March 4, 2020 | Eul Basa

Women Share Infuriating Myths About Women That Are 100% False

People seem to think they have women all figured out. Between what they should wear, how they feel about situations and their driving capabilities, apparently people know everything. Well, these women are here to set the record straight.


#1 Gamer Girl

It drives me nuts when people assume females aren’t good at video games. Or that they have a male friend who’s boosting them to their current rank (if it’s higher than theirs). And then when they find out you’re actually better than them, they try to deny it. It’s so annoying to go in a lobby with random people and it’s filled with guys who belittle you or talk down to you because you’re a female.


#2 “Are You Pregnant?”

Every time I throw up or say I feel nauseated, literally since I was like 16, the first thing someone jumps to is, "Are you pregnant?" Like, we can get sick without it being because we're knocked up. Personally, if a doctor or nurse asked me, I simply answer and move on. That's part of their job. But if I mention to my mom, co-worker, or a random stranger that I feel sick, it doesn't mean I'm pregnant.


#3 No Pockets Needed

Apparently, we don’t need pockets. You'd be surprised how often the "pockets" are purely decorative and stitched shut. Yes, oftentimes they're loosely stitched closed for transport and once picked open are fully-functioning pockets. I mean women's pants that have extra fabric to give the appearance of a pocket, especially on articles such as jeggings.


#4 There is Help

Nearly everything about endometriosis. It is sorely misunderstood, research is underfunded, and terrible treatments get used all the time when they don’t help and make things worse. It's a hidden debilitating disease and I hate the misinformation spread about it. There is help out there and legit treatments.



#5 Scared of Snakes

I went to preschool in a church. My teacher told us the story of Adam and Eve. At the end, she said to us, “This is the reason God made women afraid of snakes.” Several girls spoke up and said they weren’t afraid of snakes. I don’t remember what my teacher's exact response was, but I remember she was really annoyed.


#6 Long Lines

I just think people misunderstand why women’s bathroom lines are so long. It’s not because we’re all vain — it’s because we have to sit every time, unlike you, and wipe. It takes a lot longer and some women also have to get undressed to do so. Plus, I didn’t even mention how time-consuming a period can be for some.


#7 Wedding Dreams

Not every little girl sits around and daydreams about her perfect wedding. I've never dreamed about my wedding. I also hate attending receptions. Now, I'm getting married next year and I'm genuinely terrified. Currently, my dream wedding is to just sign the papers, put on the rings and end this unnecessary farce.


#8 You’re Jealous

For me, I hate when people say that when you don't like another woman it's only because you're jealous of her. Listen here. I can seriously dislike another woman because of something she did or said and in absolutely no way be jealous of her. She may just be dumb and why exactly would I be jealous of that trait?


#9 Low Threshold for Pain

Can we talk about pain and bravery? “Women have a low tolerance for pain.” What exactly are you talking about? I cannot imagine the courage it takes to willingly carry a parasite for nine months, knowing it could end your life, might wreck your health, and would definitely cause excruciating pain on the way out.


#10 Treated Unfairly

Stuff about our periods in general. Like if we're mad, it's definitely because we're on our period. We never have a legitimate reason to be upset. Also myths like we're able to hold in our period or we only have it for a day or that we're impure. The impure one definitely infuriates me. I just think about the billions of women throughout history, and sometimes even today, being treated as if they're impure or an evil omen because of a bodily function they cannot control.

Women often got banished to menstrual huts when they had their periods. Or, they weren’t allowed to touch anything. And yes, this happened and still does. My mother as a teenager was not allowed to touch anything when she had her period. It got to the point where she would just not tell anyone she was menstruating and do what she wanted.



#11 Snore No More

A weird one that I’ve heard more than once is that women don't snore. Seriously, I've heard this loads of times and it always baffles me. People breathe when they sleep, sometimes it makes some noise, male or female. Let them breathe how they breathe without making a big thing out of it. I really don’t get it.


#12 Motherly Love

Apparently, all women just happen to love children and have a natural knack for tending to them. When women harm children in one way or another, they’re seen as damaged and that’s the end. Yet, when you flip the coin and men get accused of hurting children in some way, they’re labeled as something much worse.


#13 One in the Same

“Every woman is the same.” People think that we all like the same things. Or that every period is the same. Or that every childbirth is the same. Evidently, if one woman says her periods hurt and one says it doesn't, one of us has to be lying. It’s the same when a woman's childbirth is easy. Then the rest must be faking it or weak.


#14 Desperate for Babies

Not all women want kids. I adore my nieces and I’m their legal guardian should, God forbid, anything happen to their parents. I spoil them and do all kinds of things to help their education and dreams. I also enjoy handing them back and occasionally deciding not to buy them anything because I want my nails done or a new Xbox game.


#15 Baby Vacation

Maternity leave is basically a vacation. If you've ever experienced the exhaustion of carrying a child and the intense body changes that occur during and after delivery, you'll find out that maternity leave is necessary for recovery and is not a vacation. Try working with a second, third, or fourth-degree tear while now trying to deal with a baby that needs to feed every two to three hours.

160125-A-BH785-01759th Medical Wing

#16 Having it Easy

I get upset when people say there are no women on Reddit. I've been on Reddit for 10 years on different accounts. It's such a weird joke and it always just restates that I'm not welcome here. Another stupid myth about women is how easy we have it to go to bed with someone. It always fails to take into account safety, pleasure, and a woman's appearance. Unattractive women exist and it doesn't seem like a lot of men actually consider them to be women.



#17 Drama Queen

One myth that really upsets me is when people assume that periods don’t hurt that badly. That and we’re “just being dramatic” because of the pain. I once had a boyfriend say that to me once. I had to go to the hospital days later because I fainted in the street and threw up from the sheer pain. Just endometriosis things.


#18 It’s All for Men

That everything we do is to attract men. From wearing revealing clothing to wearing makeup at work to gaming. Apparently, even the “not like other girls” types who abstain from things associated with attracting men are accused of...doing it to attract men. After a while, it just feels like a bunch of projection. It can be from women who are insecure about their ability to date, or men who interpret anything they’re attracted to as being tailor-made for them.

Also, while I do think that we have a sort of privilege over men in terms of being able to cry and show our emotions, I also feel our emotions aren’t taken as seriously. We’re basically never allowed to be upset about anything. If we do get upset about something, we’re always labeled as crazy or overly dramatic.

I’ve seen a lot of confusion among men involving the concept of venting, i.e. “Why would you tell me your problem if you don’t want a solution?” The reason why is because we don’t need a solution, oftentimes we already know what it is. What we need is to be listened to, to be comforted and told that it’s understandable why we feel the way we do. We especially need this when the rest of the world just tells us to calm down or to smile more.


#19 Woman Seeking Provider

I never did understand the myth that all women are apparently trolling the streets, looking for a man to provide for them. It's attractive to see men who have their lives together, but I can handle myself. I just want a best friend to goof off with and be comfortable with. Why does it have to be something more?


#20 Cat Fight

That all of us secretly hate each other and are innately gossipy. Some idiot tried telling me once that he knew all women resented each other because he knew the “nature of women.” That old saying, “Men insult their friends but don’t mean it and women compliment their friends but don’t mean it” paints women as catty and unable to have genuine friendships, which is wrong.


#21 Confidence Boost

There seems to be this belief out there that women enjoy being catcalled. Apparently, it makes us feel better about ourselves. Seriously, stop. We don't like that at all. If anything, all catcalling does is just scare most of us, especially people like me with post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety.


#22 Chatty Cathy

That women are busybodies who talk non-stop and are always hammering men to talk about their feelings. As a very low key introvert, some men seem to find this refreshing and some seem to be disappointed. Also, in my experience, the men who believe “all women are crazy” are men who are clearly only attracted to high maintenance, unstable women.



#23 General Upkeep

That a woman’s looks are the most important thing to her and therefore she spends all her time taking care of them. I don’t care to buy new clothes all the time, don’t spend extensive time researching fashion trends, and don’t try all sorts of diets in order to lose a few pounds. I also don’t spend a lot of money on beauty products. I don’t wish I did, either.


#24 Morning Sickness

I had gallstones for years and didn't know it. I would wake up and throw up every morning. I got so tired of hearing how it was “morning sickness.” I just stopped telling people I was sick and lived with it for much longer than I should have. If only someone had suggested I get actual medical advice.


#25 Female Gift

I'm sure it's the same for men but: gift-giving. I've had so many guy friends ask me what to get their partner, sister or mother because I’m also a female. Um, get to know them and give them something based on what they've asked for or actually like? We're not all the same. There is no generic Female Gift. We are different people with different likes and tastes.


#26 Sizing Issue

One that gets me is our pants sizes. Men are 31, 32, 33, etc. They have inches and a range of inseams. Women are four, six, eight, etc. All kinds are loosely associated between brands. Most brands only carry jeans in one length, or regular and petite. But as a tall woman, there are only a handful of brands that even make pants long enough for me.  And they can't say it's because creating too many sizes would be too expensive. They literally do it for men already. Dress sizes are the same thing.


#27 Being Upfront

I hate children and immediately experience a nervous breakdown whenever I happen to be around them. I know for sure that I would not be a good mom. It's so bad that it’s actually a first date conversation for me. The reason why is because I really don't feel like putting a child through having me as their mother.


#28 You’re Funny… for a Girl

That women aren't funny. Not every woman is funny, but that's because not everybody is funny. Some of the most hilarious things I have ever heard have come from the ladies. I can't tell you how angry I get when someone (almost always a guy) tells me, "You're so funny for a girl!" Oh gee thanks, that asterisk really makes me not want to smack you.


#29  Many Women are Competent Drivers

That we’re bad drivers. I have had my first car for three years and I'm in my early 20's. I have never crashed, but have had two men crash into me from behind. Both times I had to fight tooth and nail to have the officers believe me. Both times the blame was given to me, even when the crashes were from behind and back side. The cop’s reason? "Well, unfortunately, ma'am, I have to put the blame on you since you’re a fairly new driver. Drive safer next time. You should always keep distance while in the merge lane, even if he was behind you."


#30 Can’t Use Tools

For me, it’s that my husband handles fixing things around the house. No, he’s completely lost with that stuff. The tools are mine, I painted all the walls, I landscaped the garden and flower beds, and that grill is mine, too. I do barbecuing and I love it! My husband fixes all the electronic stuff and picks up the heavy stuff while I make inappropriate comments about that tight butt.


#31 Period + PMS = The Same

That PMS and periods are one in the same. They're not. PMS (when we get moody) happens the week before the period. And it affects everyone differently. My sister gets really irritated easily, while I just get very depressed. The period is when there's actual flow. I'm irritated on my period because it hurts . But, give me some Aleve and you would never know I'm on my period, because PMS is not the period.


#32 Taking Them Seriously

Just a public service announcement for anyone who needs to hear it today: if your period seriously interferes with your life, it's likely caused by a medical condition. Go see a doctor. Then go see seven more because that's the average number of doctors it takes for a woman to be taken seriously about endometriosis.

It's not "normal period stuff" to be in too much pain to stand. Or in so much pain you throw up. Or to menstruate so much you pass out. Any doctor who's told you this is normal (or that you need a therapist in lieu of medical treatment for this) has their head up their butt. Go see more until you find one who doesn't.


#33 Pity the Ignorance

My favorite stereotype I hear is the idea of how we interact with each other when we're in groups. 90% of my conversations with half of my friends revolve around the latest video games and horror movies coming out. Occasionally, we'll talk about emotions, relationships, or clothes and makeup, but we would be bored if that was all we talked about.

I also know of one person who greets me with, “Hey, girl!” Not that any of that is bad, I just find it hilarious when people assume women get all squeaky and affectionate or close and gossipy when they spend time together. Our friendships are just as unique and varied. Doesn't so much make me mad as it does make me laugh and pity the ignorance.


#34 That’s One Way

The sheer lack of knowledge men have on the topic of periods is frightening. I read a supposedly “funny” post by a father who had to deal with his daughter’s first period while his wife was out of town. He thought it funny that he had gotten her adult diapers instead of proper pads. I was like, “What?! How can you be married long enough to have an adolescent daughter and not know?”


#35 Ixnay on the Athmay

Women aren't good at math or science. My sister and her husband feed this nonsense to their daughters, who are now teenagers. They don't give effort to their math or science studies because "girls just aren't good at it." I'm a STEM major for my bachelor's and going for another STEM major for my master's. I've done up to Calculus 4 and have gotten A's in all my math and science classes. Why is this myth still a thing? Why are women teaching it to their daughters?


#36 Crocodile Tears

A really silly myth that I’ve heard about women is that we only ever cry in order to manipulate other people. I've honestly run into this myth way too much and have heard it a bunch. Believe it or not, women are legitimate humans with genuine emotions. So, as you can imagine, they get genuinely upset sometimes.


#37 Talk Down to Me

That women can't be an intellectual without ultimately becoming condescending. Contrary to popular opinion, I’m an intelligent woman who doesn't feel the need to shove information down everyone's throat all the time. I just don't want to talk about whatever reality show you happen to think all women are into.


#38 Low-Crunch Doritos

Pretty much anytime someone tries to speak for all women, it angers me. But what's really infuriating is when their stupid assumption is true for me. Remember when Doritos was thinking of making a low-crunch chip that didn’t stain your fingers orange? It was maddening that they assumed women would love that. What’s more maddening is that I really would've loved those.


#39 Need That Mediocrity

Anything that has to do with women trying to “trap” men by purposefully getting themselves pregnant. I’m sure it happens, but men over-exaggerate how common it is. Like, what sane person is going to play with the most life-altering, challenging thing you can do just to get some mediocre fool to stay with her?


#40 Men Good, Women Bad

The double standard about having a strong personality. If a man doesn't hesitate and is stubborn, proactive, determined, and knows when to put his foot down, he’s a good boss. But if a woman has all of those qualities that make a strong character, she's the worst. Or, she's bossy. Then she's seen as the total opposite. I just hate this, it makes my blood boil.


#41 Mystical Sisterhood

That we are all part of some mystical sisterhood. I hate that. No woman thinks for me and I think for no other woman. We are liberal and we are conservative. We are libertarian and authoritarian. We are pro-life and pro-choice. We believe and we do not believe. We are strong and we are weak. What I mean is don't make assumptions about how a woman thinks and feels because she’s a woman. No one speaks for us because we’re individuals.


#42 More Boring

Women are apparently “more boring” than men and have less fun. The whole girls' locker room vs boys' locker room meme that's going around, etc. Y'all will never know the wild things that go down in girls’ bathrooms. Why do you think we spend so much time there on nights out? And, why do you think we always go in groups?


#43 Maybe Turtles?

That we can't have fulfilled lives if we're not married or saddled with kids. As if we can't have friends, family, hobbies, interests, or enjoy vacations unless we're tethered to another person. Oh, and the cat thing. If we're not married or partnered by a certain age, all we have to look forward to is cats? I'm allergic. So, maybe turtles?


#44 Girl Pairing

That women only like to hang out with other women. For example, my boyfriend always leaves me to hang out “with the girls” when we’re in a social setting. So, I’m stuck with girls who I have nothing in common with. He doesn’t do it to be rude or anything, but it’s still annoying. I don’t base my friends off of their genders.


#45 No Fat Chicks

That women are (or should be) naturally thin. For almost everyone, being thin takes a lot of effort. Yet, the men who say, "I want a girl who knows how to eat!" are often the same men who say, "Sorry, no fat chicks!" If you want a size two girlfriend, cool. But it doesn't make sense for you to then get frustrated with her for ordering a side salad as an entree instead of a double bacon cheeseburger with side of cheese fries. And if you want a girlfriend who will chow down with you on her own, cool. But it doesn't make sense for you to then get frustrated that she doesn't stay a size two.


#46 Give Me Babies

As a woman, I’ll automatically want a baby and will develop baby fever one day. Apparently, when I reach 30 my “biological clock” is going to kick in and I’m suddenly going to want babies. This is infuriating on so many levels, especially because it means people assume I’ll just... watch their child if it’s left close enough to me. I’m serious. I can’t even have a male friend without people assuming we’re dating. That and, “When are we going to have grandkids?!”


#47 We Know the Problem

That when you become sick, it’s always your uterus, ovaries, or other sensitive areas. My gallbladder quit working and we wasted months on trying to figure out what was wrong with my ovaries . By the time they figured out it was my gallbladder, I wound up losing a total of 50 pounds and couldn’t even eat anymore.


#48 Whoa, Calm Down

My sister passed out from pain on her period once. She was only out for a few seconds, but she couldn't get up off the floor. She could barely talk and began dry heaving, so my parents got her to the emergency room, thinking she hit her head. The ER doctor asked if she was menstruating and she was. He told her she just had cramps and gave herself a panic attack. I remember he said she needed to get a hold of herself and that the panic attack would subside. She kept telling the doctor, and then the nurse, that she was in a lot of pain. They gave her an antihistamine to calm her. No tests were done before this judgement was made. I remember my dad yelling at her to get it together or they'd transfer her to the psych ward.

It wasn't until she started vomiting that they started paying attention to her. They knew she had a fever, but disregarded it as her working herself up. She had appendicitis. What I learned that day was that if you're a woman and are unable to compose yourself, it's because you're a woman. No man in that amount of pain would've been disregarded entirely because there is no easy out. No doctor would ever say, "You must've gotten hit in the family jewels and are working yourself up. Calm down."

Air Force medics conduct plastic surgery clinic59th Medical Wing

#49 These Shoes Rule

Shoes. Go away with that. I've got about one pair for things I do (hiking, running, gym, slippers) and about five pairs for work. I also have some boots for winter, heels for special days, and a pair of everyday Mary Janes. I'm not investing in shoes that cost $1000. I also don't do purses that way. Groupon works for purses. I don’t do that "designer” stuff.


#50 Just Friends

A pretty common myth that really bothers me is that men and women can’t just “be friends” with one another. Apparently, if a woman is friends with a guy, one must have feelings for the other. It’s either that or we simply can’t enjoy hanging out with the person just because you have fun spending time with them.



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