April 2, 2024 | Jamie Hayes

McDonald's Has Used 45 Slogans, How Many Can You Remember?

The Golden Arches

I bet you can name a McDonald's slogan off the top of your head. Maybe you can get 3-4. If you can get all 45, I'll be VERY impressed.


(ba, da, ba, ba, ba) I'm lovin' it

Dates used: 2003–present

Grade: A+

Notes: Center square on the bingo card

I'm lovin it  - Mcdonald's sloganCandida.Performa, Flickr

30 years of good times and great taste

Dates used: 1985, for McDonald's 30th anniversary

Grade: C

Ronald McDonaldEric Norris, Flickr

A whole new way to love McDonald's

Dates used: 2013–2015

Grade: C

Food served on tray at McDonald's restaurant in Moscow.Sorbis, Shutterstock

Choose Lovin

Dates used: 2015–2018

Grade: A

Worker with food served on a tray in McDonald's restaurant.Sorbis, Shutterstock

Did somebody say McDonald's?

Dates used: 1997–2000

Grade: B-

Ronald Mcdonald Visits The Nuclear-Powered Aircraft CarrierNational Archives at College Park - Still Pictures, Wikimedia Commons

Do you believe in magic?

Dates used: March 17, 1992 – October 15, 1997

Grade: B

Ronald McDonalds character having party with fans.AzriSuratmin, Shutterstock

Enjoy the best food at McDonald's 

Dates used: 1973

Grade: C-

Mcdonald's restaurant in Holland - 1980Boer, Cees, Wikimedia Commons

Food, folks and fun

Dates used: February 1990, March 7, 1990 – March 18, 1991

Grade: A+

Courier man holds paper bag from McDonald's fast food restaurant.Eliz A, Shutterstock

Gimme Back that Filet-O-Fish

Dates used: 2009–2015, Filet-O-Fish advertising

Grade: C

McDonald's Filet O' Fishsnowpea&bokchoi, Flickr

Go for the Goodness at McDonald's

Dates used: 1962–1969

Grade: A

New Zealand's first McDonald's restaurant, Porirua, 1976Archives New Zealand, Flickr

Have you had your break today? 

Dates used: 1995–1997

Grade: A

Notes: Have you??

Indoor portrait of young worker in McDonald's restaurant in Moscow - 2018Sorbis, Shutterstock

It's a good time for the great taste of McDonald's

Dates used: April 16, 1984 – April 10, 1988

Grade: C-

Young employee in a McDonalds restaurant in south America.Orlando Arce, Shutterstock

It's what I eat and what I do

Dates used: 2005

Grade: C+

Photo of a Woman Eating on McDonald'sDarya Sannikova, Pexels

Let's eat out!

Dates used: 1960–1965

Grade: A-

Woman is Eating Mcdo Fries during Daytimefreestocks.org, Pexels

Look for the Golden Arches!

Dates used: 1960–1967

Grade: A++

Notes: All-timer

Look for the Golden Arches!monstersforsale, Flickr

Make it Mac Tonight

Dates used: 1986, Mac Tonight advertising

Grade: A

The legendary deliciousness of McDonald's hamburgersPatcharaporn Puttipon4289, Shutterstock

McDonald's and you

Dates used: October 1982– April 16, 1984

Grade: D

Portrait of a Woman with a Mcdonald's  Paper Cup.Marlon Schmeiski, Pexels

McDonald's is your kind of place

Dates used: 1967 – January 22, 1971

Grade: C-

McDonald's restaurant on Secor Rd. by Central Ave. (Westgate)Daniel R. Blume, Flickr

McDonald's is your place to be 

Dates used: 1986

Grade: D+

McDonalds worker in the early 80'sEthan, Flickr

McDonald's Sure is Good to Have Around 

Dates used: 1974

Grade: F

Notes: I don't know why but I hate this one in particular.

McDonald's vintage - Late 1980'sMike Mozart, Flickr

McDonald's Today

Dates used: 1991–1992

Grade: C

Mcdonald Store at Nigh TimeMikechie Esparagoza, Pexels

McDonald's, where what you want is what you get

Dates used: 1994, as part of a Sonic the Hedgehog promotion

Grade: C

Sonic The HedgehogScott Cornell, Shutterstock

My McDonald's

Dates used: February 19 – October 1, 1997

Grade: C+

The 1997 My McDonald's rebrandPatrickRich, Flcikr

Nobody can do it like McDonald's can

Dates used: 1979–1981

Grade: C-

Notes: Get rid of the second "can," it's cleaner.

Woman in Black Dress Eating Mcdonald's French FriesJorge__ Medina, Pexels

Nobody can say good night like McDonald's can 

Dates used: 1979

Grade: C

Notes: Same as prior

Young man standing in front of McDonald'sKatherine_here, Shutterstock

Nobody makes your day like McDonald's can

Dates used: 1980 – August 21, 1981

Grade: C

Notes: Someone in the late 70s really liked this structure.

Mcdonald's Restaurant In ThailandNicholas Wang, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons

One Two Three Four... Big Mac burger!

Dates used: 1997

Grade: C

Young woman eating a Big Mac hamburger menu in a McDonald's restaurant. Illustrative editorial.goodbishop, Shutterstock

Put a Smile On

Dates used: 2001–2003

Grade: B+

Mascot of Ronald McDonald stand in front of McDonald's shop in Pattaya branchasiandelight, Shutterstock

Ronald Makes it Magic

Dates used: February 17, 1995 – October 15, 1997

Grade: B+

Ronald McDonald standing outside with umbrella.Brian & Jaclyn Drum, Flickr


Dates used: 2001–2003

Grade: C

Notes: Don't tell me what to do

Woman with McDonald's drink, burger and fries at table in restaurant is smiling.New Africa, Shutterstock

That's My McDonald's

Dates used: 1981

Grade: C

Close up of My McDonald's app on iPhone home screen.Matthew Nichols1, Shutterstock

The closest thing to home

Dates used: 1966–1969

Grade: B+

Notes: Did Don Draper write this?

McDonald's sign.bobbsled, Flickr

The good time, great taste of McDonald's

Dates used: 1988–1990

Grade: B-

Children from the orphanage for the first time in McDonald's.ylyastik, Shutterstock

The simple joy of McDonald's

Dates used: 2010–2013

Grade: C

Little consumer with happy meal for kid at Mcdonald's Dallas, TexasAlissala, Shutterstock

There's something for everyone to love at McDonald's

Dates used: 2013–2015

Grade: C

People with paper cups posing against the background of McDonald's restaurant,Sorbis, Shutterstock

We cook it all for you at McDonald's

Dates used: 1982

Grade: C-

Notes: Do you McDonald's? Do you really?

Man Holding A Mcdonald's Paper BagErik Mclean, Pexels

We do it all for you

Dates used: 1975–1979

Grade: C+

Indoor portrait of workers in McDonald's restaurant.Sorbis, Shutterstock

We love to see you smile 

Dates used: 2000–2003

Grade: B

Woman in Black Tube Top Holding White Disposable Mcdonald's CupJuliano Astc, Pexels

What we're made of

Dates used: 2008–2015

Grade: D

Notes: I'm not sure I want to know...

worker at McCafe in ThailandSorbis, Shutterstock

What you want is what you get 

Dates used: 1992–1995

Grade: B+

Inside view of McDonald's restaurant in Kota Kinabalu.Augustine Bin Jumat, Shutterstock

What you want is what you get at RocDonald's today

Dates used: 1994, as part of a The Flintstones promotion

Grade: A++

Notes: Bring back RocDonald's

Meet the Flinstones - sign outsideThomas Hawk, Flickr

What you want is what you get, delivered from McDonald's today 

Dates used: 1994

Grade: C

Notes: They were ahead of the delivery game!

McDelivery deliveryman delivering by bicycleyu_photo, Shutterstock

You deserve a break today

Dates used: 1971–1975, 1989–1991

Grade: A-

Notes: Thanks, McDonald's, I DO deserve a break today.

You Deserve a Break TodayThomas Hawk, Flickr

There's so much fun for you today

Dates used: August 21, 1981–January 1983

Grade: D

Notes: Why does this feel like a line from a horror movie?

Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse at Camp Ronald McDonald's 16th Annual Family Halloween Carnival. - 2008s_bukley, Shutterstock

You want it, need it, you gotta have a taste of McDonald's burgers

Dates used: 2010–2013

Grade: C

Notes: Gotta have one of these trucks...

Various burgers with French fries, cola and sauces from McDonald's restaurant.OlegDoroshin, Shutterstock



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