures on a napkin, and beyond admiring my own handy work, didn’t think of it any further. Fast forward a week, and she said, “Check out my new tattoo.” Sure enough, it’s my signature (first name only) on her right hip. Yikes. Fast forward further to her solo European trip. Turns out, she went behind my back with a guy with the same first name. I bet he was scared.


#24 Don’t Try Anything

A girl I befriended in college seemed pretty cool at first. But I quickly learned she had huge attention-seeking problems. I took her to a party where she was all over me. Arm in arm, holding my hand everywhere we went, I wasn't allowed to be alone. When I was talking to another pair at the party, a couple at that, she kicked it up a notch, trying to kiss and be cuddly.

I was fine with it at the time because hey, she seemed nice, she was cute, a little intense, but I could have been misreading it. Plus, I was certainly into her. It was kind of nice being the target of someone else's affection like that. After the party, I walked her back to the dorm and she very informatively told me not to try anything because she had a boyfriend.


#25 Just Checking In

When she starts taking offense to doing anything without her involvement. I had one girlfriend who insisted that she be with me for any outing. Watching movies with friends, having dinner with the guys, she always found a way to come along. When I asked why she was so insistent on going everywhere with me, she said she wanted to make sure I wasn't talking to any other girls. Shortly after, she told me to cut off contact with every girl I regularly talked to, which really just signaled a huge insecurity problem.

I told her I wasn't going to do that and to be assured that I chose her to be in a relationship with. If I wanted anyone else, I wouldn’t have signed up to be with her. That didn't stop her, though. One day, I went out to have BBQ with the guys without her and noticed a car was following me. It was her making sure there weren't any girls I was talking to. I broke it off with her after that. After a few days of her sending a constant bombardment of angry texts, she finally left me alone.


#26 Saving for Later

A friend of mine had a girlfriend that had a huge foot interest and was with him because he had nice-looking feet for a guy. He broke it off because he found some Tupperware with toenail clippings and names taped to each of the Tupperware in her apartment. Guys’ names. His name was on one. She was otherwise a nice person.


#27 Fixing Your Life

When she starts to try to control every aspect of your life. Who you see, your hobbies, your work. She starts to make everything about her, and if she isn't interested in something, you aren't allowed to be interested in it either. But you have to be interested in everything she is interested in, fostering this insane co-dependence where neither one of you amounts to anything without the other. Then she starts bragging about how terrible you were before she came along and started "fixing" you. It didn't happen to me but it happened to a friend. They got married and he's miserable.


#28 Be Human, Woman

Last year I was pretty active online, trying to meet new people and make new friends. One girl who seemed super sweet and friendly asked me out after what was probably the second time talking to her. I was into another girl at the time and didn't want to date anyone while having genuine feelings for someone else.

So, I declined and it was like a switch just flipped in her head. She started scream-texting me, saying how she wanted everyone to stop lying to her. I just thought "Yikes" and replied with, "Yeah, thank God I didn't accept when you asked me out." Then she blocked me. Women who are just too sweet and innocent always make me uncomfortable. Show some emotion. Be human, woman!


#29 I’ll Be Waiting

I had my son with me for visitation, told my then-girlfriend that it was bonding time for me and my boy and I would see her the next day. So, I took him to the beach and we were gone pretty much all day. We went back to the house, got pizza and watched some movies while we waited for his mom to come pick him up.

My buddy was outside as we drove up and saw us pulling up and invited us in. He hadn't seen my son in forever and they got along great, mostly because my boy was really good at Mario and they would play together. So I thought, “Why not? We’ve got maybe half an hour before his mom shows up to pick him up anyway.” We park and I noticed a familiar car in front of my house. My girlfriend was waiting there for me to come home, for four hours. We broke up after that.


#30 The Other Man

I started seeing a girl who told me she had just broken up with a long time boyfriend. She seemed totally cool with it and explained they'd been together so long they just didn't have any spark anymore. We met because we partied with mutual friends and ended up hooking up. This continued for a while and she was a little intense, but I figured she just enjoyed having some fun.

A few weeks later, after we had visited each other's schools a bunch of times, I mentioned to a mutual friend that she and I had been together for a little bit. She was like, “What are you talking about? She just broke up with her boyfriend last week? Everyone thought they would get married because they had such a wonderful relationship. She was all over him all the time, and they always seemed super in love.”

As you can imagine, I felt like garbage about being “that guy.” I texted her on the spot and told her it couldn't be like that. She lost it on me a few times but I just told her, if I was in the other guy's place, I'd hate me. It’s obvious where her mind was, but I’m not about trying to live a life like that.


#31 Keep an Eye Out

A good rule of thumb is that you should watch how they treat the common person. Are they rude to waiters and waitresses over something petty? If they got the wrong drink or something, do they overreact? Watch how they do in a day-to-day annoyance and that’ll give you a good idea of how they are normally.


#32 College Letters

When she claims she’s pregnant just to find out if you really love her. Also, when she writes a letter to your parents after you break up with her, claiming she was forced to have it terminated. Then she has the nerve to demand they pay for the procedure. I actually still have that letter. College was a fun time.


#33 Parade of Red Flags

I tried hanging out with an old friend and she was being very kind. Eventually, things got a little heavy. But when she started saying things like, "I don't know what's gotten into me. I'm not usually like this..." I started seeing the parade of red flags. I was eventually able to get her out of my place around 5:00 a.m. without having to do anything. But it wasn't easy. A week later, she was going out with a guy I knew and made him unfriend every woman he knew on Facebook and eventually deleted his account entirely. I can't help but feel I dodged a huge bullet on that one.


#34 A Few Notes

When she starts planning your life together after the first date or if she starts bombarding you with gifts. Also, you should really take note of whether or not she has any close friends of her own. Usually, the crazy ones don't. Oh, and if she ever shows up at your house uninvited in the middle of the night, run or move.


#35 Attractive People Mentality

I had a pizza delivered by a cute delivery girl. As she was handing it to me, she told me quite directly that she expected a big tip because she was cute. I gave her half the tip I was planning to give to her. This is a big turn-off and pet peeve. Attractive women who expect special treatment in every little interaction in life because they’re attractive. Okay, attractive people, I’m happy for you. But don't let it ruin your personality because that is not attractive.


#36 Follow the Leader

As a doctor, I got the feeling that a patient of mine was creepy when I noticed her following me home. She drove right past my house. I called 911 and they told me what to do. I also drove to the police station. She followed me right into the parking lot. When she realized where we were, she high tailed it out of there.


#37 First Night Together

On our first night together, she said, "My parents are probably going to get divorced when my younger brother graduates college". Also, "I was in a bad way and I dated a guy in the military long-distance who I met online. He's coming back soon, he might come after me." My God, I missed so many glaring red flags.


#38 Questioning Reality

Making you question your own reality. My ex-girlfriend and I were hanging out in high school. Hanging out went great, nothing huge at all. When we broke up, she told people I attacked her and almost broke her arm. She had visible bruises. One, I don't remember that at all. Two, she was a thrower for shot put on the track team and worked out. I was a doughboy video game and movie nerd who didn’t work out besides a manual labor job. To this day, I don't know what really happened and it messes with me sometimes.


#39 Slapping on Labels

Her last boyfriend was very hurtful. Okay, that sucks. But then her boyfriend before that was the same way. And before that. And she still talked to these guys. It also turns out they weren't really hurting her. She just slapped a label on anything not to her liking. Now, you’re also harmful for calling her out on things like this because you're gaslighting her stories she likes to tell…


#40 Time Together

I dated a girl for a while who started getting jealous of the gym. It was the final sign of many that maybe I should start working my way out of that one. It might have been one thing if we lived together or spent the afternoons together, but we didn't. She would get upset that I would go during times she couldn't come over anyway.

Her reasoning was that it "seemed" like I spent more time there than with her, which was absurdly delusional. She was the one who had the circumstances that prevented us from spending more time together anyway, but somehow she got mad at me for doing anything else because it made her jealous knowing I was doing things in my own interest.


#41 Claiming Something Different

My ex-best friend claimed that all of her ex-boyfriends attacked her. We had a party once and she was all over this guy, wanting to take him to bed, and led him to her bedroom. The next morning, she said he attacked her. She wasn't super partied-out, he was more out of it than her. Plus, she had a boyfriend at the time.


#42 That Question

If she constantly asks “Am I fat?” because the girl you dated was smaller than her. I’m not saying like while she’s putting on clothes or something. But like, in the middle of relations She’d look at me and ask, “Am I fat because your ex was skinnier than me?” Like, I’m sorry. That’s a huge turn off and if you’re going to ask me every time, I’m going to have to cut this off. I don’t want you to bring up the first girl I loved and had a hard time getting over. Thanks, though.


#43 Consistent Calling

When she calls you up and you inform her you can't talk at the moment because you're in the middle of something. So, she then calls your roommate to try to get in contact with you. It’s not like there’s any kind of an emergency, she just can't handle not being the center of your attention. No thank you, lady.


#44 On Second Thought

I’d say it’s when you meet online and from that moment forward, she sends you 400 texts a day. If you don't answer the first one within 60 seconds, you start getting messages like, "Okay, fine. It's obvious you're with another woman. Goodbye." Then 10 minutes later, "No wait. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I love you. Please forgive me?" and so on and so on.


#45 The Perfect Mold

It’s creepy when she molds her entire being around being enticing to you. "You love country music, camping, playing Nintendo 64, and working at a soup kitchen on the weekend? Me too!" Even though last weekend, she hated country music, has never been camping, wonders what the first 63 different types of Nintendos were like, and thinks a soup kitchen only gives soup to homeless people. After things don't work out, she's out there listening to old school rap, talks about wanting to move to Colorado, and thinks country music is for crackers.


#46 Flower Delivery

A woman I was going out with once sent flowers to my work. The thing is, though, that I didn't tell her my work address. I only told her the name of my company. That was definitely a little creepy. She used Google maps and landmarks from pictures on my social media to find the right office. She's my fiancée now.


#47 Other People

I would ask this girl personal questions about her past. She would just look down for a second and ask, "What's on your mind?" in a childlike tone, every time. I’m pretty sure it was a multiple personality disorder thing. Long story short, she also ended up texting me with other numbers pretending to be other people.


#48 Super Scary

Trying to entrap you with kids. I went on a couple of dates with a girl and then she stated that from this relationship she would have a child, no matter what. It didn’t matter whether I wanted one or not and I would pay to support him. She was surprised after the insta-dump and blew my phone with 80+ calls until I blocked here everywhere. Super scary.


#49 I’m Taking This

When she takes your passport while you're out of the country because you were talking to a husband and wife who are also from your city. My brother's girlfriend took his passport and got off the bus when they were traveling in Argentina. In Patagonia, they ran into a couple from our gym and were talking. She immediately got jealous, spouted off about my brother going to marry this woman, in front of her husband, then left with his passport.


#50 Test Grade

I went to meet an online date for our first hangout. The first three questions she asked were, “Are you my date," "Did you find the place okay?" and "Do you want kids?" At the end of the night, this woman actually graded me. Apparently, I received an F on a test I didn't want to pass… and didn’t even know I was taking.




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