June 2, 2022 | Eul Basa

Spoiled Rotten: These Brats Had Mega Tantrums

Some people are just born spoiled and there’s nothing we can do about it. Nothing is ever good enough for them. These brats tend to take it out on everyone but themselves when something doesn’t go their way. Read on to find out all the ways these entitled jerks acted like complete fools.

1. More Than They Bargained For

There was a kid in my fraternity whose parents were literally billionaires. We actually had a couple of them, but this kid was just dumb rich. For making the Dean’s List one semester, his parents let him get any car he wanted under $100,000. I am not making this up. Well, the kid’s response to this was incredibly disturbing.

He got enraged because the customized package he wanted on his Jaguar F Type made it over $100,000 and his parents wouldn’t let him have it. At first. After enough protest from this brat, his parents said “fine.” At least I got to drive it sometimes though; it was a sick car. For what it’s worth, the Dean’s List is NOT easy to get on at my school. Still, this kid still doesn’t realize how lucky he is.

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2. Free Childcare

My friend graduated college with an engineering degree and had a great job making tons of money, but then quit because a guy whistled at her. After that, she worked as a waitress for 20 hours a week and got pregnant. Her parents bought her a house with the expectation that she would pay to rent. This did not go to plan.

She stayed at this house (which is beautiful, by the way) for six months and never paid once. Meanwhile, her baby daddy lost his job and spent the rest of his days playing video games. She got into an argument with her parents and moved in with her boyfriend’s parents instead. She then got into an argument with them and tried to move back home.

Here's the crazy part—her parents let her...rent-free, utilities paid for, and they now watch her baby too.

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3. Daddy’s Little Girl

This girl I dated was overly concerned with me becoming successful. It was very strange. She said I needed to make at least $75k a year if we were to get married. I laughed so hard when she said this, and we even had a huge argument about how most people actually don't make that kind of money. But there was another reason I laughed, and it's totally outrageous.

This girl had literally never worked a day in her entire life, and her parents paid for everything. She had a debit card that her parents put a few grand into every month. I'll never forget the first time we went to the mall—as we walked by a jeweler, she said she forgot Mother's Day was coming, so she randomly picked a set of earrings and spat out her card.

No haggling on price, no looking at it. Basically, her mother paid for her own Mother's Day present. Also, when I wanted to go out to eat, I told her it was tough for me because I had just paid rent...yet, a day later, she asked me if I wanted to the mall again. She's now in med school, mostly on loans, and she always complains about how hard it is.

I told her it's going to be even harder for her to pay off $200k in debt when she has no idea how to even look at a financial statement. Oh and one last thing. She applied for a credit card, bought $2k worth of stuff...and hasn't paid for four months now. And that one day of work she did? It was four hours, and her father overpaid her for it.

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4. Depleting The Inheritance

My cousins. My aunt and uncle can never say no to them and they have now drained my grandmother’s small fortune. My other uncle contributed to that as well, but now my grandmother is selling her place and moving to a smaller one because of how much money she has had to give to that side of the family. I love them, but they are as spoiled as can be.

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5. Tying The Knot, Cutting The Cord

My college roommate (and former best friend) grew up spoiled as an only child. She lived in this huge five-bedroom house for just the three of them, had a fancy car to play with that had all the bells and whistles, as well as daddy's credit card. When I got engaged, I asked her to be my maid of honor. She told me no—and her reason chilled me to the bone.

She said couldn't approve of my marriage because my fiancé didn't have a bachelor's degree, so she was just certain that we couldn't be happy. Eight years and two kids later...I'm still not rich, but very happy. I still have my hot karate instructor husband who turned out to be a much better deal than a sugar daddy.

Obviously, I had plenty of other issues that came up over the years with her, but this was just icing on the cake.

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6. Any Way You Want It

This is a girl I have known for most of my life. Her parents treat her like she is the Queen of England or something. Growing up, if there was a new toy out that she wanted, her parents would buy her five (in each color, if possible) because she would often break her toys. She also had three bedrooms; one of which was big enough to be a studio apartment alone. But hold onto your hats.

Where did she sleep? Her parents’ bedroom. If she wanted to go somewhere, like Disney World, her parents dropped everything they were doing to start planning that vacation. When she started driving, she had three new cars in eight months. Not because she crashed them or they broke down, but because she just had to have the newest model.

She has never had a job. Her parents pay for everything. In school, she had a "tutor." I say that in quotes because the tutor basically just did her homework for her. I'm surprised she can even read and write, honestly. Though, reading her Facebook statuses, it looks like she can't write much better than my nine-year-old. It gets darker than this, too.

The worst part was that if she didn't like someone, she had her parents do their best to ruin that person's life. Honestly. She got her seventh-grade teacher fired, claiming he was being inappropriate with her. He wasn't; he was never even in a room with her alone. He was a kind, old man, but he didn't put up with her not doing her homework.

He failed her in a few subjects...that was it. He was never charged or got into real trouble from it, but the school did force him into retirement because they were scared.

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7. They Grow Up So Fast

My friend’s roommate and childhood best friend was the worst. She moved to New York after living with her family and working retail once she graduated high school. According to my friend, she was handed everything you can imagine growing up, and she didn’t know how to do a single thing for herself.

For example, if she wanted shampoo when she was a kid, she had her parents go to the store immediately and get it for her. Now she's in college, and she literally doesn’t know how to contribute to a household. Her parents get her takeout and junk food so often that she legitimately doesn’t even know what olive oil is used for.

She's moving back home with them and all I can say is good riddance, she's too stupid to be breathing in precious oxygen.

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8. What Are Friends For?

Let me tell you about a fellow I've known for almost 30 years, who has yet to grow up. We'll call him "Brad.” Brad is from a very wealthy family, courtesy of his dad's government work. For some reason, his parents fell in love with the small town I'm from and moved the family from the big city to our flyspeck, nowhere town.

When they first moved, they had Brad and his brother in a private school, but they eventually moved them to a public school. A mutual friend introduced me to him and he ended up in a lot of my classes. We bonded together over comic books and RPGs. Brad’s parents were incredibly free with their money toward their sons.

There were literally entire rooms of their house devoted to everything the kids bought. In high school, I worked out that Brad was getting around $500 a month to buy comics and video games with. After high school, his parents paid for the entirety of his college education. During his four years of college, he had a job for one day, which his father got him.

After college, he moved back to the area, his boyfriend in tow. His family supported both of them in an apartment for several months before he finally landed a job. I don't know whether his father helped him get the job, but the fact that he bragged about sleeping at his desk regularly makes me suspect he helped him find employment. Then things changed for the worse.

His brother, who was always the favored son, got spoiled even further. They gave him a house, among other things, and the gravy train Brad once had begun to dry up. As a result, Brad turned very bad. You see, in Brad’s mind, since his parents are no longer subsidizing his life, it's up to the rest of the world to bend over backward for him.

You're out to eat with him and you have leftovers? You should give them all to him. You've got a new computer game or e-format book he wants? You should make him a copy. You're playing an RPG? You should memorize exactly how his character works and tell him what he can do each round so he can beat the game without really trying.

You have a family emergency and can't make it to an event he's at? You should ignore your flesh and blood and come out with him anyway. For more years than I can remember, anytime anyone refused one of his self-serving demands, he would get enraged, sometimes to the point of throwing things or leaving in a huff.

Without fail, he would shout "SCREW YOU!” at the top of his lungs, at a decibel level you would never expect from a man his size. Eventually, we all got tired of his behavior, and one night, as he began a tantrum, everyone present shouted: "SCREW YOU!" at him in perfect unison, even mimicking the gestures he made.

He mellowed after that. I cut him out of my life for several years, for reasons related to his boyfriend. He's been reappearing in my circle of friends for the last year, though he frequently ghosts them. I understand he's out with his parents whenever he does this, and I suspect he's hoping to become the favorite son again.

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9. A Mother’s Love

During one of my substitute teaching assignments, I had the pleasure of meeting the most spoiled teenager I had ever encountered before. Conrad was spoiled in the way only children of rich divorced parents can be. Conrad was spoiled because his parents thought that material goods and money would buy his affection.

On the first day of this particular sub-job, Conrad informed me he didn't have to do his work since he would just get his father to pay the teacher "a buttload of money" and he would get an A. I stated I didn't care what he did as long as he did not disturb his classmates, and then he wrote his comments in my sub notes.

He was placated for the day and dinked around on his cell phone until the period ended. The second day really showed Conrad's true colors. He was "working" with a group of his friends, but he spent the entire time continuously talking about how much he hated his mom because she bought him a used 2013 Ford Focus for his 16th birthday instead of a brand-new BMW that he wanted.

I told him that I would love it if my parents gifted me any vehicle, to which he commented, "Of course you would. You're a teacher and poor." I told him to get back to work and if I caught him off-task again, he would need to work alone. He was fine after that. On the third and final day of my assignment, Conrad was in an absolute tizzy about something his mother had done.

Probably the BMW thing. I didn’t know or care...until I heard the horrific words coming out of his mouth. he kept commenting on how he was going to sabotage his mother's plane so  that "the witch would fall out of the sky and die." I told him to rein in those comments as they were not appropriate for school. I left him with his group to continue their work from the previous day.

Approximately five minutes later, I heard nervous laughter coming from Conrad's group. He had his phone out and was showing the group something on it. I walked over and asked to see what was causing such a fuss. Conrad, the idiot, showed me his Snapchat story, which consisted of a picture he took of his mother with an emoji gun pointed at her head.

I sent him to the office to talk to the school social worker and the school resource officer. All because this kid didn't get a BMW.

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10. Yes Man

My half-brother is ridiculous. His mother was so proud that she raised him, birth to teens, without ever chastising him or punishing him. His adoptive father was meek enough to go along with his wife's "parenting." My half-brother never had time-outs or talks about the wrongs he committed. Not once in his household. Oh, he was a jerk.

I was made to play with him because we were kind of the same age, though I tried to get out of it constantly. He was a terror at school from day one. Even in high school, he didn't have any discipline. He did stuff like shoot sharp pencils and bits of glass at other students. Funny story: Once, he missed so badly that he shot himself in the eyeball.

I laughed more than I should have at that. I think his teacher did too.

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11. Kiss My Rich Butt

Let me tell you about Rebecca. She’s now a single mom who works as a lawyer for a big phone company. Rebecca is the youngest child with a large gap between her siblings, so she's basically an only child. Here are a few things that happened in the year we were friends: Her mom would always buy her Cadillacs and she would wreck them within six to eight months.

She worked at two different locations of the chain restaurant we worked at together. She has been fired from one of the locations twice and the other (where we met) four times. Why? She always showed up to work three hours late and was never in uniform. This meant she would spend another hour in the restroom getting ready once she got to work.

The only reason she even worked there, to begin with, was that her mom wouldn't pay for her breast implantations. She eventually did earn enough to get them, but they are not very good. Typically, after she gets fired, she'll wait until there are new managers at the store, apply, and get hired again.

Let's fast forward a bit to college: Rebecca is on track to get her undergrad. She's currently 24, but she cannot pass most of her undergrad classes. She has stated multiple times that she expects the university to pay for her DOCTORATE degree that she will complete by the time she is 26. A doctorate degree in two years without being able to pass undergrad classes? Okay. Oh, but it gets better.

She mailed the same university requesting them to buy a multi-million dollar mansion for her so that she can start an orphanage. She sent links to the mansion in the email. When she didn't get any response from the university, she emailed Harvard instead. She posted the email on Snapchat and the first line read something like, "I know I don't have the best grades, but I would be a great addition to the community!"

Harvard has not responded. Her mom eventually bought her a very large house in a nice neighborhood so she could get away from her "controlling" boyfriend. All he did was ask her to get a job and pay her part of the bills, so she begged her mom to buy her a house. The last I heard, she ran her car into the boyfriend's house and then texted him saying, "Hope you like the new decor, kiss my rich butt.”

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12. Happy Endings

I'll volunteer someone I know, but I think she deserves to be spoiled after everything she went through. She was a teen mom, married at 17, and her husband cheated on her. Without question, she divorced him and he took off. A month after her divorce, she met a man—he seemed nice, but she was not that into him. She tried to ditch this guy after a couple of unsuccessful forced dates.

But he would show up at her house and cry to her mom. During the holiday season, her mom invited the creepy guy over and he proceeded to scream at my friend. Apparently, he had told everyone that she would be attending his family's Christmas party. As she was not being able to make decisions on her own, she just decided to go with him. She started drinking that night because her mother locked her out of the house and she had to stay at his.

He forced her into intimacy. She got pregnant. She told her mom that couldn't keep this child, thinking she'd understand that she was just not prepared for one. She tried everything, including seeing doctors in secret. She was even going to move out of her mother’s place.

The creepy guy told her mom her plan, and she ended up being forced to have the baby. The man was allowed to spend nights at their place, no matter if she begged her mother not to let him stay. Eventually, she had enough—at some point down the road, she was able to get her old job back and move out. But he followed her and would park in front of her house. He just would not leave her alone.

Her mother threatened her with everything under the sun to marry the guy. She told her that no man would ever look at her and that she would be alone raising two kids as trash. Her mother eventually broke her down, and she agreed to marry the guy after she lost her job. On her wedding night, he backhanded her for not wanting to sleep with him.

The day after she married him, something snapped in her. Her mother tried to exercise her power, but it didn't work. She told both of them it wasn't going to happen. She gained the strength to leave him and her mother. She knew a lawyer who was able to get child support. She then met another man who was good to her and helped her move out.

She left everything she owned with her ex-husband. She also attended counseling and realized all the damage the creep and her mother had done. She kept the other man around and he was great—he didn't get involved with the kids and he kept his distance for three years.

After dating for a while, they realized it just wasn't working for them. He was a bit selfish and she knew she had to let him go. It's just that he didn't fully respect her at times. The man went away to work for months at a time and she left him when he was about to return back. But he came back with a vengeance.

He sent 10 bouquets of flowers, a diamond bracelet, and several cards. He even showed up crying on her doorstep, begging for a chance to be the man she deserved, and admitting his wrongs. They talked it out and it worked in his favor. He eventually proved that he was dedicated, loyal, and caring. He gave so much attention to her and her kids. He also ended up proposing to her in a castle in the mountains with a diamond ring.

She said yes and a few months later, they found out she was pregnant. So they bought a house, moved in together, and planned their wedding. He bought her a brand new car, gave her a credit card, and just treats her like a queen overall. Expensive purses, beautiful jewelry—he buys her everything.

She doesn't ever want any of it, but he always wants to spoil her when he comes home from work overseas. She doesn't have to work ever again or even get a college education. Last I heard, she is pregnant with his second child. This is her fourth child and they're both ecstatic. She is spoiled rotten. They're looking into getting a live-in nanny…however, she deserves it.

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13. Never Trust A Horse Girl

My co-worker. When I complimented her ring, which features a mid-sized emerald stone, she said, "Thanks, my dad bought it for me for my 16th birthday." I said, "Wow, 16?" She said, "Yeah, it's no big deal. My dad has a jeweler he really likes." Because it's totally normal for a father to buy several precious stones as jewelry for his teenage daughter. Also, she's a horse girl, so...

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14. Double Standards

An ex-friend of mine was a narcissist. She ended up marrying my husband’s former co-worker (they were in the same shop on base in the military). They weren't best friends, but they were in the same platoon from their schoolhouse days all the way to their stationing at the same base in California.

Anyway, that's how we all know each other. When my ex-friend started dating him, they a friends-with-benefits situation. She eventually got pregnant and decided not to keep the baby without telling him. She told him this after she went through with it and he kind of just shrugged it off...Like, it was big news, but they were both only 19 and stupid, so he let it be. Then it got really frustrating.

Then, not long after this, she decided she wanted a baby after all. This made her super possessive over him. They start trying immediately to get pregnant soon after, even though he thought it was a bad idea. Somehow, she convinced him they should try. He let her move into his barracks room because he had no roommate. This isn't allowed, mind you, and he could have gotten into big trouble for this.

She watched him like a hawk, forbidding him to eat things and limiting him to a can of soda a day...yet she was eating pie for breakfast, Taco Bell for dinner, and large slushies for dessert. Her excuse was that his job required him to be in shape, while she didn't need to watch herself. He would buy her literally anything she wanted and basically let her walk all over him.

If she wanted to go on a trip to Disney World, he would take her. If she wanted to buy a new wardrobe even though there wasn't a budget for it, he would still give her his money. There were times when he would give her a limit of only 50 dollars, but she'd go ahead and spend 150 dollars on clothes and makeup. He'd just kind of laugh about it and compliment her clothes.

He claimed that he was the man, so he didn't think his wife should have to work. He also didn't mind that she was basically an unhealthy spoiled brat. Somehow, that girl has got that man wrapped around her finger.

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15. Sibling Rivalry

My brother. After our parents paid for his college, he moved to Chicago to get a master's degree. My parents paid for that entire year, as in full tuition, plus room and board. In the next five years, my brother decided to live in Lincoln Park because the rest of Chicago was too dangerous. He was only able to find a part-time job, so my parents still paid his rent. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

My brother then went to law school, and my parents paid his tuition for the next three years. A year after that, he was unable to find a job. He still lives in Lincoln Park,  mind you, and my parents cover all of his expenses. Seven years after that, he still didn't make enough money to support himself, so my parents continued to cover his expenses.

He is now 37 and is still supported by my folks, even though he has a wife and kids. He still treats my parents and the rest of the family like garbage when we visit.

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16. The Girl Can’t Help It

My adopted sister. She was taken from her birth mother as a baby and has no memory of her. There was no mistreatment or anything like that involved; it was just undiagnosed fetal alcohol syndrome that made her small and cute. Underneath that facade, however, she had an animal cunning. She knew exactly how to get an emotional response from people, bad or good. Social services and foster parents have given her everything she has ever asked for.

She looked like an angel. A blonde, blue-eyed doll. She dressed like a doll, too. She never got in trouble, and her foster parents blamed their own children for “not being understanding “ if there were arguments. Meanwhile, social services would take her out for days on end, then dump her back on the foster parents' doorstep if she acted up.

She didn't hear the word “no,” and no one ever challenged her...until she met my family. That's when it all changed. When she moved in with us at the age of six, she became a demon in a little girl’s body. She made our lives horrific. She would hurt herself and tell my parents I had done it. She would say the things she knew would make you feel horrible, then laugh when you cried.

If you said no to her, she would become a screaming, punching, kicking, and biting ball of hate. She told social services we were abusive, and she even called a childline to report us. Once, in a public place, she screamed: “You're not my real mother, leave me alone! Where's my mom!" as my mom was trying to stop her from running off on her own.

People stared at my mother like she was a monster, and one woman shouted that she was calling the authorities. Eventually, my mom gave up trying to hold her and just sat on the ground and cried. We started to care less and less about what happened to her because we didn't know what else we could do to help.

I stopped feeling anything but detached pity for her.  As a parallel, we also adopted her brother. He had a history of mistreatment from his natural mother and her various partners. He worked with us to deal with his anger and pain, and he is a wonderful human being. I'm proud to call him family.

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17. Whatever Lola Wants

My cousin's daughter is the worst spoiled brat I've ever encountered. My boyfriend only refers to her as Lucifer. She and her mom live in my aunt and uncle's house. Her father was nice enough—a hard-working guy who owned a business and got along well with the family. For whatever reason, however, there was some blowout fight that ended their marriage and he lost custody. That was already sad enough, but it got even worst from there.

To make up for everything that my little second cousin went through, my first cousin gave her EVERYTHING she asked for. They had a “don't say no” policy with her, which has turned her into a selfish little witch. If the little one wants to eat chips for dinner, she gets to eat a whole family-size bag of Lays, with a bowl of ice cream on the side.

If the kid wants a new kitten, screw the old cat...they're going to get a kitten. Oh, and if she screams that her friend has a pool and she wants one too, then you best believe they'll be digging up the backyard and installing a pool. The most recent thing that she said she wanted was to hold a sleepover on a school night with all her friends. She made my poor uncle drive all over town to pick these girls up at their houses and take them out for pizza.

My cousin makes very little money, so everything is coming out of my aunt and uncle's pockets. They both should have retired by now, but they can't.

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18. The Bad Neighbors

My neighbors. They moved in eight years ago as a newlywed couple, and when my family tried to introduce ourselves to them, they ignored us. Their parents bought them a $1.5 million home (all paid for, no mortgage), a new Maserati Granturismo, and a new Mercedes G Wagon, all as wedding gifts. All of our other neighbors have tried to be nice to them as well, but deep down, we hate them.

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19. Ignorance Is Bliss

There was this girl in my class who said she could not, for the life of her, understand how anyone could take a loan during their studies to pay for it all. Um, as if most of us weren’t doing exactly that. She said people who took out loans were stupid, so someone asked her how the heck she does it. She said that her mom pays for her apartment, food, car, fun money. etc.

Everyone basically just sat there with their mouths open in disbelief.

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20. The Gravy Train Stops Here

My nephew. I feel so sorry for him. His parents are going through a horrible divorce and because of their debts, they are going to be hit very hard, financially. He's eight and only knows about having a luxurious lifestyle. He has a room full of toys, most of which have never been opened, as well as every piece of new technology that comes out (iPad, laptops, consoles, you name it). He also goes abroad a few times every year.

But here's the kicker—his parents aren't wealthy in the slightest, mind you, but they love to spend and show off, especially his mom. She dresses in all designer gear and so does her son. She will not buy him normal kids’ clothes, and all of his stuff is super expensive. His dad is also not good with money, so as a couple they are an absolute disaster.

Because he's so young, I don't know how he'll cope with the change. He's already a little nightmare at times. We once took him to the zoo with his nieces and he had a right tantrum in the gift shop because we set a limit as to how much we would spend on him. Even his nieces, who are the same age as him, had a go at him for his behavior.

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21. The Root Of All Evil

My mom's good friend is one of the worst spoiled brats I know. She grew up poor on a farm and she worked hard for many years to support herself. She eventually became the first one in her family to go to college. My mom said that she was the smartest girl and she had everything going for her. And then she met him—a man who was almost twice her age—and everything changed. They got married as soon as she turned 25.

He wasn't rich but he had enough money to support her, so she quit school and became a stay-at-home mom. The husband passed away when she was 29 and so she became a single mom with a very large insurance policy. It was enough for her to travel around the world and buy a few mansions if she wanted. My mom said that money changed her, but I think it drew out her real personality to the surface.

She treated people like servants, only associated with the best brands, and would throw tantrums if things didn't go her way. I met her and her two daughters a few times—she would comment on my clothes and lifestyle, saying that it was so sad my mom didn't have enough money to use on me. She'd say it was so unfortunate my mom had to work and couldn't give me a free house like the one she gave her kids.

I'm like, girl, you got your money from your husband...the same husband who was driving in the rain, the night he passed away, to go visit his secret lover because he couldn't stand your whiny self anymore. I don't see her as much anymore, thank God. Last I heard, she lost most of her money due to careless spending and had to move out of state to get away from the debt collectors. Good riddance.

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22. Playing Favorites

My sister. She is 17,  has a one-year-old daughter, and is already pregnant with her second. She lives rent-free with my parents and has never had a job. My mother does all her high school work for her because she desperately wants her to graduate despite my sister not caring. She has no plans to work in the near future, even though she should be done high school in December.

My mom just bought a new car and gave my sister her "old" 2011 Kia Sorrento. Her 18th birthday is also coming up, and my mom told me she is planning on buying her a Macbook. Now, I am older, but when I was her age, I had a job. I also paid for my own car and laptop when I moved to university, so my sister has no excuse. She is headed nowhere fast because of how spoiled she is.

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23. Too Big To Fail

I worked at a private school in the UK this past year and I have a few examples of kids having no idea they were spoiled, which just made it worse. One day, this 16-year-old old came into school complaining about how unfair it was that his dad grounded him….for crashing their plane. But that’s not even the worst part.

I asked him how bad it was and he said, “It was only £40,000 worth of damage,” which apparently his dad could afford, so he didn’t know what the problem was. My jaw dropped.

Another 16-year-old once asked me what I was doing for summer break. I told him I was mainly going to be working. He COULD NOT wrap his head around why I wasn't traveling, going on holiday, etc., then went on about how he'd spend his summer at his private lake. But nothing beats my third student.

On his birthday, one of the 18-year-old old students received a chain of hotels. A fully operating, five-star chain that would all be officially owned under his name. The nerve of this kid to complain that it wasn't what he wanted...it made me really resent working there for a while.

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24. Cooking With Gas

My girlfriend. Apparently, her ex did everything for her, and her parents are loaded, so she never worried about money. One time, as we were walking together, she casually mentioned that she didn't know how to fill up gas in her car. My forehead is still a little sore from that facepalm. I love the girl, but she literally can’t take care of herself.

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25. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Probably my ex. Her dorm room was absolutely covered in trash that was probably two-three inches deep. At no point would you ever actually walk barefoot on her floor. She was that way because she was used to her weekly maid cleaning up after her. She also lived off her mother's credit card and apparently spent 800 dollars a month on fast food. Think that's spoiled? It gets worse.

She had her college tuition paid for by her parents, but she ended up dropping out three years in. After we split up, she moved out of my place because we couldn't stand each other anymore and she went to live with her mom. As far as I know, she's still living in her mother's basement rent-free seven years later. I think what irritates me the most about her is that she's one of those "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" sort of people who nonetheless have never needed to lift a finger to do anything in their entire lives. At least she was very pretty.

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26. Game On

I had a friend named Brian in middle school who got whatever the heck he wanted. For example, I got a Gameboy Advance for Christmas one year, and I brought it in for show and tell after the winter break. Poor Brian, who was still rocking a Gameboy Color, was quite jealous. The very next day, he had a freaking Gameboy Advance.

Also, his mom packed his lunch every day per his specifications. It usually was beef jerky, some nutter bars, and two packs of PEZ.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

27. This Girl Needs A Therapist

I had a client a few years ago who was a single woman in her early 40s. She didn't work. Her father was in his 70s and still working as a psychiatrist; affluent, but not what I would consider rich. He paid her $3k rent every month, her health care expenses, and even gave her around $30k per year...yet, she was super rude to him.

For instance, she screamed at him on the phone once, saying, "Send me your tax return RIGHT NOW.” During that time, her father's best friend had killed a patient. She was just mad that he told her about it because it was her birthday and the story brought down her mood.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

28. The House That Mom Built

My sister. My parents built her and her new husband a $200,000 house for free, yet she still hangs around their place so she can bum stuff off them. My wife and I can't stand it. We live in a one-bedroom apartment and are just getting by because we would much rather earn our way than feel indebted to my parents for giving us everything in our lives.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

29. A Glass Half Empty Kind Of Girl

My ex-girlfriend. She grew up in a really fancy town in Illinois called Evansville. One day, we went to a really great sushi place, and she complained that the rice was too chewy. She accused them, the Japanese owners who had lived in Okinawa for 30 years, of not knowing what authentic sushi tasted like. The audacity...

When I bought a new car, she constantly complained that the seats weren't soft enough. Witch, those seats were like giant pillows! Another time, we attended a friend's small party on a sports yacht in Miami. She complained of the fish smell. We were on a freaking yacht. On the ocean. It was going to smell like fish. I had to end things after that.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

30. A Good Life If You Can Get It

I had a friend in high school who turned out to be a total witch. Luckily for her, her boyfriend was constantly waiting on her hand and foot. It was absolutely ridiculous. She convinced him to join the navy (so she could travel the world with him) and to buy her a cell phone then pay the monthly bill. He'd also buy her clothes every time he came to visit from boot camp and they'd go out to eat at fancy restaurants.

When she graduated high school, he proposed to her, but she only said yes if he adhered to certain conditions. First, he had to buy her a brand new car, a puppy, a giant ring, and a trip to Spain. She also refused to live at the free housing the Navy provided because she thought it was ugly. So she forced him to pay for an apartment that was greatly out of their budget. Oh, she also refuses to work for more than 20 hours a week.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

31. The Wrong Woman

Growing up, I was called a spoiled brat constantly. If I didn't get a toy I wanted, I would throw a tantrum, but my mom would always stand firm. I don't remember throwing a tantrum beyond four or five years old for something like that; not that my relatives knew I did in the first place.

I also didn't have too much as a kid—any big toys I had were gifted as Christmas presents. When I did get new toys, they were always cheap toys like Matchbox cars. My mom didn't have a job since she was a mature student and my dad had passed away a few months before I was born, so we were pretty darn poor.

I remember I would have no snacks once a week because there were only six packs of chips in the big bags, so I would get incredibly hungry on those days. I used to complain about this because my grandparents were constantly buying my cousins big, expensive toys. I asked them why I couldn't have the same things since they were my grandparents, too. Then I realized the heartbreaking truth.

I didn't understand back then that they didn’t want me—the way they treated me was all I knew. It sucked. My cousins got big new toys weekly and would destroy them. Meanwhile, I would be told I had too many toys when, in reality, I just kept the stuff I got since I was a baby in good condition.

As my cousins got older, they started getting big, expensive things. I was lucky to just get a card at Christmas. My birthday didn't even exist. I ended up not even getting a cake. Their excuse for skipping my birthday was that it was too close to Christmas. The kicker? My cousins’ birthday was actually closer to Christmas, but it didn't count because it came after the holiday.

When I got older, my mom got a job, and by the age of eight or nine, I was getting myself to and from school. I also didn't need a babysitter, so my mom was able to give me pocket money. I would do chores, like wash the car, clean the windows, vacuum the house, keep my room tidy, etc., to get this pocket money.

When my cousins found out I was earning an allowance, they told me that I was a spoiled brat. It was a completely fair system, but not to my relatives. As if they weren't getting brand new games for their consoles all the time... one each for both of them, which cost $30 or more. I got $20 a month, max. At this point, we were still not making much money.

My mom was still paying off the house and I wore her friend’s son’s hand-me-downs because clothes were expensive. I think I owned one or two things beyond underwear. No real girls’ clothes, though. At 11, my cousin and I went to the same school. I saw him once and he started yelling that I was a spoiled brat to his friends.

Someone asked him why, and he answered that I got $5 a week for doing chores. His friend’s reaction was priceless. He said he got the same money as me and actually stood up for me. As we got older, I had nothing to do with my relatives. I rarely ever saw them. My cousin said he didn't want us—particularly me—at their house anymore, so I was essentially kicked out of the family along with my mom.

My mom was angry at me over it and blamed me for the falling out, but it wasn't my fault. When I was 17, I got myself a job. I needed money. My mom stopped paying for everything: food, clothes, training, etc. Anything I wanted, I had to buy myself; although she failed to tell me she was getting $160 a month from my dad’s pension that should have been mine.

She kept it hidden from me…until I found the letters. After I found them, I bought myself a computer and got Internet at home. This only made it worse. Now, my cousins and some jerks from my school decided it was fun to attack me online. I didn't get any peace at school, and mom had gone completely nuts on me at home, so I had no peace anywhere.

The few minutes a day that got to spend online was my escape until they invaded. I saw they were harassing me in a forum I went on, posting stuff about me. One comment stuck with me. They said I wasn't the spoiled brat anymore; I was the poor kid who couldn't even afford internet service. That hurt. I always thought it must be nice to have parents who buy anything you ask them to buy.

Food, clothes, cars, motorbikes, computers, phones, Internet, insurance—their parents bought them pretty much everything. They had changed their tune because they had more than me and they finally knew it. I remember warning my grandparents that they were being manipulated before I was shut out, but they wouldn't listen. I was the bad kid; the one they never wanted.

When my granddad was getting too old, he couldn't look after the house. He claimed my cousins were looking after his house, buying him food, etc., but the real story was devastating.  He lived in squalor because they weren’t taking care of him, and my mom and her brothers had to go in and clean the house up.

Meanwhile, when he got really sick, my cousins vanished. They didn't go visit him, didn't help clean the house, etc. When he passed away, they found out just how much they were taking from him. It was an insane amount of possessions and money that they were pilfering. Oh, and my aunt and cousins also screamed at me at the funeral because I stood too close to them with my mom and they didn't like it.

This happened right when my granddad was being lowered into the ground. I just walked away, because now everyone finally saw who they really were and that I wasn't the bad guy. Although I earned everyone's respect, unfortunately, it was too late. I was 21 and they weren't my family; none of them were. I was just there because I wanted to support my mom. But karma was coming for them.

Now my cousins are both unemployed. They still live with their mother and don't have any qualifications beyond bad high school grades. They still blame me for their lives being so awful, even though I haven't seen them since the funeral. Their mother and our grandparents screwed up their lives, and it sucks. The one my age wanted to go into the Navy but he was told he wasn't allowed, so he gave up and did nothing after school.

The younger one dropped out of college, worked for a year or two, but hasn't done anything since. My aunt has to work full time now for the first time in her life and she complains about it constantly. There was also the drama of them trying to take everything of value from my grandparents’ house, but everything had been cleared out already.

They didn't want anything sentimental though—just the expensive stuff—and they threw a tantrum over the TV. Mom was saying they were probably going to try selling it until I said I would take it. I had just moved into my own place, and the big old TV I had literally just fried itself so I had to get a new one. For a year after, my aunt complained about that TV.

It's been six years since my granddad passed away. I've still got the TV and love it. It must be well over 10 years old now as well. It's the only thing I got from his things beyond some old books they were going to throw away, some 60-year-old jigsaws, and this really cool antique wooden jewelry box. I didn't ask for anything, I got what was leftover and was happy with it.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

32. In Favor

My cousin. His mom is a real estate agent who makes a lot and he just gets money handed to him. The most irritating part about it is that he acts as if he earned it. A while back, his mom broke her foot and couldn't drive, so he drove her around the city for a few days while they met with clients. She said she'd pay him a couple of grand for it, but that it would take her a while to get the money.

So he reamed her out and held her to it until she paid him. He's 21, he doesn't go to school, and he doesn't have a job....but his mom just keeps handing him money for the smallest things.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

33. Orange You Glad You Asked?

One time I asked a girl in my class if she wanted an orange. She said yes and I handed her one. She asked what it was. I was a little confused. "It's an orange..." I said. The next thing she said stunned me. She said, "No, oranges don't have this rough skin, they're just sections that you break apart." I was shocked and explained to her that it was the peel and all oranges had them.

She said, "Oh, I guess my butler has always peeled them for me." She was 16 at the time. The entire class was furious.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

34. A Free Ride

My ex-girlfriend's younger sister was spoiled as heck. This girl snuck out every night to party and then complained when her parents locked the windows and told her to stop. She then got knocked up and had the kid, and the parents now take care of the kid full time. You'd think that after having a kid she'd change, but she kept up with the partying, using her parent's money to buy supplies.

Oh, but here's the shocker—she was 14 when all of this was going down. Now she's in college in LA and doesn’t even go to half of her classes. She didn't even take her kid...just left him with her parents so she could go out and party all night. She constantly says how her life is so hard and unfair. Girl, you are going to school free and don't even need to take care of your own darn child.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

35. The Good Wife

My sister-in-law. She ruined her marriage by cheating on her husband, then convinced her parents that it was his fault she cheated…because he wasn’t giving her enough attention. So they bought her a place and made him pay her out over $15k for being married for fewer than 18 months. Her parents and new boyfriend still pay for all her stuff.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

36. How The Other Half Lives

This kid I went to high school with got a freaking Porsche for his 16th birthday. Keep in mind that in my state, you can only get a permit when you turn 16, so he didn't even have a license. He then got a new Porsche later in high school after backing his first one out into a tree. He basically was handed admission to an Ivy League school because his grandparents had donated a building.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

37. Stage Five Clinger

I decided to get some waffles to take a break from helping out at my grandfather's funeral and happened to see my friend at the restaurant. I thought she was going to console me, but when she walked up to me, I could already see it in her face—she was about to blow. It turned out that she had been messaging me throughout the day and was annoyed I didn’t reply. All the while, I was really just busy entertaining my grandfather's guests. She wailed loudly, accusing me of not needing her in my life.

This all happened in full view of the crowded cafe and my other friends. So much for taking a break from all the ongoing drama at the funeral...

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

38. My Sister’s Keeper

My sister. She was loved and spoiled by my parents. They gave her any gift she wanted—shoes, a new phone, a car...even money when it was MY birthday. I, on the other hand, got the opposite. They told me I was selfish for asking for money. My mom rarely visited me or talked to me. When I had my tonsils and adenoids removed, there wasn't a call, text, or visit from my mother.

Meanwhile, when my sister had hers removed, my mother drove her to and from the surgery. Heck, she even forgot my 14th birthday. When I saw her that Christmas, she laughed about it and said, “Oh, oops!” No money, no gifts. But when my sister's 18th birthday rolled around, and she got $500. I never really ask for much. Not even the newest phones.

I've had the same $300 laptop for four years now; the same Android phone from that time, too. When I get money, I typically use it to buy clothes or the rare new pair of shoes. Sometimes, a new video game. Whenever my sister got money, on the other hand, she got everything she wanted. She once threw a fit when my grandmother didn't buy her candy.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

39. You Can’t Choose Family

My sister-in-law hasn’t been spoiled with material things, but she does dominate all family decisions and events. She will throw a fit at perceived slights, so everyone walks on eggshells to keep her happy at all times. If the family holiday dinner falls on a time when she can't make it—even though everyone else can—we better change it.

If she wants to use my father-in-law's pool on Labor Day Weekend to host a birthday party for her son, even though he just had another birthday party the weekend before that we all had to go to—we'd better make sure we all attend. There are so many more examples of her paranoia that people are being mean to her, but it's exhausting to even think about.

I wish someone in her family would tell her that the world doesn't revolve around her.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

40. I Get Hangry

This girl I used to be friends with got mad at me and my other friend for not getting her "steak or a salad” when we asked if she was hungry one day. Like, she EXPECTED us to get it for her after that. At first, we thought she was just talking about how she was craving it, but her follow-up response revealed the chilling truth: "If you guys are too lazy to get me the steak, just go get me a salad from McDonald’s.”

We informed her that we weren’t getting her any food because we were NOT her servants. She retaliated by throwing a tantrum. The funny part is, she expected us to pay for EVERYTHING when we used to hang out and if we didn’t, apparently we were just "stingy jerks who use her for her gas.” Thank goodness I don't talk to her anymore.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

41. A True Man Child

I had an old friend call me in the middle of the night, begging for me to go pick him up. I thought he had gotten mugged or something along those lines. The actual reason was jaw-droppingly ridiculous. Turns out, he got into an argument with his parents because they bought him a storage space for him to put his childhood items into.

He was so upset that his parents decided to sell their home and move elsewhere to retire and that he would be forced to decide which of his items to keep and sell. I deleted his number right after that night and have avoided him at all costs since then. He is 29 years old and a total man-baby. Like seriously dude, work on your drama.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

42. Ice Cold

There’s this one kid in my neighborhood who always throws tantrums when things don’t go his way. Sometimes, he throws them for no reason at all. There was one time when he got mad at me for something stupid, so he took my glasses, went outside, and threw them in the snow before laughing at me. I mean, I know he’s just a kid, but screw him.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

43. In Russia, Brat Spoils You

A guy was on a school trip with me to Russia. He complained the entire time—and I mean the entire time—about stuff like the train not having cashmere blankets and the fact that people weren’t waiting on him hand and foot. To top it off, he said something incredibly shocking to a famine survivor that I will never forget: “Russian food was so bad, no wonder you starved.”

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

44. A Revolving Closet

There was a girl in my high school who would never wear the same thing twice. Apparently, re-wearing clothes made her feel "dirty." Her outfits were very expensive, and then she'd just throw them out after. Not even donate them.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

45. Victory Is Mine

My cousin who is eight years old is the most spoiled brat ever, but my aunt’s to blame. He cannot accept no for an answer. For example, every time he goes to the store with my aunt, he leaves with a toy or a game without fail. If he goes with me or my grandparents, on the other hand, we tell him, "No, you're not getting a toy or game; we're just here to pick some groceries." That boy then throws the biggest tantrums, causing a scene in public.

He also always has to win whenever we play a game. It’s not that I try to win all the time, but when I play a video game or board game I usually play with his sister. She’s a bit of a drama queen, but at least she's mellow compared to him. Anyway, we were all playing this Star Wars game and his sister had won. It went from zero to outrage in no time flat.

He screamed, "NO! I win!" and proceeded to knock over all the pieces. I scolded him, telling him that wasn't nice. Since he had also upset his sister, I told him to apologize to her. I've heard from his sister that his friends at school don't really like to play sports or games with him because of his attitude.

I feel bad for him, to be honest. My aunt kind of screwed him up by giving in to every demand he wanted his whole life. I’m worried about how badly it will affect him as he gets older.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

46. Working For The Weekend

This girl I went to college with had parents who paid her a “salary” that was more than I earned in my job. She then used to tell her parents she needed extra money for course books, only to go spend it on booze. Apparently, her parents didn't want her to work because it would interfere with her studies. Well, little did they know they were contributing to her epic downfall. She got so messed up partying that she ended up dropping out of college…but what did they do in response? They bought her her own condo.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

47. Fool Me Twice

A guy from my old school had his parents gift him a brand-new $24,000 sports car. Two months later, he totaled it while texting. His parents then bought him a new SUV at the same price. He crashed it the following month. So his parents came up with an ingenious plan. They bought him a used piece of trash for $2,000. He ranted about it for months.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

48. The Chosen One

My brother. He has this notion that since he's adopted, our parents "owe him" forever. He treats them like garbage and they do all they can to help him. He's a 27-year-old man child, and I can't stand him. In case anyone's curious, I'm adopted too; though we're not related by blood. I love my parents and just see them as my own.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

49. Puppy Love

My wife's friend. Her husband bought her a puppy, and spent probably $600 on the actual dog, training, food, toys, etc. He is the one who takes it outside to pee, feeds it, takes it on walks, etc. He pretty much did everything to take care of it. Yet, she keeps complaining that the puppy likes him more. That was unbearable behavior enough, but then she took things to the next level—not only did she stop wearing her wedding ring and change all her profile pictures to not include her husband, but she also threatened to get rid of the dog for good and even tried to harm it behind his back a couple of times. Luckily, her husband left her and he and the dog now live together in a different place. What a spoiled witch.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

50. All In The Family

Long story short, my parents are fairly well-off. Like, really well-off. For example, my parents would often find out people in need, like a struggling family or whatever, and anonymously drop a new car or van off at their home, as a gift in their name. Or, they would pay off people's mortgages if they were in a bind. They did it anonymously because, according to my father, "People will always feel like they owe you, or have an obligation to you, even if you insist otherwise." Plus, they were sticklers about the whole religious principle of not doing charity to get seen by others, but for the right reasons.

Anyway, I know this is going to go a different direction than some of you expected—you probably assumed I was going to talk about some other rich spoiled kids I knew, which there were plenty...but I have to say, the most spoiled person I have ever known is my father's brother, my uncle. Quick back story, my parents do not come from old money, and I did not either.

In fact, I remember being quite poor in my early childhood, guarding my father's bucket of flowers on the street corners of Boston as he roller-skated and sold them to people at rush hour. Well, he eventually saved up enough money and opened his own flower shop, then that grew into a chain of flower shops, and so on. Things took off rather quickly and we went from being broke to rich.

This is when my father's brother comes into the picture. My father did so much to help him and his family. He gave him a million dollars to start a business, which my uncle somehow blew in six months with nothing to show for it. He also paid for their home when times were tough...literally, he has always been there to bail them out.

I have never once heard my uncle say “thank you” for anything, nor his wife. My father has declined to talk about it and if I ever brought it up, he'd always say, "We got lucky. He's just trying to help his family and he's my brother, so stop complaining." Here is something that REALLY bugged me, though.

When I was still in my early teens, I was still adapting to this concept of massive wealth in our family. My uncle and his family had this van—an old Dodge Caravan that was breaking down, in and out of the shop. We decided as a family to do something nice for them, so we went to the dealership, got the most loaded family van there was, and went to their home to drop it off. His reply made my blood boil.

Not only was my uncle disappointed that we didn't buy them a Suburban, but he also showed no gratefulness at all. In fact, he even complained about it, saying that we should have just taken him to the lot with us so he could have picked what he wanted. A week later, he sold the van and bought a brand new sports car instead.

To this day, I have never seen any gratefulness from them. I don't even like being around them. It sucks because my cousins became very much like my siblings because they were with us so much. My aunt and uncle were probably vacationing out of town once a month, so they'd always leave my cousins to hang out with us.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

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