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Men Share What Instantly Turned Them Off From A Woman 

There are a lot of adorable things that women can do to attract a man. However, there are some traits that are enough to drive people away.
March 26, 2020 Eul Basa

Single Men Share What Instantly Made Them Turn Down A Second Date

The dating scene can be wild, especially when you're single. It can be quite fun if you let it be, but not every date is going to go as well as you hope.
June 6, 2019 Eul Basa

Disgruntled Employees Reveal What Their Bosses Did To Instantly Ruin Company Morale

When employees aren't happy, they're more likely to quit, and the cost of turnover can hurt a business. Sadly, not all employers seem to realize this.
June 5, 2019 Eul Basa