January 14, 2020 | Eul Basa

People With Unromantic "How We First Met" Stories Share How They Met Their Partner

Not everyone has a fairytale beginning. We don't all meet our soulmates under a starry sky on Valentine's Day while it's snowing, or by locking eyes across the room at a fancy New Year's Eve party in a New York penthouse. Most real-life love stories are boring. From receiving creepy texts to choking on tacos while a hot guy walks by, here are some of the most un-romantic "how we first met" stories out there.

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#1 No Recollection

I don't remember meeting my husband. I was a freshman in high school and it was during band camp. I got a text from him one night and pretended to know who he was because I was too embarrassed that I didn't know everyone's names yet.


#2 She Ruined His Hot Dogs

I was the DD for the night at the local club. It was getting late and everyone wanted to party more, I was getting hungry. Outside the club, this guy always had his hot dog cart set up so I went outside to get a couple. The club didn't allow outside food or drink so I just sat on the curb. She came out falling all over the place with her friends, took a few steps, then puked on me, my hot dogs got ruined too.

Her friends really weren't in any condition to drive either so I called an uber and asked him to let me know they got home safe. She called the next day incredibly apologetic and asked to make it up to me with dinner. She showed up to the restaurant with a new shirt and a pack of hot dogs. We laughed hysterically, got to talking and here we are. I always say she had a very unique method of picking me.

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#3 They Met in a Homeless Shelter

We met at a homeless shelter. We hit it off, got back on our feet, got a place together and are getting married.

Camp Kinser service members serve Thanksgiving meal at Okinawa homeless shelterOkinawa Marines

#4 He Fell Asleep in Her Bathtub

I met my girlfriend at a new years eve party. We were both super tipsy. I may have blurted out my life story too. I came back with her to her apartment. After sobering up, I decided to get naked and crawl into her bathtub. I passed out but woke up with a blanket on me and a pillow under my head... She sent me a message asking if I was okay. I asked her out for coffee. The rest is history I guess.

man-909049_1920 (1)Pixabay

#5 Met in a Psychiatric Hospital

I met my wife in 1989 in a psychiatric hospital. Married for 29 years now...

14445157466_0bba4850f2_k (1)Flickr

#6 His Proposal was Average

He was super tipsy. An acquaintance and I went to pick him and another friend up to go out to a club. We've been together 15 years and married 13. Even his proposal was not very romantic. We were in our backyard getting ready to barbecue and he asked me if I would marry him. The first thing out of my mouth was, "Are you sure?" It totally works for us though.



#7 He Added Her on Facebook

I added my wife on Facebook 11 years ago because I thought she was hot. She popped up in a friend's picture and I was like "nice" and now I wake up in the same bed as her and I say "nice" every single day.

#8 They Met on Plenty of Fish

Met my husband on Plenty of Fish. I had an account my friend and I used to troll people when we were bored (used my own picture) and he seemed decent so I told him what was up with my account. He thought it was funny and asked me on a date. The day we scheduled to meet up my appendix exploded and I was in the ICU for two weeks. I rescheduled once I got home. His GPS directed him to my house by driving through a river (we lived in Florida at the time so mud and alligators were a concern) police had to come save him and escorted him to my house. We still laugh about it.


#9 She Tripped, He Laughed

She tripped on the gutter. While everyone around her helped her, I just stood there trying to contain my laugh. She still tells this story to other people up to this day.


#10 She Dated His Best Friend

She first met me while dating my best friend and I was with another girl at the time. Years later, my best friend convinced me to hang out with her. I called her up and invited her to Buffalo Wild Wings where he and I were hanging out. Since we had both already eaten, we walked across the parking lot to a bar. I played darts with friends and talked to her a bit, then after the bar closed, we went back to our cars and started making out at 4 a.m. in the Wild Wings parking lot. The rest is history. It was a magical night we'll tell our grandchildren about one day.


#11 They Met on OkCupid

My wife and I met on OkCupid. I used to feel kind of embarrassed about this until I realized that now there are married couples out there who met on Tinder.

cute-couple-working-on-a-laptopGood Free Photos

#12 She Split Open His Garbage Bag

Not me but one of my friends told me about how their parents knew a couple who found each other around the bin truck. So basically one day, a guy went to take back his metal can from the street but there was a big problem. The garbage worker had accidentally made a tear in the bin bag and ripped it open, spreading garbage everywhere on the pavement.

So the next week the upset man waited for the same workers to show up to get an explanation. Turns out that garbage worker was, in fact, a woman of the same age (which was really rare in those times, 70s-80s). Charmed by her uniqueness, the dude decided to share numbers. They dated and we all know the rest.


#13 They Were Donating Blood

I was donating blood and I hit it off with the lady next to me. She seemed to like my weird sense of humor and I think our blood bags touched.

170205-Z-EU280-1029Air National Guard

#14 There Was a Riot on Campus

I was working at a residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed adolescents. There was a riot on campus. It took two shifts of staff to get the kids quieted down and back in bed. We were supposed to get off work at 11 p.m. but were there until 1 a.m. The guy I was working with was friends with my roommate. So after we got off, I said "I'm going home to drink. Want to come?" That was 42 years ago. We've been married for 37 years and have two adult children.


AW's Kids Fun Run - 2016Flickr

#15 They Were Co-Workers

At work. She was really shy.


#16 They Played Dungeons and Dragons Together

We both joined a group to play D&D together. He was a halfling rogue, I was a human barbarian. In the first session, he climbed on my shoulders to spear some foe in the throat and then on my next turn I attempted to assist him up onto the roof of the small hut next to us. I rolled a natural one and basically punted him into a wall for some ridiculous amount of damage. Oops. We've been married for five years and have two kids.

2014_Dragon_Con_Cosplay_-_D&D_Game_1_(14937121447)Wikimedia Commons

#17 They Met Online

We met online and didn't plan to exactly be in a relationship. We accidentally ended up married, oops.

#18 Tinder

Tinder! I had been dumped a few weeks earlier and wanted to just do me and not worry about anyone else for a bit. Well, that got old fast so I downloaded the app and started swiping. We matched about a day later and spent a few days texting through the app before she gave me her number and then about a week later, we met up for drinks.

I was poor at the time, had just started a new job and missed the first pay period so we had one drink and then I made an excuse to leave because I couldn't afford anymore. We walked out and I gave her a hug saying bye and we should meet up again soon. We will be celebrating our two years in December!


#19 They Hit It off on Match.com

Match.com she sent me an email and I waited a day to decide if the 20 dollar commitment was worth it. It was and we’ve been married a little over a decade.

#20 They Hit It Off, Then Didn't

I was walking through a crowded beer garden to meet my long-time female friend who already had a table saved and insisted I had to meet her friend. I spotted her friend immediately and she spotted me even though we'd never met. I proceeded to sit down and make small talk, but I was enamoured. I instigated everything, which I had never done before in my life.

I was completely taken by her. Yada yada yada we made out and spent the next week together, avoiding all outside responsibilities and careers. Three years and thousands of dollars in legal fees later and I just narrowly avoided jail time because of her lies. She is the meanest person I've ever met. Hitler and Stalin had more gumption than her. A true sociopath.


#21 College Badminton Class

Badminton class in college. I was beating him badly. He finally realized I was a competitive freak and not some little girl who didn't care if she won or not.

171002-F-IX896-041Mountain Home Air Force Base


Craigslist. I was new in town and didn't know many people. I put an ad up looking for someone to go explore and do weird stuff with, like put googly eyes on things. She answered, we emailed back and forth a few times. Met. Hung out. It was really relaxed. Then about three weeks later we realized it was more than that.


#23 They Were Shy

We had Spanish class together and we were both shy. So when we picked partners for projects and assignments we were always the last two who didn’t have partners.

Student_in_Class_(3618969705)Wikimedia Commons

#24 She Confessed Her Crush

My now-wife drank loads at New Years Day party and confessed her crush on me. She then persistently tried to coerce a very sober and uncomfortable me to go home with her, which I declined. I called her the next day and asked her on a proper date. That was almost seven years ago and we've been happily married for three years!

#25 He Was Her Neighbor

He was my mom’s upstairs neighbor and my mom forbid me from hanging with him as she was sure he was a “bad influence." Thirteen years and two kids later, we’re all a big happy family.

#26 He Teased Her

My parents have a pretty great one. My mom was a 19-year-old intern at this big company. She was tasked with inventorying a warehouse. She found a box of screws with no part number. She asked around for days. Nobody knew anything about these screws. She was getting frustrated. Finally, somebody directed her to go see this particular guy who was kind of famous for being a reclusive, if brilliant guy.

She walks into his office, holds up a screw, and asks him, "I've asked everybody, no one knows. What IS this?" My dad looks at her and says, absolutely deadpan: "It's a screw." She called him bad words and stormed out. They were married five years later. Their 40th wedding anniversary is next August.  They also got engaged in a Taco Bell. My parents are great at "NOT romantic" stuff.


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#27 Tinder Dates

Uh, Tinder. Maybe one day I'll tell my parents but the friend-of-a-friend story has worked well enough so far.

#28 They Found Each Other Across the World

My partner and I don't have a typically "romantic" story. I first saw him at a friend's birthday party. We talked for a bit but nothing happened as I had a flight to catch. We met again, months later in a different continent, at a party. We locked eyes and recognized each other. Been together for three years.

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#29 She Met Him Several Times

Apparently we had met in two separate classes but I didn't remember him. We finally connected for real on Yik Yak because I was a sad person and he knew what that was like and helped me work through it. Months later, I finally gave him a chance. Been almost three years now!


#30 They Met at Trivia

I met my wife at trivia at a local restaurant. She was cute, and we met with a group of friends. I found out she was working at Subway. She was a senior in high school, and I was a freshman in college. I stopped by that Subway one day with the intention of flirting and managed to a bit... until I realized she was buttering me up to get a ride home. Excited, I eagerly agreed. Then, I found out she was needing to get home to get ready for a date with another guy.

We met again when she came to my university later that year. I was going to the comedy show with Carlos Mencia, and I was definitely tipsy. Lo and behold, I stumbled into a group of girls and I nearly toppled her. We proceeded to have a great night and everything from there was history. Not particularly romantic though.


#31 They Met on Omegle

We met on Omegle. This was before they added video chat, so it's slightly more romantic than you might imagine, but not by much. Trudging through a sea of people to find someone worthwhile isn't the most romantic story to tell.

#32 She Dated His Roommate

I dated his roommate. We technically met on my second date with said roommate at a dive bar, but I don't think he said more than two words to me after introductions, he was trying to be respectful to his roommate. We almost didn't get together because it's not cool to date your friends' exes. There was a little drama at first but we've been together 10 years, married for five. Still friends with the roommate, his wife is perfect for him, and our kids play together now.


#33 They Get Each Other's Mail

We have the same first name and last names, just one letter off. We keep getting each other's mail.

#34 Another Tinder Meeting

Tinder. I drove an hour and a half to her friend's house to hang out with her after talking idly for a couple of months. I thought she was just going to be dull. So we just drank and watched movies. Her friends went to sleep and the rest is history. We stayed up laughing and talking until 8 a.m. It went a lot better than I ever expected it to.

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#35 He Dated Her Friend

My husband and I met while he was dating one of my friends in high school. Whoops.


#36 Highschool Sweethearts

I was shy in high school. Senior year, I decided I needed to take initiative or I'd end up graduating without having had a girlfriend for my entire high school career. I made a list of three girls that I wanted to introduce myself to. The next day, one of the girls was behind me as we all kind of gathered around the door to wait for the bell to ring at the end of our last period of the day.

I turned around and asked her if she knew what the homework was (I knew there wasn't any). The bell rang as she was trying to answer, so we kind of had to start walking together for her to answer me. Then we started talking and ended up walking to our cars together. We did that for the rest of the week, then I asked her to see a movie with me that weekend. Now we've been together twelve years, are married, and have two daughters.

man-people-girl-woman-white-backpack-762363-pxhere.com (1)PxHere

#37 She Was Eating Tacos

I was eating tacos in a mall food court. He walked by me and I thought he was cute but then I started choking on my taco and he looked at me weird and walked away. My friend with me went and got his number for me. That was seven years ago. He told me he thought I was laughing at him. Thanks, Taco Bell.

Mexican Tacos Food Salsa Tortilla Mexico TacoMax Pixel

#38 They Met in Walmart

My husband and I met working our worst job ever, Walmart.

#39 Their Dogs Fell in Love

My dog got her dog pregnant. I don't know how those two met because he's often chilling in my fenced backyard (without a leash, only a collar with my number in it) so he must have escaped and had a good time AND come back all in under one hour. One day, she called me and yelled at me for not neutering him and let him roam freely.

I yelled back at her for not spaying her dog and told her that my boy isn't walking around on the streets freely. We had a big argument about everything, my dog is the only one who could have gotten hers pregnant so I couldn't just do nothing. We talked it out and fell in love shortly after the puppies came.


#40 Interesting Introduction

My ex-wife introduced us.


#41 They Got into a Bar Fight

Not me but an old friend. Back in the 70s, my friend Shirley was at a bar late one night making a phone call in the back room on a payphone and some guy who clearly had had too much to drink came stumbling in and took the phone from her, hung it up, then proceeded to make a call to someone else.

She stood back and SMACKED him in the face. He fell flat on the floor and busted out laughing. That’s how they met, a short bar fight I suppose. I always loved hearing that story when I drank with them. She passed away a few years back and was a very sweet woman.


#42 Her Boyfriend Made Him Do It

I asked her out in high school, she rejected me. Nine years later her boyfriend slapped me, I told him he’d regret it. I stole his girlfriend and now I’m marrying her.

#43 He Sent a Creepy Text

A good friend of ours gave my number to them without my prior knowledge. They were in the military and stationed several thousand miles away. I hadn’t even heard of my future SO before, much less met them. Their first text to me was the creepiest message I’ve ever received. It was something like “I’ve been getting to know you over your friend's shoulder for a while now. I just had to talk to you for myself.” We just celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary.

Anxious Smiling Surprise Looking Phone TextingMax Pixel

#44 They Went to the Same School

I sat behind her in math class. She copied my homework daily.

#45 They Met on Holiday

I was 19 on a "lads" holiday and she was on a similar enterprise with a group of girls (both from the UK and went to Malia, Greece). We had a week-long romance and then went our separate ways for about five years before I ended up doing some temp work down the road from where I thought she lived. I dropped her a message and we met up for a drink when I was on lunch. We really hit it off and we're moving in together come January after five years of happiness.



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