McDonald's Has Used 45 Slogans, How Many Can You Remember?

I bet you can name a McDonald's slogan off the top of your head. Maybe you can get 3-4. If you can get all 45, I'll be VERY impressed.
April 2, 2024 Jamie Hayes

The Richest Celebrities in America

Discover the 10 richest celebrities in America. From directors and actors to singers and sports stars, find out how much America's wealthiest entertainers are bringing in, and how they make their money.
March 21, 2024 Allison Robertson

34 Inventors Whose Inventions Killed Them

These Dr. Frankensteins all created remarkable things, only for their inventions to turn on them.
March 14, 2024 Jamie Hayes

The Wealthiest People in the US

Discover the 25 wealthiest people in the US as of 2024. From Elon Musk to Len Blavatnik, find out how these billionaires made their fortunes, and what their current net worth is.
March 11, 2024 Allison Robertson
Baby Boomers Internal

Professional Traits of Baby Boomers in the Workplace

Discover 24 workplace traits and values of baby boomers that younger generations should follow. From their perseverance to their ability to adapt, find out what baby boomers have to offer that are soon to be a lost art.
March 4, 2024 Allison Robertson
Automation Internal

The Future of Automation

A statistical analysis regarding how automation, such as robots and artificial intelligence, affects careers both globally and in America.
January 10, 2024 Allison Robertson

The Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

Discover the 15 most dangerous jobs in the world, and how much they pay. Learn about danger pay, PPE, and the risks associated with each job.
December 12, 2023 Allison Robertson

Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job

Discover 12 signs that it may be time to quit your job. From negative workplace culture and an absence of advancement opportunities to personal health concerns and a lack of appropriate work-life balance, this article offers insights to help you navigate the future of your career path.
December 11, 2023 Sammy Tran

A Unique Career Destination: Working in Antarctica

Explore the unique and challenging career opportunities in Antarctica, including job types, pay rates, and living conditions. Understand the governance, climate, and travel logistics of working on this remote and icy continent. This article provides essential insights for those interested in pursuing a career in one of the world’s most extraordinary workplaces.
November 28, 2023 Miles Brucker

Occupational Prestige: Exploring the Most and Least Respected Jobs

Continue exploring the range of occupations from the most prestigious, like pilots and engineers, to the least, such as parking lot attendants and retail cashiers. This article delves deeper into why certain jobs are revered or undervalued, including insights into salaries and the nature of these roles in society.
November 22, 2023 Allison Robertson

Top 10 Careers of 2023: Where Opportunity Meets Demand

Discover the top 10 best jobs of 2023, encompassing sectors like technology, healthcare, renewable energy, and digital marketing. Learn about the roles, salaries, and reasons why these jobs stand out in today's evolving job market, offering exciting opportunities for professionals across various industries.
November 20, 2023 Allison Robertson

The Easy Street of Employment: 15 Surprisingly Chill Jobs

Discover the top 15 easiest jobs that offer a relaxed and stress-free work environment. From professional sleepers to Netflix taggers, this list explores unique and low-demand jobs, providing insights into their roles, responsibilities, and potential earnings.
November 15, 2023 Sammy Tran