September 10, 2019 | Eul Basa

People Share A Conspiracy Theory So Believable That It Might Actually Be True

As a society, it seems we’ve been getting progressively more radical when it comes to conspiracy theories. From flat earthers to vaccines causing autism, the list goes on and on. During times like these, it’s important to remember all of the past and present conspiracy theories that actually have some merit to them.

Project MK ULTRA, Eisenhower’s prediction of the military-industrial complex, and the government’s poisoning of alcohol during the prohibition are all conspiracy theories that turned out to be completely true. And those are just the ones of the past; who knows what believable conspiracy theories of today will turn out true?

Well, that question may have been answered: people from around the world were asked to share all of the conspiracy theories that actually have a considerable amount of irrefutable evidence behind them. From IKEA’s secret plot to break up couples to a secret Illuminati bunker hidden below an airport, the results are something to behold.

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#1 Big Brother Wants To Sell You Stuff

There’s a conspiracy theory that every mobile device microphone is constantly “hot” and listening for keywords to target advertising. The most glaring instance where this happened to me was when I walked into a colleagues office. He had just gotten a standing desk—the type that goes on top of his existing desk instead of those standalone models.

I said, “Nice standing desk, when did you get that?” He replied, “Thanks, just today.” That was literally all that was said about the desk. We talked about other work-related stuff and as I walked out to check my phone, there was an ad on Facebook for that exact model. I have never owned one, wanted one, or Googled one before, yet there it was on my feed. Tinfoil hat be darned, they listen in.



#4 Not Even Reddit Itself Is Safe

There are hundreds of companies that operate tens of thousands of Reddit accounts each. They have been auto-rigging these accounts for years, using scripts to auto-post and comment. Humans are then employed to sift through all the accounts to alter the comments slightly and maintain the accounts. These companies have the ability to control and game their way to the front of Reddit. Huge brands use them, special interest groups use them, political parties use them... It's not a conspiracy, it's a real thing.



 #5 Feel The Love, But Nothing Else

The Laurel Canyon Conspiracy. Basically, if you look at the counter-culture revolutionaries in the music industry in the ’60s, most of them were the children of military intelligence people. The theory is that the “free love” movement they inspired was done intentionally to distract the youth from a full-scale revolution. The thought was, if the angry youth of the mid-to-late ’60s were too busy loving life, they would stop caring as much about societal ills and then basically sleepwalk through the ’70s, which they did.

I stumbled upon this when I was reading up on Jim Morrison and how his father was the one who called in the fake strike at the Gulf of Tonkin that kicked off the Vietnam War, and which was shown later to have been a false flag. Turns out, a lot of his contemporaries were also children of highly placed military people with ties to intelligence. Strange that they all wound up in Laurel Canyon as part of the same movement.



#10 Everything You Do Is Tracked

Your internet searches and social media profiles area absolutely being used as training models by major IT companies. I was an intoxicated college student and had access to them to run AI training. If you still think you're "off the grid," you're an idiot. Frankly, it's not a big deal if you don't have dark stuff to hide, those people are too busy building the new technological world to give a heck. But don't delude yourself to think people don't have access to anything you do on the internet.


 #31 Pretty Sure This Is A Joke But It's Hilarious, Nonetheless

IKEA makes every part of their process frustrating because they’re hoping that one of the five fights you and your partner get into is the one that causes you to break up. Their stores are labyrinths. You’re going to get lost. You can’t pronounce any of the product names without making a dumb voice. Even though you measured everything beforehand, you still can’t fit that stuff in your car like you thought you could and now your wife is riding home with her knees in the dashboard because her seat needs to be all the way up.

That’s three fights before you start assembling. And now all of the pieces look exactly the same. You can’t tell the difference between Board I and Board D, but you’ll catch the error right before you finish and you’ll have to go back to step three so your bookcase isn’t wobbly. “Why is it so hard? Why don’t you do it yourself, Michelle?! Why don’t you do EVERYTHING YOUR SELF?!”

Six months later, you’re divorced. She took everything. You’re trying to furnish a studio apartment on $80. There’s only one place you can do that. You’re going right back and you’re getting the meatballs this time too.IKEA doesn’t make furniture. They make bachelors.



#39 Trump Wasn't Actually Trying To Be President

Trump really didn't want to be President and was doing everything in his power to be a terrible, unlikeable candidate. His handlers made him run and Trump only did it to get them off his back. He figured he'd lose in the primaries or the general and use that to launch his own media network. Then he'd get to live the life of lazy luxury while insulting President Clinton, and everyone else, over Twitter.


#43 Modern Art Is A Cover Up

People pay millions of dollars for bad modern art that a toddler could do not because they like the art, but because it legitimizes handing over large sums of money to someone for other covert reasons. For example, I want to buy something from a black market dealer. I can’t be seen paying that much money without a legal reason for doing it, so on paper, I give it to him for his “art” that he owns. He, in turn, hands me the black market item I’m looking for under the table and the “art” above the table. He experiences no loss from losing that art because it wasn’t an actual work of art, to begin with.



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