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Truck Drivers Share The Most Terrifying Thing They've Ever Seen On The Road

Truck drivers see more of our country than almost any other denizens that live in it. They spend hundreds of hours driving, sometimes in the dead of night, with no companion but the radio and the sun or moon overhead. The stories below are from truck drivers, detailing some of the most creepy and terrifying things they've seen on the long and lonely roads. Buckle your seat belts, because you're in for one heck of a ride!


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#1 Biblical Bees

I was headed west on I-76 in Denver just cruising along at about 70 mph. Out of nowhere, I saw a massive, almost solid cloud of what looked to be dirt coming at me. I'd say it was at least 20 feet wide and 10 feet tall. I scanned ahead of me but couldn't see any vehicle it could have come from. With nowhere to go, I slowed down and took the hit, hoping there wasn't anything big enough in there to come through the windshield or jack up my truck. It was pretty loud as I smashed through it, the instant it hit I knew it wasn't dirt. I immediately hit the washers because I couldn't see a darn thing through all of the carnage—my windshield was painted with guts. Turns out, it was bees. Freaking huge bees that sounded like rocks when they hit.


#2 Black SUVs In The Desert

I was driving near Las Vegas at around 3 a.m. I had been following a few black SUV's along the highway for a good hour or so. They had Nevada plates that were single-digit numbers in order. Suddenly, they all pulled off the highway down a dirt path. There was no mile marker or cactus that would indicate a path there. It was just dirt. After pulling off the road, they all turned their lights off. I didn't stick around. It was creepy.


#4 Hungry Texan Bigfoot

Years ago in the late '90s, I was on my way from my house heading to Loredo to pick up a load. It was early morning, around 4 or 5 a.m. I had just come off a string of days at home, so I know I wasn't tired. I was on one of those two-lane winding roads in the absolute middle of nowhere when I saw something on the side of the road at the edge of my high beams.

At first, I just thought it was roadkill, as is usually the case. As I got closer though, I saw something crouching over the deer carcass. I remember thinking the guy was probably taking the antlers as a trophy. But nope, the guy was actually eating the deer. At some point, he stopped mid-motion and looked up at me. Not at my truck, but at me.


#4 The Light Follows

My dad has several stories from hauling logs in Idaho and driving trucks through Utah and Nevada. My favorite is from actually just in his pickup going through Utah. He said there was a light keeping pace with him out in the desert on a moonless night. It kept pace for a minute before it disappeared and his truck turned off. He stopped and turned it on and pulled off at the next diner. The folks in the diner called it a common occurrence.


#5 Spirits In The Bushes

I was driving I-30 through Texas and Arkansas. Oftentimes, I would see animals popping out of the bushes, but after a longer glance, I'd realize there was actually nothing there. Highway hypnosis I suppose.


#6 Phantom Road Hound

I was on the highway at about 3 a.m., in the middle of nowhere between Roanoke and DC, with absolutely nobody around. It was dark, mildly damp, and foggy. At some point, I just happened to look to the left and there was a freaking dog barking at me. A German Shepard, in a car passenger seat, somewhat blue-glow from the instruments inside the car.

I got a good hard look at because at first, my brain was not registering, "Cop car, dummy!" I was doing 90+ in a 75 mph, so I put my foot on the brakes and started slowing down to pull over. I even put my blinker on to start shifting lanes over to the right to pull over, but there was no shoulder on the left side of the road!

I slammed my brakes and stopped in the middle of the freaking highway, flipped on all my light bars and even looked around with my handheld spot. There was NOTHING. No tail lights, no headlights, no engine sounds, nothing. There were no other tire marks but mine.


#7 Rainbow Lights In The Dark

I’m a truck driver in the UK. I was driving through rural Scotland one night going down a country lane when all of a sudden, I started to see flashing lights come through the trees. Lights of all colors were flashing through the trees and causing some really freaky looking shadows on the road. I’m not a believer of aliens or anything but my first thought was UFOs. Safe to say, I put my foot down and got out of there.


#8 Three Cultists All In A Row

I was coming back home from a trip from Michigan and I saw these people wearing cult-like robes. One in town, one on a highway, and one in a park, all staring at me.


#9 The Lonely Woman

I was on the Westbound I-90 between Vantage and Ellensburg, WA. A young woman in a summer dress and heels was walking alone on the shoulder towards Ellensburg. There were no vehicles for miles so I knew she didn’t break down. If you are familiar with this stretch of 90, you know there aren’t any houses either. It’s desolate.


#10 Party Just Passed

In the early 1990s, I was driving from a small town in Ontario, Canada to Florida. I just got past the border at around 3 a.m. and found out one of the roads I needed to turn on was closed. There was no one around so I looked at my map and decided to turn around and take a different road. As I made the turn, I immediately knew that I shouldn’t have gone that way. It was a tiny, one-way street with trash scattered all over. It looked like a huge group of people were just there, but there was no one. No street lights, no other cars or houses or any reason for anyone to be out there. I was so creeped out that I turned around and went the correct way.


#11 Ominous Warning

When I was doing the long haul thing, I was driving through Oklahoma. I don't remember exactly where, but it was late at night, and I was already tired. Well, I was driving along and saw what I thought was a grim reaper. I looked in my mirrors and didn't see it. At that point, I decided that, regardless of how many hours I had left on my log, I was stopping the next chance I got to rest. Later that night after getting parked, I turned on my CB and heard someone talking about a bad accident just a few miles beyond where I had stopped. After asking how long ago it happened, it turned out that if I had kept going, I would have been caught up in it.


#12 Reflection On The Road

A friend of my cousin was a long haul trucker. He was making a delivery across the country and was in a hardly used dirt stretch of a rural route. Since the road wasn't exactly peachy, he had to drive slowly. He saw another truck slowly approaching from the opposite direction, and the truck was the same as his. Since this wasn't fairly uncommon, he didn't think much of it; but as the other one grew closer, he decided to honk in recognition of having the same kind of truck.

The other one replied and all was good... that is, until they narrowly and very slowly had to pass one another. He turned to look at the driver and he saw himself. Not a reflection, not a similar person but his exact same copy: the same clothes, same hat, same red beard, staring at him. They passed each other and that was that. He told me he'd seen very weird things, but that was the moment he decided to stop being a trucker.


#13 Black-Eyed Attack Dog

I was driving from Atlanta to northern Indiana and out of nowhere, I saw a dog in the grass. Normally, it would have been fine, but its eyes weren’t glowing from my headlights, which for some reason really made me feel unsettled. Next thing I know, it charged for the tire of my trailer, snarling, and barking. Thank god I didn’t hit it! I looked back and it was gone.


#14 Nebraska Is All

I drove a moving truck across Nebraska. There's a point where you're going freeway speed, but the scenery doesn't change. It's a very strange sensation and it seemed to last far too long. I started to freak out at one point. Everything else that has happened in my life must have been a hallucination, as there was nothing but Nebraska in the horizon. Nebraska is the truth. Nebraska is life.


#15 The Abductee Diner

My grandfather told me the story about how he was driving west to east along an empty stretch of road in southern South Dakota. He stopped at a stop sign at an intersection with nothing in sight, no buildings, and no other vehicles. Then there was a bright light that hit him. He looked up and saw a bunch of blinking lights. Next thing he knew, he was at the counter of a diner about an hour down the road.

It was about six hours later and he had no idea what had happened. He asked the person at the diner when he came in and the guy told him he had already come in about 10 minutes ago. My grandpa told him what had happened and the guy said something like, "Yep, that happens around here sometimes." Nothing weird ever happened to him again. He avoided that area for the rest of his life.


#16 Saucer Transportation

A friend of mine was driving overnight through Arizona on a basically abandoned road and his truck started having electrical issues. After about five minutes of that, a convoy of law enforcement and federal emergency vehicles passed him. In the middle of the emergency vehicles, there was a flatbed semi with a massive saucer-shaped item chained to the bed and covered with tarps About five minutes after passing the convoy, his radio and truck electrics came back up. He still recounts it as the craziest thing he’s ever experienced on the road.


#17 The Drowned Lady

My dad was driving on Pacheco Pass when he saw some woman wandering on the side. She was dripping wet. It wasn’t raining but there was this lake next to the freeway so he thought she was swimming late at night. She was silent as he was driving. After a little bit, he said he turned over to her and realized there was no one there—his seat is dry.


#18 Delivery To Area 51

Back in 1990, a family friend bid for and won on a government contract to haul something from Nellis AFB to some random address in the middle of nowhere Nevada. He arrived at the address and nothing was there. He recalled seeing a diner about 50 miles down the road. Frustrated, he drove back to the diner for directions.

Once he got inside, the diner owner told him to sit down, get comfortable and have something to eat. Just then, two black SUVs pulled up and multiple men in uniforms got out, came inside and asked for his keys. Six hours later, the truck was returned without the trailer and with a full tank of fuel. He knows he was close to Area 51 so he suspects it had something to do with that.


#19 Twisted Storm

I was on the I-80 Nebraska just west of North Platte. It started snowing pretty heavy at about 1 a.m. It was very cold outside and the snow was dry—the kind that doesn't stick to the windshield or road immediately, but just swirls around. The snow was flying straight at me, seemingly going 1000 mph, and my headlights were reflecting off each individual crystal like I was going light speed.

It's easy to get vertigo, or straight up hypnotized by snow like this. Then crazy stuff happened. The wind kicked up, howling blowing the snow everywhere, every direction, and then lightning. Massive lightning in a blizzard! Flash, boom! Flash, BOOM! The whole inside of the cab lit up like it waS day time. For a few minutes, I felt like I was in some other dimension, or the matrix or something.


#20 No Ride For That Thing

I set my GPS for the nearest truck stop which was 70 miles away. So I was rolling along this winding country road just taking my time since it was dark. I flipped my high beams on when I got to a straight section of the road and I immediately saw a figure walking. I remember thinking how brave they must be. Well, as I get closer, I noticed that the figure was a man in an all-white suit!

As my lights uncovered more of him, I noticed he had a bag slung over his shoulder; not a big one, but big enough to notice. As I started to ease the truck over to the left side of the road to pass by him, he turned and stuck his thumb out as if to hitch a ride. Now, I normally wouldn't have a problem with that, but then he turned towards the truck and the place where his face was supposed to be was completely red and blank. No eyes. No nose. No mouth. Blank. Red and blank. I must have hit my door lock button about 30 times. I made it to the truck stop and waited until daylight to take my shower.


#21 Abducted And Afraid

My great uncle was driving through New Mexico during the day and the next thing he remembers is waking up naked in the middle of a forest at night, 50 miles away from his truck. When he got to the hospital, he had radiation poisoning. We still don't know what happened, although he refers to it as the day he was abducted by aliens.


#22 An Aptly-Named Pass

My co-driver and I were taking a load through Oregon along I-84. At about 2 a.m. it started snowing, and we were about 20 miles away from Deadman Pass. There was no way in heck I was going to go over that pass in the snow, so I pulled it over at the next rest area and called in a weather delay. My co-driver, being kind of a gung-ho, gave me heck for pulling over, but he eventually went back to sleep.

The snow turned into a full-on blizzard and the rest area filled up pretty quick. But for every truck that pulled in, two or three would keep going towards the pass, apparently deciding it was worth the risk. At about 10 a.m. the next morning, the snow had stopped and the roads cleared enough to make it passable. My clock had run out by this time, so my co-driver was the one driving.

As we got to the pass, the scene that greeted us was absolute chaos. There were chains littering the road, and ambulances and police cars would pass us every few minutes. As we got to the downhill side we saw why. On the way down, we counted at least a dozen trucks, jackknifed, tipped over or overturned completely. At least two had gone over the edge, their tracks leading to empty space. Several had body bags laid out beside them and one had plowed into the rear end of a minivan. I will never forget that experience. It drove home just how dangerous my chosen profession really is. That co-driver never gave me heck about pulling over again.


#23 Broken Down And Followed

My dad drove a truck during the 1970s oil embargo. One night, he broke down in rural Pennsylvania. He had to walk down the highway a couple of miles back to a restaurant to use the phone and call dispatch. After the phone call, he walked back to the truck. There was no moon, and because of the oil embargo, the highway was deserted.

From the treeline, on the side of the highway, came the crack of an enormous tree branch breaking, and then some movement. My dad stopped and called out. He thought it might be someone fooling around, or a hunter in the woods, odd as that would be at that time of night. No answer came from the trees, and my dad continued toward his busted rig. But all the way to the truck he was sure he heard something following him from the trees, matching his own footsteps. He locked himself in the truck and waited, uneventfully, until help arrived.


#24 Devil On The Road In California

I was hauling lumber on 36 E between Fortuna, CA and Red Bluff, CA, on my way to the 5 S. This was in '95 or '96, right before the coastal lumber industry folded. It was probably around 10 or 11 at night. As I crept up into the mountains, there was a nasty bit of fog. I rounded a corner, and suddenly there were all these deer just standing in the middle of the road, in the fog.

It was kind of creepy, just seeing all these deer standing in the fog, in the middle of the road. I'm used to seeing them running across the road, not standing. I reached the peak and started back down, the fog on the eastern side abated. But as I rounded a corner, I saw a guy walking down the road, down the middle of the oncoming lane, his back to me.

He had shoulder-length black hair, wet and stringy from the moisture that had been in the air. He wore a faded blue wool-lined jean jacket, hands in pockets, and darker jean pants. When my lights hit him, he swerved toward the shoulder of the other lane, giving me room. I was going maybe 25 or 30 mph at this point, but as I came up to him, he suddenly bolted right in front of my truck.

 The last thing I saw was his wide black eyes and his mouth open in a silent yell, a black pit in his white face shining in my headlights before disappearing under the horizon of my hood. I hopped out of the cab (I don't remember turning on the flashers) and ran back behind the truck. I saw him walking back up the hill, behind my truck, hands in his jacket pockets, his back-illuminated by my red lights. He looked back at me, his black eyes and black mouth now grinning toothlessly. Then he dashed into the trees at the edge of the road.


#25 The Native Way

Something I've noticed on a few occasions while driving near the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. The roads are desert roads, lumpy in spots, potholes. It can be a rough ride. One night, quite late, I was going through one of these rough stretches and was flipping through the stations on my radio, when I stopped on someone speaking Diné, the Navajo language.

I knew from previous trips that there's a station that is in their native tongue but plays classic country, so I waited a minute for the next song. When it came on, it was not some George Jones song, but recordings of tribal dance songs. As I'm not knowledgeable in the slightest to the language, I can't say what it was, but it was beautiful and different, and I continued to listen.

Slowly, the bumps and humps and undulations of the road...without moving to a different stretch of construction, or moving into a different zone as far as I could tell... ceased. I felt like someone was standing or squatting beside me in my truck, and having heard tales of skinwalkers, I dared not turn my head. And then I felt like I was decidedly not alone, and I felt hands on my shoulders and arms, and a sense of gratitude came over me and I began to cry.

Through this though, my headlights, which normally seemed so dark and worthless on this stretch of road, shone brightly. Again, this just made it clearer the road was as old and in disrepair as ever... but my truck seemed to float along. Every time I get close again, I replicate this sensation listening to this channel, when I can find it. And even at times when it doesn't come in clearly, I feel a presence, and the ride becomes smoother.


#26 Ghost In A Wheelchair

My dad was a trucker for a few years in the '80s. There is a very small town in Oklahoma called Fairfax that he frequently traveled to carrying oil field supplies. The highway to the town is a paved two-lane highway that cuts through the open wheat fields of Pawnee and Osage counties. He was traveling around midnight one night north on Highway 18 en route to Fairfax, when he said he rounded a curve and his headlights illuminated a man in a wheelchair, pushing himself down the middle of the road. Dad said it was extremely foggy and had he been distracted at all, he likely never would have seen the man and run over him. He swerved into the opposite lane, narrowly missing the man. Once he felt he passed him, he pulled over and looked for the man to offer help but never saw him.


#27 Trucker's Angel

My dad met an angel while on the road. He said he picked up an old hitchhiker and his dog, and as soon as the man sat down, my dad said the man turned to him saying, “I know you have questions for me.” It was around the time my father's father passed away too, so they talked about it the entire time. My dad pulled over for gas and literally never left where the cab was. Once he got back in, the man and dog were gone. Dad went asking around if anyone had seen where the man went, but everyone he asked said they never saw anyone exit his truck.


#28 Escaped Pachyderm

My grandfather used to drive a truck for Wanda Petroleum back in the '70s, and one night while he was driving to a town, he heard something rattling outside his truck like something had come loose. So he pulled over to see what had happened. As he was inspecting his truck, he heard the rattle again. Without the road noise, it sounded like chains being dragged. He looked away from his truck toward the sound and he saw a massive shape moving along the side of the road back the way he had come. When it got closer, he saw that it was an elephant, escaped from a nearby circus, dragging chains behind it.


#29 A Flock Of Businessmen

I was driving through Nevada on an old desert road. I came to a 25 mph corner, and there was a guy walking on the road. It seemed strange considering it was in the absolute middle of nowhere; at least 40 miles to the nearest anything. He was dressed in a black suit, and hat, and carrying a briefcase. I hadn’t seen any broken-down vehicles and wondered where he came from.

I thought of asking him if he needed help. Rounding the corner and illuminated by my headlights were eight more guys wearing the same black suits and hats, all carrying briefcases. There were no vehicles anywhere, and no reason at all that they should be out in the middle of the desert. They looked up, sort of froze for a moment, then scattered.


#30 Unlikely Pair At Night

I was taking a load of lumber in central Wisconsin, about an hour away from I-94. I am a flatbed driver so I usually don't drive at night, but that night, I had to. It was roughly midnight and I was approaching an intersection of two county highways. At the intersection, I thought I saw a woman in a sundress and a little girl holding her hand.

They were in the center of the road staring in my direction. I honked my air horn because sometimes kids play chicken with vehicles and 80,000 lbs of the semi would annihilate any flesh. As I got closer, I blinked and they were gone. As I rolled through the intersection I felt the strangest coldness travel down my back and I swore I heard someone whisper "Why?" into my ear.


#31 Furry Watchers

I was a couple of hours outside of the nearest town and I hadn't seen any vehicles in a while—it was about 2 a.m. and I really needed to take a leak. So I parked my truck on the shoulder, went around the back, and took a squatter just off the road. I finished up, got back in the driver's seat, and just in time too because there were three wolves sitting on the shoulder right in front of my truck. Just sitting there, staring at my truck. They had every opportunity to attack me and I would have been completely defenseless with my pants down, but they didn't. I don't know what they wanted. I got the heck out of there immediately.


#32 A Clean Highway Is A Happy Highway

There were no street lights on a dark highway or any other vehicles around. Some guy was on the far left lane, wearing all black, except a white undershirt. As I passed, he was bent over, sweeping the highway with a hand whisk type broom into the tiniest dustpan. It was literally just a dude sweeping the highway at night in all black.


#33 Birdman!

I was driving backroads just before dawn through the Ocala National Forest. It was extremely foggy, I could barely see 50 feet in front of me when I made out the shape of a man in the middle of the road wearing a grey morning coat. I slowed my car to a walking pace and edged over toward the shoulder. As we came abreast of each other, a five-foot-tall sandhill crane turned his head toward my window a let out a startled shriek.


#34 Speeding And Disappearing

I was about 70 miles from my drop at the Walmart DC in Sterling, IL on a back road. It was about 2 a.m., and the drop time was at 3:30 a.m., so I was relaxed and cruising along at about 55 mph. I was on a straight, two-lane road, and hadn't seen anyone since I got on it. It was muggy and windy outside, so visibility was meh.

I saw some headlights crest a hill behind me, and I didn't think much of it until I realized that it was gaining on me at an incredible pace. Once it got closer, I could see the marker indicators above the headlights, telling me it was another truck. The left blinker came on, and it blew past me going at least 85 mph, horn blaring, engine screaming. It scared the heck out of me and my cat. Once it passed and I got my bearings, I looked away from my side window, and the truck was nowhere to be found. It was just gone.


#35 Teleporting Lights

I used to run a dedicated route between Newark, NJ, Phoenix, AZ, and Ely, NV. I always prefer to run nights for obvious reasons. One night around 2:30 am, I was on highway 318 north of Rachel, NV, pretty much in what many would consider the middle of nowhere. CB channels were dead and the phone had no service. That's when I saw the strangest lights I had ever seen. Lights that weren’t that high in altitude and essentially teleporting across the sky. I had seen some weird stuff before on this route but this was the weirdest due to the low altitude and bizarre activity that seemed outside our realm of physics.


#35 Black Cat Rather Than Dog

There's a legend of the "black dog" but I have never seen it. I was out in Arizona one night and was getting tired but pushing through. Then, out of the glow of the dash lights, I saw a black cat jump up on my left knee, sit down and stare at me. I pulled over at the next exit to sleep.


#37 Repeat Dier

Late one night on a lonely stretch of road somewhere, a person just materialized in front of my dad's semi. My dad couldn't stop in time and we went right through him. He skidded to a stop a distance away and looked in his rearview, expecting a bloody puddle. There was the person, standing right where dad drove through, craning its neck to see dad's reflection in his rearview.


#38 Dog Or Man Or Monster

I was in Wyoming, just outside of a little town called Sheridan, coming back home from New Mexico with my wife, at the time, riding with me. It was about 3 a.m. when a huge dog-like animal ran across the highway. Normally, animals running across the road are not so strange in that area, except this thing was very big and long.

It only took a few strides to get across the entire highway. It looked like it was made of human skin with a long, dog-like face like that Egyptian God Anubis. It had a short mane like a lion, but the most distinctive attribute that haunts me till this day is the long deformed human back legs with giant human-like feet. Nothing like a mountain lion or wolf. My wife and I were in shock as she also saw the animal. "Did that thing have human legs?" she asked in a frightened voice.


#39 Vanishing Motorcyclist

I was traveling on I-5 in the Central Valley on a relatively empty road. In the other lane, which was elevated by about 30 yards and separated by another 30 yards of grass and dirt, I saw the single headlight of a motorcycle coming around the bend far ahead of me. As I traveled fast and he traveled fast, our paths were getting closer but he didn't make the turn with the gentle curve of the road.

Instead, and this happened right around the time or after I had just passed him, I saw the headlight bounce wildly as if he had fallen asleep and driven straight off the freeway. I didn't see him and wasn't sure if my eyes were fooling me. I called it in on the CB and wasn't sure if what I saw had happened or if they ever found him or anything. I may have seen someone perish or I may have imagined the whole thing.


#40 Snow Demon

My dad was hauling logs in Idaho and was coming down from near Coeur d'Alene area during a snowy winter night. He was putting on chains before heading down the steep grade and said all of the hair on his body stood up. It felt like there was something watching him. Halfway down the switchbacks, he saw a large figure standing on a 20-foot tall embankment.

As he got closer it jumped down and the shoulders were as tall as the cab. In a single bound, it leaped down and then leaped over to the other side of the embankment. At the time he thought it was a Sasquatch, now he says it was probably a "demon" trying to make him crash. He didn't stop to remove the chains until he was well away from the mountain.


#41 Driving A Red Road

I was driving from Seattle to Salt Lake City and it was late at night on a mountainous stretch of open desert road between Idaho and Utah when I saw something on the road. It was blood. Tons of it, soaking the entire width of the four-lane highway. And it was smeared, continuing for a mile down the road like something was butchered then dragged along the road.

 I slowed a little bit, my tires slick with blood leaving their own stains when the blood smear suddenly moved off to the side of the road. As I rolled by to take a look I saw an elk, an enormous one, mangled and bloody, and over it a gigantic mountain lion that was so covered in slick, fresh blood that it looked like it was decked in glistening red sequins, devouring the carcass. I had trouble sleeping that night. I forgot that deadly jungle cats roamed the mountain tops.


#42 Don't Let Them In

My dad's a trucker and said he stopped after a long night of driving in a small town. He woke up to what sounded like wailing and scratching just outside the passenger door. He sat frozen in fear. The sound went on for what he said felt like hours until another trucker pulled up and stopped behind him. With the other trucks lights shining, he got up and drove away. As he was driving away, he noticed he was pulled over near a small graveyard. He's very religious and superstitious so he avoids pulling over near graveyards now as he's positive it was a demon trying to get in.


#43 Triangular Creepiness

I was westbound on I-40, probably about 45 minutes west of Albuquerque and saw three red lights in a triangle floating a couple of hundred feet over I-40. They stayed in place and kept the same height for about ten minutes. I drove right under them and was tempted to stop and record. I woke my co-driver and showed him just to make sure I wasn't sleep deprived and seeing things. He also thought it was creepy as heck.


#44 Cricket Slaughter

Not supernatural but the Mormon cricket migrations across highways during a large hatch are some of the most terrifying experiences I have ever had driving. The road disappears under a huge mass of moving carapace. Imagine a flood made out of insects rushing across the road. You have no clue where the pavement is. And the crushed corpses from previous vehicles make the terrain slightly less slippery than pure ice.


#45 Batter Up

I come from a trucking family—my father, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins. I have heard some stories but one from my brother stands out the most. He said he was driving late one night years ago (in the '90s) and was the only one on the road somewhere outside of Atlanta, GA. He said a guy dressed in black with a black trenchcoat walked out of the woods holding a baseball bat up in front of him a bit and just stood in the middle of the lane. So my brother switched his lanes and the guy moved into my brother's lane again, just standing there with his bat in hand. So my brother stayed in that lane and right when he got close (not too close) he switched lanes and went around the guy. He said he looked in his mirror and the guy was still standing there but had turned and was watching him continue down the road then walked back into the woods.




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